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While I've resigned myself to working a desk job and moonlighting as a blogging superhero from time to time my true calling I always thought was to become a neuroscientist. E-mailing all those random neuroscientists I found in the directory I stumbled upon when left alone and unattended in the administrative offices of Harvard paid off big time.
I hope you guys know that letter worked like a charm and the other day I gave myself a high five and then some on the side when I opened this package. Trust me I put these oddities through some rigorous tests before coming to any firm scientific conclusions.
First I gave them the old sniff test and they smelled a bit of old socks, belly button lint, and a faint aroma of peanut butter.
Subject Devin’s sample oddly is the color of peanut butter, questionable but not completely freaked out by it. Subject Riley’s sample is the consistency of spaghetti squash, will keep this one under advisement. After finishing all my testing I felt confident in writing the following conclusion that will probably be published soon in all the big medical journal things. My recommendation: That the Q-tip people do more aggressive marketing to the parents of remote Alaskan villages. My warning to children everywhere, if you don’t clean your ears you are going to grow a third eye in them.
Unless otherwise noted, all content and photography is © 2010-2015 Gina Stanley for SPCookieQueen. General Exam: Just like us, pigs need a general check of their heart and lungs, and general condition. Preventing decay is desirable, and routine dental cleanings need to be added to your daily regimen.
We also are starting to see a problem with older pigs (5 years or more) being given health checks. There are recommended vaccinations, but you will need to check with your vet to determine which ones are recommended for your specific area. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 873shares+What's This?Earwax is a substance that is naturally found in the inner ear, which protects it from bacteria and other particles or organisms that can harm this delicate area.
Before we talk about the ways you can remove excess earwax at home, it’s important to know what’s causing the discomfort from your earwax buildup. People who regularly wear earplugs or the popular earbud headphones are also at ahigher risk for the excessive accumulation of earwax. To keep from suffering the above consequences of excessive earwax buildup, it’s important that you clean them on a regular basis and remove the earwax so it doesn’t create a blockage. One of the safest and most effective home remedies for earwax removal is paraffin oil, which is sold in most pharmacies. These 6 Exercises Are More Effective in Shaping Your Body Than Running - May 16, 2016One Cup of Blueberries a Day helps with blood pressure and hardened arteries .

There are pig diseases out there that could kill or harm your animal and could be spread to other pigs.
Use of liquid ear cleaners has created problems with temporary (up to a month) loss of hearing resulting in some cases. Extreme care must be taken if these pigs are sedated to keep the sedation as light as possible and for as little time as possible.
We recommend the rabies vaccine (although used off label), this is often required by city ordinances in order to keep a pig in the home. Vaccination protocols will depend on whether the pig is a breeder or simply a pet and to some extent whether it lives alone or in a household with multiple pigs. Erysipelas bacterins are administered at 3 weeks of age and repeated 2-4 weeks later followed by twice yearly vaccinations. These would include Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia, Haemophilus parasuis, Bordetella bronchiseptica, Mycoplasma hyopneumonia and Pasteurella multocida.
We recommend that you avoid using Q-tips or other swabs, and instead try the following home remedies to remove earwax.
You can find it in pharmacies and use four drops in each ear, three times a day for the best results.
Put two or three drops of olive oil in the affected ear before going to bed, and try to sleep on the opposite side. IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU HAVE A MEDICAL PROBLEM, YOU SHOULD SEEK THE ADVICE OF YOUR PHYSICIAN OR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER. One of the pigs greatest problems is getting those spindly little legs to support that pot belly. Reintroducing a not fully recovered animal to the herd can cause a readjustment of the herd order (i.e. In addition, erysipelas, leptospirosis, tetanus and at the very least, vaccinations that should be considered.
Pigs that live inside (house or barn) and does not root, come in contact with wild life, creeks or ponds may require no vaccinations.
But there comes a time when it accumulates in large quantities, which can cause discomfort for some as well as irritation, dizziness, loss of hearing, a feeling that there’s something stuck in the ear, and itching.
This blockage usually occurs when you use cotton swabs like Q-tips on a regular basis to clean your ears, forcing earwax to be pushed deeper into the ear canal and build up. Then just soak a cotton ball in the solution and let a few drops fall into your ear while you tilt your head to one side. Place a few drops in your ear and shake your head gently to let it penetrate the ear canal. If you have a problem with mange or worms, you can give injectable Ivomec orally on a cracker every 3 months with probable success.
A certain amount of wax or wax build up is expected, but if there is globs of cerumen or a foul odor associated with your pigs ears, there may be bacteria or even yeast or fungus growth that needs to be addressed.

The South East only needs a permanent ID (microchip is the best) and a health certificate for traveling purposes. Parasite control is something else that needs to be addressed during your routine appointments. Hold this position for a few minutes to let the liquid penetrate the ear canal and soften the wax. Leave the drops in for a few minutes before tilting your head to the opposite side as the liquid drains out. The other problem is that tusks can curve back into the mouth or cheek area puncturing the skin.
Always observe the herd after any animal is reintroduced and be prepared for possibly serious altercations.
We plan to try and keep the hooves down on our animals by feeding on concrete and hoof trimming when they’ll allow it. There are several vaccine combinations containing both erysipelas and leptospirosis if the latter is a concern. In mixed herds (potbellies and feral pigs) it is possible to have positive animals and in such cases pigs should be tested. You are usually able to handle this on your own using medications that can be bought at most farm type stores. Then tilt your head in the opposite direction and use a tissue to capture the liquid as it drains out.
Blunting the tip of a tusk is not much of a problem but may involve you having to restrain the pig. You can try sprinkling food on concrete surfaces daily to help your pig wear down his hooves. Yet we have cases on record of pigs, who have bitten someone, being confiscated by authorities and killed so that their brains can be checked for rabies. Beware if the pig is only used to soft surfaces this may be uncomfortable on the pigs legs and could possibly cause hoof cracking. It should be done with an OB cutting wire and if the pig is awake, care must be taken to keep the tusk from being drawn into the lungs of the screaming animal.
Some vets give a rabies vaccine, but I don’t know if that would be recognized as sufficient by authorities.
You can also hold the pig and trim the hooves yourself with a cutter, file or even an electric dremmel tool. You may be able to slowly train your pig to let you trim his hooves when he’s laying down to get belly rubs or when he is eating.

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