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Paul Estro - A Discipleship makingIf you want to be a better tennis player, then play tennis with people who are better than you. If you want to learn to cook, hang out in the kitchen with people who really know how to cook. If you want to learn to fix cars, hang out in a garage with people who know how to fix cars. To get to know God better, you must take the first step.A So, get involved with others who also want to learn more.
Act 2:42 (NIV) says, a€?They devoted themselves to the apostlesa€™ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.a€? We urge you to join a small group a€¦ or to form one! Discipleship is a big word, but it just means someone who has decided to learn to follow Jesus. Or, you can feel free to ask us about all the other great groups that are out there or about how to form one yourself.
I didna€™t know it, but my wife was suffering from bi-polar disorder and a hormonal imbalance from recently having a complete hysterectomy. It was her dream to have kids and after four miscarriages and now this, she was in pretty rough shape mentally.A She would go from being severely depressed to having fits of rage, crying, hyper, or withdrawn, all like the flip of a switch. It was all I could do to ride the roller coaster, so I self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. We were not religious in any sense of the word and we did not have any type of functional support network. Through all the storms though I never thought she would leave me and run off to start a new life. I also soon learned she had not paid the bills for the last few months and had drained all the money out of the bank accounts.
I fed the dogs, grabbed my stash and walked out the door.A As I shut the front door an angel which had been on the door since we bought the house fell and landed face up on my shoe looking at me. Then I decided to go back in the house to grab my toothbrush and a knapsack full of spare clothes in case I had to spend the night somewhere, unable to get a ride home. I may be hung over tomorrow, but I would still be at work.A I shut the door again and again the angel fell face up on my shoe looking at me. I didna€™t have a real belief in God - I believed in aliens, and I believed if there was a God he was nothing but an alien resigned to helping us not destroy ourselves until we could grow up. I was into science fiction and all that stuff about aliens building the pyramids and what not.A The only taste of religion I got was when I was very young.
My dad would go in, down a few quick beers and come out with a twelve pack of Genesee Cream Ale. Then my parents would fight all the way home.A One Sunday it was snowing hard as they got into a fight over giving money to the church. As I sat there in the backseat of this little Chevy Corvair, I remember looking out the back window and seeing the car sliding between the guard posts towards the cliff. When my dad vowed to never go to church again, I was so relieved.A After that the only taste of spiritual things I would get would be from my family calling up ghosts with a three legged table. Then they asked if he wanted out of hell and the table literally flew across the room and smashed the front door of my Aunta€™s house. Back to 1996 a€¦A My neighbors across the street were school teachers in Florida and they would come up for summer break and Christmas to get away from it all. This is where I met Don and for the last two Christmases we had had philosophical religious discussions.
Don was from California, divorced and retired here to the upstate New York countryside to enjoy some peace and quiet. He seemed very smart and was a devout Christian.A We had debated about the book of Ezekiel. I found it entertaining to rustle his feathers about the whole alien life form argument and he was happy to talk about it. He mentioned that one night a week he went to a mena€™s meeting, mostly divorced or separated Christians, and they recently had discussed Ezekiel. He said he would get me some information on it but most importantly to him, if God was just an alien then his whole religion was a farce.
You could not see Dona€™s house from the road, and I learned later, Don didna€™t like visitors. Many of his best friends had never been to his house, but there I was banging on the door not even knowing why I was there.A Don didna€™t answer the door. It was almost as if I was on autopilot.A Don explained that the group met on Monday and asked why I was asking about it now. He was very gracious and invited me down the trail into the woods to this little cabin he built.
The walls and the door were at odd angles, and the windows were made up of old phone booth casings that I recognized from the mall.

There we sat, two people, probably thirty years apart with nothing much in common but our wives had left us.A I remember very little of what we talked about, but I remember him following me home later that evening and praying with me for a while. He also said he would meet me tomorrow night and take me to his church to meet his pastor and his Wednesday night small group. I was emotionally drained but oddly at peace.A When I came home from work Wednesday night there was Don with his little red Mazda truck backed into my driveway.
I dona€™t even remember where we went for dinner which is odd because in our little community you can count all the choices on one hand with fingers left over. But suddenly there I am pulling into the parking lot of a big white church.A We parked out back behind the church, walked in the side door and went up the stairs to a small office.
There I met Pastor Huth, a short older white haired gentleman with twinkling eyes and a very quiet demeanor. He sat behind his desk, Don sat to my left by the door and I sat by the window looking at the truck in the parking lot. I still have it and it reminds me of how time flies every time I look at the date.A I was okay sitting there talking to these two very calm gentlemen, but then I heard voices and people coming up the stairs.
I needed to get out of here and go find my friends at the bar.A When the door to the office opened I didna€™t want to look. We talked for a little bit and then we all went downstairs to the fellowship hall for Bible Study.A Rick introduced me to a small group of older people one of whom was Jean Van Riper the school nurse. I didna€™t really have an answer for her.A I sat there that night somewhat stunned, confused and definitely feeling overwhelmed. I just smiled and nodded and pretended I understood all those religious terms they were throwing around. A green leather recliner sat alone in the living room, pointing towards an empty wall that used to have an entertainment system in front of it. Next to the recliner sat a white plastic lawn chair that used to be on the back porch until Don needed a place to sit last night.
It looked rather stark in the house so I opted for the one remaining lawn chair on the porch. As I started reading, it started to rain.A I went back inside and settled into the recliner but the lighting from the ceiling fan was horrible.
It was rather depressing sitting in the middle of an empty room, so I thought I would go read in bed.A I was about to get myself all comfortable in bed, but once again a lamp was missing. Between the bedroom ceiling light and the warm glow of the candle I was finally able to have enough light to see the pages in front me.
As I sat there in bed getting ready to read, Pickles and the two older labs started wrestling at the end of the bed.
Sadie, the youngest of the labs took interest in a horse fly that was now buzzing around the candle behind me. The three dogs at the end of the bed decided it was time for Wrestle-mania rawhide style and Sadie decided chasing flies was more fun than some rawhide chew. Chaos ensued.A As I sat there in bed the three dogs were now jumping on and off the bed fighting over the treats.
Sadie was pawing all over me, frantically trying to get this fly which was buzzing in my hair and around my head.
The three dogs at the end of the bed all lay down on the floor; Sadie lay down next to me, the fly burned up in the candle with a gentle hiss, and the last vestiges of the rain hitting the roof faded away. For the first two hundred years or so God, family and the Ten Commandments were considered American values. The value of the individual and the right for that individual to pursue their freedom and worldly desires are more important than the traditional values this country was founded on.A A A  Post modernists have done a wonderful job of convincing society that this country was not founded by Godly men and that the right wing Christian a€?minoritya€? has usurped us of our freedom. While it is true that some of the founding fathers were Deists or non believers, most were men rooted in reformation Christianity and hours of prayer often preceded any governing work at the continental congress. Benjamin Franklin, often the name most quoted as being a a€?non-Christiana€? states in his Biography that the United States needs to follow the word of God. Benjamin Franklin rose and made the following plea to the delegates:A In the beginning of the Contest with Great Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for the Divine protection.
All of us who were engaged in the struggle must have observed frequent instances of a superintending providence in our favor. To that kind providence we owe this happy opportunity of consulting in peace on the means of establishing our future national felicity. I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth -- that God governs in the affairs of men.
And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?
I therefore beg leave to move -- that henceforth prayers imploring the assistance of Heaven, and its blessing on our deliberations, be held in this Assembly every morning before we proceed to business, and that one or more of the clergy of this city be requested to officiate in that service. Franklins Christianity, it is true that he had doubts about Jesusa€™ divinity and he was very careful in his wording when speaking about the creator, but the point is that he was far from being somebody who did not believe in one nation under God.

As Christians I dona€™t think we can afford to stand by anymore and let the non-believers have free reign.
Usually it is a positive difference and it is a blessing for me to hear how my music influenced and uplifted somebody. To hear them envision my music as something useful but different than my intention is also quite wonderful.A  Sometimes, however that is not the case. As worship groups grow so does the number of musicians playing in these groups whose background is secular performance. While it is exciting to see so many musicians wanting to play for the kingdom of God , too many times the music and fellowship falls short of bringing forth an outpouring of anointing from the Holy Spirit. This creative energy is picked up on by the crowd, and the crowd then feeds this energy back to the band through their exuberance. This ping-pong effect creates a synergism of excitement and egotism, which in turn creates more energy for the band, and the crowd, and all expand on an emotional high that keeps growing. If this attitude is brought to the worship service then worship simply becomes secular entertainment in a church setting. This entertainment and energy takes the place of the anointing that should be flowing from the Holy Spirit. As the worship team becomes the focal point of the event, the adrenaline rush of the moment usurps the anointing of the Holy Spirit. God can certainly use a highly talented set of entertainers to anoint his kingdom, but in general a€?entertainmenta€? should not substitute for worship. As commercial contemporary Christian music has grown into a mainstream form of entertainment more and more worship teams have emulated the production techniques and style. I have heard too many bean counters and church leaders explain away the necessity for pure anointed worship by discounting the need for pure worship in the name of numbers. This coupled with jumbo video monitors, expansive light shows and other electronic bells and whistles have turned sanctuaries into concert theatres. Some churches have even gone as far to hire secular musicians whose personal lives are an abomination, but accept them because they are quality players who can excite the crowd with their showmanship. It seems that soon some churches will be selling tickets to the Sunday service and having bouncers scanning the crowd to make sure no one is illegally taping. This seems a sad but logical next step if churches are going to hire secular musicians only for their talents and turn the Alter into a stage show that can rival the nightclubs down the street. The worship team needs to be in sync with the Holy Spirit and the church leadership needs to stop worrying about trying to sell In Sync for the churched.A A  If the worship team is focused where they should be, the Holy Spirit pours the anointing down onto the worship team.
The team then needs to let this anointing flow through them and their music to the congregation. At the same time, the Holy Spirit is pouring out the anointing on the congregation, which in turn naturally flows it back to the band as the focal point in the physical realm as they lift their thoughts and hearts to God. The band then accepts this anointing naturally and needs to allow it to flow back to the Holy Spirit that is pouring the anointing out to them, thus finishing the path, worshiping in spirit and truth while laying ego to rest. A A A  While this seems like a simple and natural concept to a mature Christian, it is a very difficult task to explain to a secular musician who is focused on playing their instrument and the excitement created by the band atmosphere. Too many times the flow of the anointing never makes it to the stage because the musicians are feeding on the natural energy created by the playing of the music and the Holy Spirit never enters into the mix. If some of the musicians do accept the anointing of the Holy Spirit they enter into worship and send the anointing right back up.
These are the ones who should be constantly lifting the others in prayer and praying for those in the congregation who are standing in need. Whenever a member of the team is able, or the arrangement of the music lets them, they should be interceding on behalf of the others.A A A  Now, I am sure I could wax poetic and weave a cacophony of scripture verses to make my point, but the fact is that the New Testament does not address musicianship in worship.
Scripture tells us that worship is so important to God that it is going on in the Throne Room all the time.
We know that Jesus sang a hymn at the last supper, but the Bible does not tell us how many band members where present at the time or how many monitor mixes they had. But, we know from fact that music does aid in worship and is a useful tool to bring us into fellowship with God.
It is getting this pure anointing flowing that can create issues in the contemporary worship service.
I have seen the musicians use wireless connections to enter into the congregation to try and loosen the anointing, and I have seen a myriad of other ideas played out to little or no avail to try and compensate for the failure of the worship team to allow the flow of the anointing from heaven, through them, into the congregation. If that part of the flow is allowed to work, the rest of the described flow will naturally fall into place. If this isna€™t happening then the worship team is failing in their duty and the leaders need to address this.

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