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If however, the child or adolescent uses of the ear hearing after birth in the major possible causes could be trauma or illness. Taking certain medications taken during pregnancy would also affect hearing development of a child.
Preventative Care: Is An Orchestra More Detrimental For Your Hearing Than A Rock And Roll Performance? Meningicoccal disease (meningitis) is a rare, but dangerous, bacterial infection that poses a serious threat to teenagers. According to recent data, death rates are up to 5 times higher among 15-24 year olds when compared to younger populations.
The bacteria that causes meningitis is spread through the air via sneezing, coughing, or direct contact with someone who is infected.
Meningitis vaccine (Menactra) will be available at the Lafayette County Health Department for children 12 to 18 years old. While you are not going to have difficulty finding adults that suffer from hearing loss, there is a good number of children that have the same problems.
For instance, meningitis is a common cause of hearing loss among young children affecting nearly a third of patients that had at one point Suffered from this illness.

The disease rate begins to rise after childhood peaking in adolescents and young adults 15-24 years of age.
Among 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis can suffer from lifelong complications, including the loss of limbs, scarring, hearing loss, and neurological damage. For now the meningitis vaccine can be obtained for an administration fee ($5) for kids 18 and under due to a special allowance through the Missouri Department of Health Immunization Program. If you have a child that suffers from hearing impairment, knowing the most common causes of the problem can help you decide how to go about dealing with a condition. What you need to understand about hearing loss that is caused by genetics is that it could be just one of the symptoms of an entirely different syndrome. So if you know you are pregnant, make sure that you are not going to try fed occasions where treatment that you are a Physician did not give you a green light for. The disease develops rapidly, which can kill an otherwise healthy young person in 48 hours or less. Meningitis has similar symptoms to the flu such as headache, fever, stiff neck, extreme fatigue, vomiting , light sensitivity, or rash. In almost half of children and young adults that suffer from hearing loss, and the hearing problem has already been present since the date they were born.

If you would consult with a Physician for the first time, you need to make sure that you are going to let the Physician know about your pregnancy right away.
Although the cost of hearing loss is not known most of the times, but the fact that the problem has existed since birth could mean there is a genetic cause or there could be a problem during pregnancy or the childbirth itself. You also learn about certain illnesses that mothers contract during their pregnancy which can cause hearing loss in children and babies.
Upon confirming that your child indeed has hearing problems, you need to make sure you can take him or her to a reliable audiologist. Diseases such as syphilis, diabetes and German measles are identified as higher risk ailments and would affect unborn children. Choose an audiologist that has been practicing for a long time and are highly recommended within the industry.

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