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If you thought all wedding ceremonies are week-long affairs, with inevitable pomp and fanfare, let us introduce you to the Hindu Malayalee ceremony. The Vivaha Nischayam is when the marriage alliance is announced in the presence of the elders and close friends. On the evening before the wedding, the Ayana, the families and friends of both the bride and the groom gather in order to bestow their blessings upon the couple. Marriages are conducted either in the temple or in the Kalyana Mantapa of the wedding hall. Once the guests leave, the bridegroom, accompanied by his parents and close members of the family, takes his wife to his house for the first time. When compared to other cultures, Indian wedding jewellery has the most exorbitant assortment of delicately crafted pieces.
Kundan jewellery, which was first originated in Rajasthan, is one of the most popular choices of Indian brides for their wedding jewelery.
The ornament pieces that make the complete Indian wedding jewellery collection include sringar patti (adorned on the forehead), necklace and earrings, wedding chura (extremely important part of Punjabi tradition), payal (worn around the ankles), baju bandh (armlets), maang tika, nose ring, hathphool (bracelets with dangling chains, which have rings for four fingers). Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Marry Me Wedding Planners Private Limtied All rights reserved. Enhance your beauty with this Indian jewellery set In white and deep red Color stones and beads allover.
Don’t get us wrong, for all its brevity, it is a beautiful ceremony, replete with deep symbolism and tradition.
A grand dinner will be served, while the bride sits facing the east and enjoys a traditional five course vegetarian meal with members of her family.
If it is in the temple, the priest performs all the rites, in a simple, beautiful ceremony.
Marriage event reviews, Wedding venue reviews and ideas, honeymoon destination tips, photography, wedding decor and much more.
Legend has it that whenever parents are blessed with a baby girl, cash and family ornaments are set aside for her wedding jewelery.

The splendour of kundan work lies in the accurate setting of gemstones into kundan; the overall final look of the ornament greatly depends on how the setting was done by a skilled craftsman. Diamond jewellery, with the help of the right designs, stones and style can be made to look extremely elegant on a bride.
Oh, we are also bloggers about all things wedding related – the beautiful, quirky, elegant, fashionable & oh so fun! Due to our cheap discounted prices and sale discount we are further selling to stores and shops in USA ( US ) , UK, Europe, Canada, Australia - Costume Jewellery Indian Wedding jewellery set - Enhance your beauty with this Indian jewellery set In white and deep red Color stones and beads allover. The bride will be dressed beautifully, bejewelled, and her hands will be decorated with mehendi.
One of the rituals involves the groom lifting the bride’s foot and placing it on the Ammi (grinding stone). With more than 20 years of effort going into the wedding jewellery of the bride-to-be, one can expect nothing but phenomenal results.
From the Pennu Kanal to the Thalikettu to the Sadhya, here’s our guide to a Hindu Mallu wedding. The quintessential Kerala bride usually wears a sari, bedecks her hair with flowers and wears gold jewellery.
When it comes to picking your ensemble for the ceremony, don’t go for something extremely elaborate or heavy.
She is given a vilakku and enters her new home, as the bringer of prosperity, putting her right foot forward first.
The absence of the right Indian jewelery can make the work of any hotshot designer look half-baked. Let’s face it, though yellow gold is ever eternal in India, sometimes its drabness can take away from the most exclusively done bridal outfit. If you aren’t too much about looking traditional on your wedding day, you can go for a finely crafted diamond set in white or yellow gold setting, depending on your taste.
This is your chance to experiment a little with your look- since the engagement ceremony is not as formal as the actual wedding ceremony.

With henna applied over your hands and legs, you’ll want to be comfortable and be able to move around unencumbered. It is also a great idea to wear diamond jewellery for your cocktail and sangeet functions and choose polki, vilandi, kundan or jadau for the main day.
You can accessorize for these occasions with minimal jewellery, so it’s best to go elegant and tasteful. Try an innovative drape when it comes to your saree, try a couple of hairstyles prior to the event to find one that frames your face beautifully, while also suiting the occasion. In a Kalyana Mantapa, the bridegroom is received ceremoniously, and made to sit in a canopy, which is gorgeously decorated with flowers, fabric, palm fronds and banana stalks. The wedding is an ode to colour: the vibrant red of the bride’s sari contrasts sharply with the stark lines of the groom’s mundu. Though many people are of the opinion that kundan or vilandi do not have much resale value when compared to gold or diamond jewellery, it hasn’t really stopped brides and families from investing in them. She wears stunning, intricate, heavy gold jewellery, offset by the simplicity of the fragrant white jasmine flowers in her hair.
In fact, jadau sets made decades ago are passed on from generation to generation as the most favoured hand-me-down ancestral heirloom. Don’t be too heavy handed with your make-up, focus on your best features and carry yourself with confidence. In some areas, the wedding rings are exchanged during this ceremony, so you might want to take the style of the ring into account while planning your ensemble.
After the ceremony, the guests are treated to the Sadhya, a typical Kerala meal that includes rice, three varieties of pickle, sambhar, toran curries and sweets, kalan, avial, olan, pacchadi, payasam, pappad all served on plantain leaves, with payasam like paladaaprathaman or chaka prathaman for dessert.

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