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Dulce is also the place where Phil Schneider claims he was one of like two human survivors who escaped a huge underground alien battle.
A little over two months ago, I urged investors to take advantage of a selloff in municipal bond funds.
Unlike any other analyst I know, I've been telling readers to buy municipal bonds for the past three years. The promise of that extra income helped municipal bonds recover after their selloff earlier this year. But I don't believe the economy is humming along so fast that interest rates will rise substantially, as some pundits claim.
So, as I mentioned in March, the thing to do here is forget about the price action and focus instead on the income you're getting.
Early this month, Steve made a strong case for buying blue-chip technology stocks like Intel, Cisco, and Google.
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It tracks the premium or discount investors were paying when they bought IIM over the last year. These companies hold dominant positions in their industries, huge cash hoards, and low valuations.
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