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It’s so loud at these places I never hear any music, just noise, pounding against my skull, and the lights bounce off my eyes and make my brain swirl and ache. And I don’t even have the heart to be sarcastic or irritable about it because I just feel so miserable and out of place, like I’m that one jigsaw piece that not only won’t fit in with the rest of the puzzle, but turns out to be completely in the wrong box. I’ve never understood the appeal of being in an environment where it’s too fast and too loud and too hot and too bright and too dark all at once.
I take a last deep breath, enjoying for one final moment the cold smoky air that can’t be had inside, because I know I’ll only last ten minutes max before I can’t stand it anymore, and I’ll come back out here and begin this whole routine again. I return to the door with my jaw set, and I go back inside and feel the music pounding through my chest once again. Germ U short courses are learning experiences that will enrich your life on even the busiest of days.

I give up trying to suck in what little oxygen is left in the stuffy room and yell at my friends that I’m getting some air. Those same lights transform the vast space with the sticky floor and nondescript walls into a prison that glows with bright colours in some corners and gleams with black in others and it’s all mixed together and compressed in my head into one blinding, blaring moment of light and dark and it just makes me stand there feeling utterly confused and stupid.
It only ever makes me feel slightly sick, and really I just want to be at home where it’s safe, or reading a book, or watching some random movie, or doing anything, really, rather than be there. I look up at the sky and realise the clouds have shifted and that up in the heavens I can see some stars.
She does, however, occasionally have productive periods which result in stories being written.
From facts to fiction, beauty to boys, movies to music, how to's to where to's, you start here.

I’m supposed to mingle with the mass of twisting bodies, and I’m supposed to do what they’re doing. Currently enjoying Transition Year, she is dreading September when the Leaving Cert gets real. I have to find people to imitate because I know that any move I attempt will just look idiotic.
I have to stand in the sticky air with the tang of perfume and sweat and worse burning my nose and force a smile onto my face and look like it’s the best place in the world to be.

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