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One in five Americans over the age of twelve (for a total of 48.1 million Americans) have some kind of hearing loss. IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: All medical content and news articles on this website is supplied by an independent third party company. Whether due to an over-ambitious ear producing too much wax or improper cleaning, ear wax build-up can reduce one’s ability to hear significantly. Hearing Loss Tips For Those Who Have It and Those Who Don’tHearing Loss Tips for those who have it and those who don't.
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Other than that, the extent and degree of my hearing loss has been constant – and permanent.
That would be a form of conductive hearing loss, as it is temporary.  It is estimated 12 million people each year visit medical professionals to have ear wax removed from their ears. If the symptoms of wax build up persist, it is best to visit a medical professional and get it remedied. That cat got up on the arm of the sofa and stretched his neck, tongue sticking way out, in an attempt lick those ears clean!  Fortunately,  I stopped the deed before it happened.
The last thing you want to do is ignore the build up or damage your ears by inappropriate attempts to clear that ear wax yourself.

I was shocked when he showed me the dish of sizable chunks of wax that had come out of my little ears.

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