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The finding of the Italian Supreme Court that there exists a causal link between cell phones and brain cancer is in fact supported by many studies.
In a landmark ruling announced yesterday, the Italian Supreme Court said that cell phone radiation can cause brain cancer, finding a causal link between a man’s heavy cell phone use and a brain tumor he developed.* The judicial finding that cell phones can cause brain cancer is backed by a growing body of research that suggests long-term exposure to cell phone radiation increases the risk for brain tumors, according to Bernstein Liebhard LLP. Last year, the World Health Organization’s International Agency on Research for Cancer classified cell phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans after the Interphone study found that using cell phones for typically only 30 minutes per day or more resulted in a 40% increased risk for a type of brain tumor called glioma, when compared to someone who had not used a cell phone. On June 15, 2012, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) submitted a proposal to reevaluate cell phone radiation emission standards, something it has not done since 1996*** On August 7, 2012, a report from the U.S. Bernstein Liebhard LLP is a New York-based law firm exclusively representing injured persons in complex individual and class action lawsuits nationwide since 1993, including those who have been harmed by dangerous drugs, defective medical devices and consumer products.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Christina Boyle on KODAK HIRES LAW FIRM FOR RESTRUCTURING ADVICE, IS THE END NEAR FOR THIS 131-YEAR OLD COMPANY, OR IS BANKRUPTCY NEXT? After many years of increasingly erratic behavior, Alan Marks, of Lafayette, suddenly experienced a severe seizure in the middle of the night. The Markses had no doubt about what caused the tumor: It was located exactly where he had been pressing a cell phone to his head for almost two decades.
In the two years since that diagnosis, the Markses have joined an international debate over the potential health risks surrounding the low levels of radiation emitted by cell phones.
For many years it was believed the low levels of radiation generated by cell phones and towers had no effect on human biology.
Davis' book cites studies that point to possible links between cell phones and brain tumors and lower sperm counts. My interest in this topic began earlier this year when the owner of a building across the street from our kids' school in North Oakland signed a contract with Verizon Wireless to install a handful of cell phone towers on his roof. It turns out the 1996 Telecommunications Act contains a provision that bars local governments from considering health effects when deciding whether to grant permits for cell towers.

Such a restriction seemed heavy-handed and got me wondering: Why was anyone trying to eliminate debates over health effects? I asked John Walls, a CTIA spokesman, why phones include this warning when there is no government or industrywide mandate to do so. When I talked to Ellie Marks last week, she was on her cell phone getting ready to lead her first protest march to the CTIA convention.
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Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) found that FCC cell phone radiation standards are outdated compared to standards of international regulatory agencies. The firm has been named by The National Law Journal to the “Plaintiffs’ Hot List,” recognizing the top plaintiffs’ firms in the country, for the past 10 consecutive years. Lloyd Morgan (a retired electronics engineer and member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society), is backed by endorsers (mostly scientists) from 14 countries when he cautions that cell phone use might lead to an increased risk of more than just brain tumors:Exposure to cell phone radiation is the largest human health experiment ever undertaken, without informed consent, and has some four billion participants enrolled. His wife, Ellie, called 911 and Marks was rushed to the hospital, where tests revealed a golf-ball-size brain tumor that apparently was the cause of his personality changes.
I've had a growing interest in this subject in recent months for personal and professional reasons. CTIA-The Wireless Association had its annual trade show, which it promised would be the last in the city because of the new disclosure law.
Now a small but growing number of scientists and health activists are challenging those findings. The prospect of these radiation-emitting devices so close to the school alarmed a number of parents at the school, including my wife, who organized an effort to stop them. Surely if there was a possible health issue with cell phones or towers, someone would have told us, right?
She said her husband has been doing well in recent months, but they expect the tumor to come back at some point.

The law firm responsible for this advertisement is Bernstein Liebhard LLP, 10 East 40th Street, New York, New York 10016, (212) 779-1414. Science has shown increased risk of brain tumors from use of cell phones, as well as increased risk of eye cancer, salivary gland tumors, testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia.
But what I've found is that nobody knows for sure whether cell phones are a health hazard. Having read the book and listened to arguments on both sides, I found myself wondering how the average consumer, who doesn't have the science background to sort through the details of studies, is supposed to come to an informed conclusion. Like most people, I had never read the safety and product booklet that came with my BlackBerry Curve 8310. According to Joachim Schuz, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the principal scientist on the Interphone study, the results were inconclusive. But just in case, use a speakerphone or headset, increase the distance between the wireless device and your body, and consider texting rather than talking (unless you're driving!).
I noted that she hadn't ditched her own wireless phone in the wake of all she had learned. It points to third-party research by other groups such as the Federal Communications Commission, scientific standards bodies and organizations such as the World Health Organization.
But again, this book was published in 1995; time for an update?Yesterday's announcement also calls into question the wide use of wireless technologies beyond cell phones. Prior results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter.

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