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For those seeking ANC headphones but don’t find over-ears comfortable, there is a growing collection of great in-ear ANC headphones.
The BT 220 NCs by Phiaton cancel out 95 percent of outside noise, but that’s just one line item on the stat sheet. AKG’s in-ear noise-canceling headphones boast powerful, high-quality audio in a simple and practical design.
These headphones run on a single electrodynamic 10.8mm driver that produces clear, well-balanced audio (unlike the overpowering bass in Beats by Dre).
Because they make it so much easier to hear hushed dialogue in movies or the pianissimo finale of a favorite symphony, active noise-canceling headphones have become standard items to pack for any serious traveler (especially anyone with a window seat next to the plane’s engine). What's New, NowToday In Gear: May 16, 2016A bridle leather briefcase, a speaker series that'll change the way you listen to music, an electric big rig and much more. Your New Home Away From HomeThe Best Tents for Summer 2016From car camping to ultralight backpacking, these tents are the best of the best. More: Tech NewsThe Seasoned Traveler's Checklist20 Wardrobe Essentials for a Life on the GoPremium accoutrements for the guy who's putting six figures of flight miles on the books. Update: Please read our updated buying guide on the best noise canceling headphones of 2014. How’s this for a quick history lesson: noise canceling tech dates back to the 1950s, when pilots used specially designed aviation headsets to block out the engine noise dispersed in airplane and helicopter cockpits. Sure, that respite sounds thin on paper, but spend a few hours in a cramped airplane seat with howling babies, heaving, green-faced passengers or even a chatty cathy neighbor and get back to us on what you’re willing to pay for a little peace and music. Best NC Headphone for Seasoned Music Lovers: Rarely do you stumble upon a pair of headphones that are sonically tuned to perfection for every music genre, especially in the noise-cancellation category.
Best Digital Noise Canceler: Featuring the company’s patented AI noise-canceling system, Sony’s digital headset has the ability to analyze and reduce all droning by 99 percent at 160Hz. Best All-Purpose NC Headphone: Superior build quality and sound engineering best define Polk Audio’s bass blasters. It’s not surprising, as these headphones can block out sound both passively (by physically preventing sound from reaching the ear) and actively (using a built-in microphone to electronically create a counter-signal). They’re powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that, when turned on, gives the headphones 20 hours of ANC play time.

They’ve also become popular with office workers who want to eliminate the chatter of colleagues and other workplace noise. Since then, the technology’s evolution has been amazing, shifting first to an integral facet for both the airline and auto industries and now to a product sought by everyone from frequent fliers to music junkies.
Considering the vastly small market for noise-canceling headsets available at the moment, the problem isn’t necessarily narrowing down the field — it’s choosing the best one for your audio needs. Looks like the M4U 2 might be the only option available right now to accomplish such a feat while also supporting incredible bass, midrange, and treble response.
Balancing the bass and clarity and smoothing out the mid-range, Bose has brought down the noise levels for low- and high-frequency ranges to improve audio on all levels; this can mostly be attributed to the built-in mics found on the inside of the ear cups.
The close-fitting ear cup design is surprisingly effective, to the point of stifling your inherent urge to max out the volume. Once it’s registered all atmospheric clatter, the MDR-NC500D automatically adjusts sound by enabling one of its airplane, bus or office NC modes. A stainless steel frame with aluminum accents provides the opulent feel most audiophies desire from a top-of-the-line headphone, but it’s the manufacturer’s “Optimized Active Tuning” system found in the 40mm dynamic balance drivers that steals the spotlight by generating 15dB of noise cancellation.
And for the final bonus, the headphones can connect to two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time. In addition, the headphones have a one-button remote that can switch tracks and answer calls.
Also, the earbuds have memory-foam tips, so even when the ANC is off, the H3s are able to passively block out outside sound very well.
The headphones are equipped with Bose’s proprietary StayHear+ ear tips, which, along with being comfortable, help passively block out ambient noise. We tried out more than 15 different pairs of ANC headsets on planes, trains, buses, noisy subway cars and riding mowers across the US and Europe to settle on seven models that lead the pack. From pioneering audio staples to buzzing newcomers, these are the noise cancelers worth turning your ears to. A “low noise linear amplifier” is used to eliminate ambient sound, delivering better results than the standard class D amp found in most other noise cancellers. To say the QC 15s will leave you feeling cut off from the entire world (or the unsettling crowd on your flight back home) is an understatement.

In fact, the listening experience is so rich and stabilized that performance quality is hardly changed by enabling or disabling the noise-cancellation feature.
The end result is a refined sound stage that produces clean midrange and distortion-free output when playing all media formats.
With their weighty (albeit cushioned) design, they can crush ears, making them impossible to wear for long periods.
The earpieces, which are interchangeable and come in three sizes (small, medium and large), contain miniature microphones that are able to reduce ambient noise by up to 90 percent.
They also run on a rechargeable battery that can handle 35 hours of listening time on one charge. If you’re willing to match their $300 price tag, these are probably the best in-ear noise-canceling headphones on the market. The Canadian speaker maker also integrates its Tri-Mode archetype and offers three listening modes: active, passive, and active noise-canceling. Aesthetically, this model sports a solid shell and makes for a relaxing on-ear fit when snoozing above the clouds. The built-in rechargeable battery is capable of lasting up to 28 hours a single charge, and the ear cushions are constructed from a memory foam that molds to a listener’s head. While the plush pads feel soft on the ears, they also do a great job of concealing sound and removing all outside interference. They run on a single AAA battery, but if that dies, the headphones still work in a passive mode. Overall construction is lightweight and sturdy, allowing users to sit comfortably and take in music for long stretches. A number of useful adapters for airplane, mobile, stereo and Skype use come bundled with the headset, rounding out this formidable package.

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