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Hearing loss can be divided into two main categories: Conductive hearing loss (CHL) occurs because of a mechanical problem in the outer or middle ear. The three tiny bones of the ear (ossicles) may not conduct sound properly, or the eardrum may not vibrate in response to sound.
Fluid in the middle ear can cause this type of hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) results when there is a problem with the inner ear.

It most often occurs when the tiny hair cells (nerve endings) that transmit sound through the ear are injured, diseased, do not function properly, or have prematurely died. This type of hearing loss is sometimes called "nerve damage," although this is not accurate. CHL is often reversible. People who have both forms of hearing loss are said to have mixed hearing loss. Causes Ear infections are the most common cause of temporary hearing loss in children.

Wax softeners (like Cerumenex) may be needed if the wax is hard and stuck in the ear. Take care when removing foreign bodies.

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