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There are many things that can cause damage to the auditory system, but the most common is noise damage.
Please visit the NIH’s Interactive sound ruler for examples of various types of sounds and their hazard levels. Musicians work in a high decibel environment in which hearing loss, tinnitus, hyper-sensitivity to sound and sound distortion can result.  Traditional earplugs are not a good choice for the professional musician, as they reduce sound by muffling low-to-mid-range frequencies, which change the frequency spectrum of what they are hearing.
Hunting requires the ability to hear very soft sounds, while still having a need for protecting the ear from the peak noise levels of a gun blast. You can lose your hearing from repeated exposure to loud noises; but you also can have hearing loss after just one exposure to loud noise.
Wearing hearing aids has been such a positive experience for Marie Redfern, she wants to encourage others with hearing loss to try them, too.
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Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is hearing loss due to cochlear (sensory) or VIIIth nerve (neural) auditory dysfunction. Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is a problem conducting sound waves easily through the outer ear canal, tympanic membrane, or middle ear (ossicles). The configuration, or shape, of the hearing loss refers to the degree and pattern of hearing loss across frequencies (tones), as illustrated in a graph called an audiogram.
In addition, hearing loss may be bilateral or unilateral, symmetrical (degree and configuration of hearing loss are the same in each ear) or asymmetrical, progressive or sudden in onset, and fluctuating or stable. Note: The scope of this content is limited to the diagnosis and management of hearing loss for individuals ages 5 years and older from an audiological perspective. The ASHA Action Center welcomes questions and requests for information from members and non-members.
Actually, many times stroke survivors don’t have any problem with their ability for hearing sound around them. These can include (a) when your ear doesn’t respond what you hear and (b) when the parts of the brain that have crucial functions to control the major nerves for hearing cannot work as well they should.
However, some health conditions that affect the blood flow to parts of the brain that control the mechanism of your hearing – or health problems that affect the inner ear can be potential to cause a hearing loss.
These health conditions may include hypertension (high blood pressure), chronic high blood sugar (common in people with diabetes – both type-1 and type-2 diabetes), heart disease, and stroke. Many times, stroke is often associated with skills lost that affect one side of the body ‘left or right’. When the brain-left is affected, typically it causes physical problems that affect the right side of the body. So, though people with aphasia due to stroke have good hearing, the communication with people with aphasia is often difficult for both sides. In addition, stroke survivors with right-brain damage may also experience problems with language and speech.

When it comes to the issue of hearing loss and stroke, brain-stem stroke is the most reasonable answer. Custom musicians earplugs are available that can protect the musician’s ears from loud sounds without distorting what they hear.
Loud, sudden noises (gunfire, industrial noises, woodworking, motorcycles, loud music, motorized lawn equipment, noisy hobbies and other noises louder than 90 db) are more damaging to hearing than regular and extended exposure to loud sounds over a period of time. For example, one sign of hearing loss is difficulty understanding and hearing people when you're in a noisy place such as a mall, restaurant, or athletic field. The reason for the reported hearing loss isn't specified, though hearing experts believe that increased blood flow to the delicate hearing mechanism may actually damage parts of the auditory (hearing) system.
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If the TV volume notches up, if you're scrolling up the volume on your MP3 player or the car radio, consider it a sign that you might be losing your ability to hear. Some people experience hearing loss in large spaces – spaces that produce echoes like auditoriums. And become your own best advocate for healthy hearing by discussing any hearing loss you think you might be experiencing with a hearing healthcare professional. Individuals with hearing loss are sometimes described as deaf or hard of hearing based on the type, degree, and configuration of hearing impairment. For example, a hearing loss that affects only the high tones would be described as a high-frequency loss. In other words, they often know what they hear, but their brain cannot work optimally to process the information optimally. They can be found inside the spiral tube of your inner ear, particularly inside a part of the ear called cochlea.
When they doesn’t work optimally or even die, the mechanism of your hearing can be significantly affected. If you get repeated exposure to loud noise, over time it can significantly affect your hearing.
On the other hand, if the blocked blood flow occurs in the right-brain, it usually affects the left side of the body. There are also a variety of in ear monitors that will enhance the music experience whether you are a serious musician or just a music aficionado. Not only can they choose from custom or over-the-counter earplugs or earmuffs, they can also choose protection devices that provide amplification while reducing the sounds of gunfire down to a safe level.
The audiologist also can help you choose a hearing device that is suited to your needs as well as be effective. However, the possibility of experiencing hearing loss should make couples thing twice about the use of any drug that's used to treat ED.
However, make the decision based on the facts and on the results of a hearing evaluation performed by a hearing professional.
Presbycusis is a sensorineural hearing loss that occurs gradually, later in life, affecting hearing in both ears over time. Its configuration would show good hearing in the low tones and poor hearing in the high tones.

See the permanent childhood hearing loss page for information on hearing loss for children from infancy through age 5. Those with aphasia (a condition that can cause a language skill lost – and it is pretty common in people with left-brain stroke) can experience difficulty in language-receiver. They are often able to hear what you say, but it’s difficult for them to understand each sentence that you say.
Hearing protectors not properly fitted to the wearer’s ears do not effectively prevent damaging noises from penetrating the ear canal. For example, some older people find very small hearing devices difficult to work with and program, whereas a younger person might find a small device easy to manipulate.
Once you have all the facts, you can make the best decision for you and your mate, in conjunction with your family doctor. On the other hand, if only the low frequencies were affected, the configuration would show poorer hearing for low tones and better hearing for high tones.
Some hearing loss configurations are flat, indicating the same amount of hearing loss for low and high tones. On the other hand, congenital hearing loss means that a person is born with no hearing.One may not be aware that he is suffering from a hearing loss, especially if it happened over time. However, your friends and family members may have noticed that you are having troubles understanding what they are saying. Hearing loss can be dealt with in various ways but in order to do such, knowing what causes hearing loss would be necessary.When it comes to the adult people, noise and age are some of the most common reasons for hearing loss. Frequent exposure to noises like listening to loud music or when using a lawn mower have the potential to damage the structures in the inner ear which in turn leads to hearing loss. Sudden and loud noises such as an explosion can damage onea€™s hearing as well.On the other hand, changes as one gets older affects the inner ear as a slow yet steady hearing loss when the cause is age-related. The other factors that may cause hearing loss are earwax buildup, an injury to the head or the ear, an object inside the ear, ruptured eardrum, ear infection, and other kinds of conditions that may affect the inner or the middle ear.As hearing loss may be due to various reasons, the treatment can be in different ways as well.
But of course, it is always necessary to visit a doctor and undergo physical exams and ask your doctor about the symptoms. The doctor will take a look at your ears using a lighted device which is also known as otoscope. If the doctor thinks that you have a hearing loss problem, he will perform hearing tests in order to check if you have indeed a hearing loss and be able to find out how severe it is. The other kinds of devices that can help alert a person to the different sounds in the house are doorbells and phones.
There are also ways that a person can do to live even with reduced hearing like paying attention to the gestures of the people, posture, their facial expressions, as well as their tone of voice.For the other types of hearing loss, the problem that caused it can be treated. For instance, one can remove the earwax or by taking a medicine for some infections to help a person get his hearing back.
Other ways would to avoid loud noise like the ones coming from machines, loud music, power tools, and loud motorcycles.A person should also turn down high volumes of listening devices through headphones, ear buds, or mp3 players.

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