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Do Not Disturb is a feature in iOS that prevents your device from ringing, dinging, vibrating or waking you up.
Settings for the Do Not Disturb feature are found (like most controls) under Settings > Do Not Disturb.
When you turn this on a couple more controls pop out, allowing you to actually schedule when Do Not Disturb will enable and disable itself all on its own! You’re able to configue Do Not Disturb to allow calls from certain individuals, even when the setting is turned on. When this setting is enable, if somebody calls you twice within a three minute period, the second call will bypass the Do Not Disturb feature and you will be able to hear and answer it.
If dressing for this night still seems too stressful, take a deep breathe and treat this like any Girl’s Night Out and go for equal parts festive and fun with a dash of shimmery thrown in for good luck.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When it’s enabled, you will see a peaceful moon icon in the upper right-hand corner of your device's screen.

This way, you can set Do Not Disturb to turn on when you go to bed (at, say, 10:00 PM), and off when you wake up (7:00 AM? You can allow calls from Everyone, No One, just your Favorites, or even different contact groups you’ve set up. This brilliant feature gives me peace of mind knowing that if someone I know is in an emergency, I will be able to recieve their call even when Do Not Disturb is on. If you’re like this Style Girl then you believe that how you dress for an occasion sets the mood for the entire event. If the outfit is right, the night will be perfect and ringing in the new year with just the right ensemble could potentially set the mood for how next year begins and carries on throughout the year (or at least January!). After the overload of red and green Christmas colors, I like to change things up with a dash of color in a lighter shade and often turn to pink. Even if you’re heading to your fanciest formal affair yet, you can still have a little fun by choosing an evening dress that speaks to you. If you’re still lost over what to wear break out your go-to LBD and pair this sexy number with over-the-knee boots, beaded clutch, smokey eye and a bold lip.

The relaxed style is just right for a more casual setting and the oversized bow brings a touch of fun and whimsy to the night.
It’s of-the-moment and an easy to wear ensemble that is chic and sexy at the same time. It’s my favorite color and in a variety of shades it can go from bold and bright to subtle and sweet.
Add an extra kick to this sweet ensemble by wearing sequin sweatpants instead of plain black.
Worn on its own a jumpsuit is statement maker and paired with sky-high lace pumps it’s a stunner. If over the top is too over the top for you, then choose a simple dress but pair it with strappy lace pumps, chandelier earrings or a statement necklace to make a subtle number stand out.

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