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With cream-colored fur, a brown nose, tiny fold ears and pink feet, he’s the splitting image of a Forever Friends plus bear. My earless baby is also featured in both Akumu Ink t-shirt designs, now available for sale here! By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLineAre gates and portals spoken about in biblical scripture opening up around the world?

He got lai see (red pockets full of money… or catnip) from his grandparents and swatted it around. Strange Sounds, Weird Sightings, Earth Changes And Evil Entities - Are The Gates Of Hell Opening?
Are they the reason for the increase in strange and unusual sounds being heard and reported on?

He speaks with this affected, guttural, almost Bane-esque growl — and it's all because of his costume."I had this idea — it's kind of a silly idea — to wear these weird teeth," he revealed during a press conference with co-stars Julianne Moore and Ben Barnes.

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