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Really, I don’t like being the square who tells you that your pierced tongue is a problem. This kind of aggressive recession actually causes you to lose the bone that supports those teeth. Whether ita€™s a lack ofA  sleep or swimming in a chlorinated pool, ita€™s usually obvious why your eyes are giving you trouble.
RED EYESCold sore: Viruses or localised infections can cause the eye to redden a€” the problem usually starts in one eye, but can spread to both. Iritis: If the eye turns a deep red and you have throbbing pain at the front, this could be iritis or anterior uveitis a€” inflammation of the iris, the coloured part of the eye.
Haemorrhage: If one eye suddenly becomes red without any other symptoms, then it could be a subconjunctival haemorrhage a€” where blood leaks in the thin layer of skin at the front of the eyeball. Allergy: Itchy eyes are often a symptom of allergies, a problem known as allergic conjunctivitis. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Just when Microsoft's Xbox 360 console had gotten rid of its hardware problems, specifically the Red Ring of Death, new reports from the UK say that when a new Kinect device is connected to it, the console immediately freezes up and displays the dreaded error. Older Xbox 360 consoles were really prone to breaking down, largely due to heating problems, at least according to Microsoft, and displayed the "affectionately"-named Red Ring of Death around its Power button. Now, thanks to improvements in the manufacturing process and the introduction of the new Xbox 360 "Slim" model, things are back to normal, and the console's failure rate is really low. With the introduction of the Kinect, however, things are going down a steep slope once more, as plenty of owners are reporting that their Xbox 360 broke down when they connected the new device to their console. According to a report from the BBC, the Kinect can cause the Xbox 360 to display the Red Ring error, with multiple cases reported in the last few weeks, during the holiday season. Details about the incidents are sketchy, so we don't know for sure if the victims had older Xbox 360 consoles or new devices.
Microsoft was quick to reply to this report, and denied that there is any link between the Kinect and the Xbox 360 failures. Have you had any problems connecting your brand new Kinect to the Xbox 360 or did it go off without a hitch? Leading fashion designer Ma Yanli, also known as Mary Ma, says Chinese designers have no need to flaunt their Chinese origins in the clothes they produce.
The 41-year-old former supermodel and actress says they should aim instead to be as individualistic as Western designers. Former supermodel Ma Yanli will launch her new clothing range that combines the simple look of a white blouse with blue jeans. Ma, once described as China's answer to American model Cindy Crawford, was speaking at the Kerry Hotel in Beijing, ahead of the launch of her new clothing line that combines the simple look of a white blouse with blue jeans.
The blouses, which will be available online later this month, will range in price from 399 to 2,500 yuan ($61 to $384; 54 to 337 euros). Ma, who studied design at Shanghai-based Donghua University, launched Maryma Haute Couture in 2005.
Earlier this year, her company was chosen to design outfits for Chinese Premier Li Keqiang as well as leaders of five Asian countries for the welcome dinner of the 1st Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Leaders' Meeting in Sanya in South China's Hainan province. The design on the blue tunic that was made for the event had a representation of the Mekong River with a flower to mark each of the six countries that surround it. Ma says fashion in China is now beginning to reflect the "new normal" of slower growth and the general economic climate, and she expects black and gray to be a feature of what people wear this summer in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere. She was on course to be a national rowing champion but injured her back badly in a boat accident.
Then, by chance, while out shopping in Shanghai, she was spotted by a modeling agent looking for talent.
After being entered in the Shanghai International Modeling Competition in 1995, she went on to become China's first supermodel and had a successful career, including becoming the face of many advertising campaigns in China. She then combined this with an acting career, appearing in the TV comedy drama Marriage Battle and the 2010 movie Love in Cosmo, where she played a fashion magazine editor based on Cosmopolitan editor Anna Wintour. She was recently approached about reviving her acting career with a role in a movie based on the Chinese reality TV show Metamorphosis, where children from wealthy backgrounds swap homes with those in poorer areas, and vice versa.
Ma, who is divorced, lives with her 12-year-old daughter, Lang Ma Qin Ge, who attends the primary school attached to the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Ma, whose clients have included football star David Beckham and musician Quincy Jones, says the Chinese fashion industry has made huge strides in the past two decades. Dong Jinxian teared up as she watched a musical in Yan'an set during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-45) and the Chinese Civil War (1946-49).
Yan'an Nursery tells the true story of a school that took care of the children of soldiers. After the show, 55-year-old Dong says it was worth watching the musical, even though her tour guide had not recommended it.
High-speed trains now connect Yan'an with several cities, bringing increasing number of tourists. The number of daily passenger arrivals in Yan'an by train has gone up from just 4,000 in 2010 to nearly 47,000 now. Railway authorities are also working to expand the network to other areas in China's western region.
The western region has six provinces, five autonomous regions and the municipality of Chongqing. By the end of 2014, trains connecting Lanzhou and Urumqi, Guiyang and Guangzhou, and Nanning and Guangzhou were launched. The launch of Lanzhou-Xinjiang services has sparked renewed interest in the ancient Silk Road, bringing unprecedented numbers of tourists to the provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, as well as to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
The Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, which has just been completed, shortens the distance between Shanghai and Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, to about nine hours. In the past, when tourists came to Yan'an, they usually went to caves where Chairman Mao Zedong and other Communist leaders lived during the fateful years of the revolution.
To attract more tourists to Yan'an and accelerate the area's economic development, the local government has been encouraging companies to create more interesting tourism-oriented projects.
Guo Xiaoqiang, deputy general manager of the company, says the musical has been attracting a lot of tourists. Cui Jiajia, a 20-year-old tourist who loves literature, says she went to Danfeng to visit the writer's house and didn't expect to see a large, beautiful lake full of lotus flowers. Zhang says the authority is working on the second phase of the site, which will be able to provide hotel services for tourists who want to stay in the area. You see, before you can get the sauce, you have to steam the beans, dust them with flour and then let them ferment long and slow. Fortunately, the moldy beans are soon poured into a dragon urn and placed under the sun to bake. After a while, the magic happens, and the moldy beans, now black and wet, start to dissolve into an aromatic liquid - soy sauce. Grandpa's soy sauce was delicious, and always carefully stowed in covered containers in the cool, dark pantry.
Actually, it is precisely this fermentation process that turns the simple soybean into a huge range of seasonings, from soy sauces to semi-solid bean sauces to the cheese-like curds that are salty and pungent. Soy sauce itself is divided into different grades, ranging from light and liquid to the very dark and viscous.
As the contents of the fermenting urn ages, the sauce darkens and thickens, and while it loses some fresh flavor, it compensates by acquiring a richness of color that is treasured by chefs for adding depth to their dishes. Some manufacturers add molasses to thicken and sweeten the soy sauce while certain producers try to enhance the fragrance by adding mushrooms to the process. As a flavoring, it does not simply make dishes saltier, but adds a distinctive taste that says "Chinese". Dark soy sauce is commonly used both as a coloring agent and the base ingredient of many braised dishes such as hongshaorou -the ubiquitous red-braised dish, where belly pork is caramelized in rock sugar and then braised in dark soy sauce infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise and cloves.
This is one dish that is cooked all over China, from Guangzhou in the south to Beijing up north.
Salted black beans and the lighter, softer golden bean sauce are the two most common, although there are regional variations across the country. The Cantonese are expert at turning salty black beans into a flavorful seasoning, often mincing the dried beans with garlic, ginger and chili before adding it to bitter melon stir-fries or steaming it with bite-sized pork ribs or chicken pieces. Fried dace (a type of fish) with salted black beans is very popular canned, and generations of Chinese students abroad who had to forage for familiar food in Chinatown grocery stores must remember it fondly. In Singapore, the famous Geylang beef noodles is stir-fried with this delicious mix, and the beef and rice noodles dish is so popular it has become one of the nation's favorites. Salted black beans are also used in traditional Chinese medicine, where they are added to prescriptions for stubborn coughs and colds. In the Chaozhou region of Guangdong province, the lighter golden bean sauce is a staple seasoning on the table, where it is used as a dip for steamed seafood, especially fish.
The salty golden beans are served with thinly shredded ginger and slices of chili, and then served with platters of steamed crabs, prawns and fish.
Doujiang, as the bean sauce is called, is also used to flavor braised meats and the spring roll vegetable mix popular in that region.
There are also the bean curd seasonings, which are pieces of soft bean curd that have been slowly salted, spiced and fermented. Red furu is known as nanru, or southern curds, and its maroon coloring comes from the addition of red wine yeast, which both helps it ferment and gives it a peculiar fragrance.
The red curds are most often used to braise meats like pork belly with dried bamboo shoots. It is really a testimony to the ingenuity of our Chinese ancestors that we now enjoy such a varied range of flavors from a single bean.
When you can smell fragrance from garlic and spices, add soy sauces and just enough water to cover ingredients.
Most online celebrities can't tell jokes, they can't sing, they can't act, and they're probably not exactly conscientious workers. With that fame came invitations to real-life events, but soon people were saying that her unretouched appearance looked nothing like her photos.
She still posts her pictures online, but most of the comments below are a variation on "I know it's fake". Though not always made up of the most astute literary critics, the online world will not tolerate things like accusations of plagiarism.
Tangqi apologized for "imitating" the other writer's style and insisted that she did not plagiarize, but she continued to bleed followers. Pang Mailang, who turned into a rags to online riches story for his viral song My Skating Shoes, captured hearts with his unconventional singing and a style that gave him the appearance of a starving artist. In the article, the author writes that Pang seldom cuts his fingernails or changes his bedsheets. An internet celebrity from a few years ago, Luo Yufeng, known as Sister Feng, emerged in 2009 after handing out fliers seeking a marriageable boyfriend who had to meet outrageous qualifications, and then making equally outrageous statements about herself. Not only did she secure a US green card and move to New York City, she also got a column in a newspaper, was profiled by the New York Times, and writes in a mature, sophisticated tone - quite unlike her normal faux genius persona. Her predecessor, Sister Lotus, grabbed attention in 2004 by posting photos of herself in revealing dresses and highlighting her "S-shaped curves" online. Both Sister Feng and Sister Lotus were ordinary girls from small cities who turned their online theatrics into serious money. Vehicles on a day of traffic restrictions from the Mexico City's government campaign to support antipollution measures. Martin Vazquez glides silently through the pandemonium of rush hour in Mexico City, drives his sky-blue scooter up to a charging station and plugs it in.
When Vazquez, a 28-year-old professional, moved to the Mexican capital a year ago, he drove here by car.
He tried cycling to work, but eventually settled on the sky-blue electric scooters rented out by the half-hour by a company called Econduce. Electric vehicles are gaining a foothold in this sprawling megacity of 21 million people and 5.5 million cars. But as an added bonus, these vehicles are not adding to the polluting emissions spewed by fuel-powered vehicles - which have surged back into the headlines just as the city was starting to shed its smog-choked image. Authorities declared an air pollution alert in Mexico City last month - the first in more than a decade - and have imposed strict limits on car use.
On April 6, the smog was so bad officials doubled the restriction, ordering 40 percent of cars off the road - as well as, for the first time, 40 percent of motorcycles.
But it was a boon for Eduardo Porta, the entrepreneur behind the Econduce scooters, who says his clients increased by 50 percent. The 33-year-old industrial engineer launched the company last year, modeling the service on bike-sharing programs in cities like Paris, Berlin, New York and, since 2010, Mexico City itself. The company has a network of charging stations throughout the city, enabling users to pick up a scooter near home and drop it off near work. In a year, the company has expanded from five charging stations to 37 and tripled its initial fleet of 50 scooters. The infrastructure for recharging cars has expanded, but it is still not enough, says Fausto Cuevas Mesa, head of the Mexican Automobile Industry Association. But "with the new anti-pollution measures, people are starting to view our vehicles with greater interest," he says.
Design classic and symbol of the dolce vita, the Vespa turned 70 last month and Italy's most celebrated scooter is buzzing along nicely after tripling sales in the last decade. It was on a Vespa that Gregory Peck pursued Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, the 1953 film that helped make the marque synonymous internationally with the Roman capital.
But it was actually in Florence that the wasp-shaped two-wheeler was born, Enrico Piaggio having registered the patent in the Tuscan capital on April 23, 1946.
Seventy years later, more than 18 million models have been sold and Piaggio's objective of reinventing the family aeronautical company has been realized and then some.
With the company still dealing with the damage done to its production facilities by World War II bombing, Piaggio asked one of his engineers, Corradino d'Ascanio, to create a motorcycle that would be both easy to produce from the materials at hand and inexpensive for consumers.
The simple brief proved inspired, as did the choice of d'Ascanio, who never made any secret of the fact that he found the motorbikes of the time uncomfortable, cumbersome and dirty.
The engineer addressed each issue one by one and the result was a scooter with a revolutionary design that remain barely untouched to this day. Obligatory helmets made the riding experience safer but less romantic and families were able to opt for cars as their main means of getting about. Since 2004 however the brand has been undergoing a worldwide revival thanks to a combination of enthusiasm for the Vespa's retro style and its utility for moving quickly around increasingly congested cities. From 58,000 units in 2004, production, now concentrated in Italy, Vietnam and India, reached nearly 170,000 last year and the allure of the Vespa brand means Piaggio can command higher prices than rivals. To celebrate the 70th birthday hundreds of Vespa aficionados gather last month at Pontedera near Pisa, where the scooter has been produced continuously since 1946.
Among them was Carlo Bozzetti, president of the Vespa Club of Milan and proud owner of six different models from different eras.
A mother of a female student at a Tokyo primary school displays a technical manual to guide the gymnastic formation during an interview in Tokyo.
Rushed in for emergency surgery to stop bleeding on the brain, doctors at Matsudo City Hospital said the child was lucky to be alive. Yet they are not young victims of violent crime in Japan, but children injured at school after taking part in kumitaiso (group gymnastics) class, an issue that has prompted angry parents and doctors to campaign for a ban, warning pushy teachers are putting children's lives at risk.
Across the nation, more than 8,000 kids annually require medical treatment after taking part in the discipline, which sees students work together to contort their bodies into human pyramids and towers, according to the latest figures from the Japan Sport Council.
The worst cases have resulted in brain damage, spinal injuries and internal bleeding, and on rare occasions, even death.
Recently, he operated on a 15-year-old who had internal bleeding and a broken leg after attempting a human pyramid during sports practice.
Kumitaiso has been a mainstay of annual school sport festivals and is taught as part of the physical education curriculum to encourage teamwork and endurance. But parents and lawmakers argue schools are increasingly putting competition before pupil welfare, claiming a desire to best rival schools by creating dramatic displays has turned tradition into a circus. In September, six students were injured as they attempted a 10-tier human pyramid, which collapsed during a school sports festival in Yao in western Japan's Osaka prefecture. Some parents agree the desire to impress - particularly in the video-sharing age - is making teachers and coaches negligent over safety. There have been nine deaths linked to kumitaiso since 1969, when JSC records for school sports injuries began. Yao's board of education is considering a ban on kumitaiso, after public outcry over the September accident - which was filmed and posted on videosharing and social networking sites. In M's case, she says teachers ignored a light injury to another child, before she was seriously hurt, and continued to push pupils to take part in the sport, citing it's importance for kizuna or bonding. The school banned kumitaiso after her accident but neighboring ones continued, resulting in at least 17 injuries in 2015 in Tokyo's Kita ward, according to the local education board. The ward in March decided a ban on kumitaiso, following Tokyo Metropolitan Government's decision to stop it in some 250 schools it directly runs. In February, Hase, a former Olympic wrestler, made a U-turn on his previous stance on kumitaiso safety, calling for vigilance ahead of the school festival season, starting in May.
The Japan Sports Agency, under Hase's ministry, has since issued a notice to education boards nationwide to halt the practice if "safety cannot be guaranteed".
The inaction has left M's mother enraged, and questioning whether Japan is fit to host the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when it is "ignoring the risks of serious accidents" and child injury in school sport. The musical pedicab is among a wave of new innovations helping Indonesians indulge their love of singing wherever they can, from specially equipped trains and buses to services that bring karaoke to your home. Once considered a morally-questionable pastime that went hand in hand with drinking alcohol and prostitution in the Muslim-majority nation, karaoke has cleaned up its image in recent years and is now a firmly mainstream form of entertainment, as in much of Asia. While the most popular venues for karaoke remain bars, where groups of friends typically sing together in private rooms, the new options are helping crooners belt out tunes in more unlikely settings. Among the new karaoke entrepreneurs is Rudi Hantoro, who has pimped his pedal-powered rickshaw, equipping it with a powerful sound system and a small screen that displays videos and lyrics.
Hantoro operates his "Karaoke Bike" in the city of Depok, on the main island of Java, cycling to people's houses when he receives an order, or setting up on a street corner.
One of his regular spots is by food stalls that sit next to a minibus depot and train station, where he has a loyal band of followers, made up of mainly bus drivers. The cost is reasonable - three songs for 5,000 rupiah ($0.35) or seven for 10,000 rupiah - and his offerings include Indonesian rock, English-language classics and dangdut, a type of local pop music famed for its lewd lyrics and raunchy dance moves.
Not all the new karaoke innovations are so competitively-priced, however, with some aimed at a growing army of consumers, whose wealth has increased in recent years on the back of strong economic growth.
One such option is train carriages fitted out with karaoke systems, which can be rented by groups who want to hold a party on the move for between 20 million and 40 million rupiah ($1,500 to $3,000).
There is a choice of 20- to 28-seater carriages, which used to be part of a presidential train and are decorated with paraphernalia from the many different cultures found in the archipelago. Once rented, a carriage is fitted to a train making an already scheduled journey across Java, and there are several routes to choose from. In Jakarta, a party bus, "Royale VIP", is available for hire and boasts a karaoke machine, two poles for dancing and laser lights, so revelers can party as they battle through the capital's notorious traffic.
For those wishing to enjoy a spot of crooning without leaving the comfort of their homes, there are several offerings in the capital, including "Splash Mobile Karaoke". With the catchline "Karaoke whenever, wherever, you choose the place, we get everything ready", the service was set up two years ago and business is now booming, according to founder Benny Navaro.
He provides music for a range of events, including weddings, birthdays, farewell parties and family reunions.
While most practice a moderate form of Islam in Indonesia and don't find karaoke offensive, there are still some conservative Muslim elements who view karaoke bars as dens of sin.

Some nightspots choose to close during Islam's holiest month of Ramadan rather than risk attracting the ire of hardliners.
US chemist Theresa Dankovich, who is in her 30s, won the top prize at the Design Intelligence Award 2016 on Sunday in Hangzhou, the capital of East China's Zhejiang province. To use the "book", people have to pick out a filter-like page from it, slide it into a regular filter, and pour water through it for drinking. The award, launched by the Zhejiang local government and the Hangzhou-based China Academy of Art, which will be given annually, is said to be the world's richest industrial design award for now. For Dankovich, the needs of local communities are more important than a fancy appearance when it comes to developing the product.
Responding to a question from one of the judges that her "book" is too delicate to be of use in poverty-stricken areas, she says she expects future versions to use plastic casing instead of the current hard cover and thus make the filters renewable. Her "book" is now being used in a pilot project in schools in Kenya and South Africa, and there are plans for it to be marketed there later this year at affordable prices, she says.
While Dankovich's "book" impressed the judges, there were other entries that attracted attention. Wang, who was born in Zhejiang, also believes the mass manufacturing capacity of clothes in her home province can help turn her dream project into reality.
Touching on interdisciplinary cooperation, CAA professor Song Jianming, head of a professional judging panel, says this is one of the things encouraged in the competition, and that market potential is also a crucial criteria when it comes to picking winners. The organizers received more than 2,000 design blueprints from around the world for the award. Another judge Zhao Jian says while not every design could turn the world upside down, even enriching people's lives is a worthwhile effort. The design explores to mix two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces, and allows a poster to be turned into a lamp shade, which can then be pasted on a wall. Chinese designer Zhu Xiaojie also entered the final with a chair, which uses a wooden cover to mask a thin metal frame. Looking at the future of the contest, Hang Jian, deputy head of CAA, says: "We expect more ideas suitable for the future. As micro enterprises gradually grow in the country, Hang believes designers will have the chance to turn their ideas into reality via multiple channels like crowdfunding. Perhaps, with such efforts, it will not take too long to find the award-winning products on the market. The Swedish designer brings her imaginative table settings to Beijing, where the concept is still new, with the launch on Monday of the Chinese edition of her second book Seasonal Table Settings: 21 Designs Inspired by Nature.
Lindeberg-Bernhardsson began to use fruits, vegetables, plants and everything at hand to embellish her dining table instead of expensive vases and tablecloth a decade ago, which she says changed the Swedish idea that setting a dining table was expensive. Explaining how she got involved with Lindeberg-Bernhardsson, Zeng says she originally planned to write a book on table settings in 2014. Many of the books she read featured designs using only luxurious porcelains, silver plates and expensive tablecloth, which she thought was not practical in daily life.
Then she got a copy of Lindeberg-Bernhardsson's book, which showed her that setting a table can be fun.
Inspired by Lindeberg-Bernhardsson, Zeng now cuts bamboo into small pieces and uses them as vases.
Zeng and Lindeberg-Bernhardsson are holding a joint show on table setting at Beijing's Gallery All that opened on Monday. For Chinese living in big cities, Lindeberg-Bernhardsson says the fresh vegetables and fruits in different colors in stores and markets can be the materials they use for table setting. However, Lindeberg-Bernhardsson says she hasn't seen designer table settings in the restaurants she visited in Beijing.
Zeng, who has just published her second book on table setting, titled Fine Little Day, agrees, saying: "It's still new, but it's on the rise.
Zeng says two years ago when she launched her first book on table settings she received few responses from readers. Zeng admits the Chinese way of sharing a plate of food affects the way people here look at table settings. Ma Yueyue, a 25-year-old housewife in Beijing, says she loves to set beautiful tables and enjoys seeing her son and husband marvel at her creativity.
Catharina Lindeberg-Bernhardsson and Zeng Yanbing set a table (left) at a joint show; an image of an Easter table from the Swedish designer's book (right). The global popularity of Chinese food offers a lesson to the makers of baijiu, China's distinctive white spirit, says former Croatian ambassador to China Ante Simonic.
Speaking at the World Famous Liquor Summit hosted by Moutai Group in Renhuai, Guizhou province on Tuesday, Simonic told a packed auditorium that he loves Chinese food, but sometimes likes it better at home in Europe than here in China.
Chinese and foreign experts at the forum joined the former diplomat, a physician and president of the new World Wine Industry Alliance, in urging baijiu makers to be innovative as they pursue new markets abroad. Highlighting two US-based baijiu makers that have enjoyed some success in New York and the West Coast, author and baijiu fan Derek Sandhaus says he's convinced the case can be made for the fiery liquor abroad.
Ye Xin, vice-president of the China Wine Writers Association, insists that the potential is great for expanding baijiu's global footprint. He also told the assembled distillers and distributors a story: Old Shanghai Restaurant had adjusted its classic recipe for "lion's head", a stewed meatball of pork and fish, before a visit to the city by President Obama. Health is an issue for young and female drinkers both in China and abroad, and observers like Sandhaus have long pointed to baijiu's high ABV (alcohol by volume), in the 55-percent-plus range, as a deterrent in a changing market. Wang Yancai, president of the China Wine Industry Association, says the country's liquor makers need to promote a drinking culture that promotes consumption in a sensible, healthy way. Yuan Renguo, chairman of forum host Moutai Group, notes that baijiu first made waves abroad in 1915 at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. China's liquor industry has struggled in recent years, hit first by an economic slowdown and then by the country's campaign against extravagance and official gift-giving. Baudouin Havaux, chairman of International Organizing Committee of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, notes that 40 percent of all wines and spirits are consumed outside the country that produces them. The forum concluded with a cocktail reception that highlighted baijiu's potential in cocktails, featuring three Western bartenders with an affinity for the spirit.
Guillaume Ferroni from France gave baijiu a bit more weight in his pink concoction Le Beau Voyage, which also featured absinthe and cherry liqueur.
Baijiu seems alien to many Western drinkers, says Paul Mathew, the third guest bartender and a fixture on the Beijing cocktail scene for several years. To make the tincture, macerate 15 g Sichuan pepper and 2 dried chili peppers in 100 ml Kweichow Moutai or a strong neutral spirit for two days.
I was amazed to learn there were fig greenhouses in the Beijing suburbs, but I probably shouldn't have been. Figs are appearing on more and more elegant plates in China's restaurants - both for their sweetness and eye appeal. Figs, called wu hua guo in Chinese, have been known in China for "hundreds and hundreds of years," writes Jacqueline M.
Newman observes that Chinese traditional medicine doctors have used different wild figs for many centuries: "They believe this fruit invigorates the spleen, moistens the bowels, induces urination, etc. Other reports note that the fig has also been part of traditional treatments for "sexual weakness".
The best-known Western fig, the Ficus carioca, did not come to China until some time in the early Tang dynasty (AD 618-907 ), and it arrived already dried. Today, the fig is one of the "next generation fruits" - a group that also includes pomegranates and blueberries.
Such fruits have been popularized for their health benefits, says professor Ma, which appeal to more and more consumers in China.
In 2008, a group of Ma's fellow professors won support from more than one provincial government for a fig project. Her dream: Producing figs on a big scale in Xinjiang one day, both for the ready market there and ultimately for export. That goal, with its economic potential for China's west, has kept the energetic Ma traveling from her own test plots at the university in suburban Beijing to commercial growers in far-flung provinces. If you've been mourning the untimely closure of Tim's Texas Bar-B-Q in the Silk Market #2 building, take heart.
Germany's ancient purity law, which dictates beer-making only with barley, hops, yeast and water, celebrated five centuries of tradition around the globe this month. Tin Lung Heen head chef Paul Lau and wine sommelier Benson Yan are presenting a six-course dinner menu featuring the finest selection of wines from Chateau Palmer, one of the oldest wineries in Bordeaux, established in 1748. Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon district; 852-2263-2270. Colin Mackerras was pursuing his master's degree at Cambridge University when he learned that foreign-language teachers were needed in China in the 1960s. His visits over half a century have resulted in hundreds of academic papers and dozens of books with views from within China and the West. An early Australian to follow Asian studies with a focus on China, Mackerras is today known as an established Sinologist.
Despite the challenges of living in a foreign country, they were able to make friends in China, and many remain so to date.
The couple taught until 1966 and left before the start of the "cultural revolution" (1966-76). Fluent in Chinese, Mackerras usually rides an old bike to class and spends a lot of time with his students. In all these years, he has also followed his passion for Chinese opera, which he describes as "music of the people" as it was played outdoors.
Mackerras, who wrote his PhD thesis on Peking Opera, still has gramophones of the ancient art form.
As an admirer of Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang, Mackerras says he is happy to see the art form being revived with government support today.
Mackerras, who has written books on Chinese opera, has explored the relationship between Chinese opera and society. Other than research, his knowledge comes from extensive travels within the country, including in remote ethnic regions.
Last year, he received the Special Book Award of China for foreign authors, translators and publishers who make significant contributions to China's literary and cultural exchanges with other countries. He also continues to work on papers about China's ethnic groups and general social changes. In Western Images of China Since 1949, he chronicles the background and reasons behind that change, placing them in context of the ground realities he experienced. While he tries to bring different perspectives with his writings, he says the process isn't easy. In many ways, Mackerras, who has been involved in academic and cultural exchanges between China and his home country, is a pioneer in bringing people together. In 2007, Mackerras received one of Australia's highest awards for helping education and Sino-Australian ties.
He is a founding member of the School of Modern Asian Studies at Griffith University on the Australian east coast, where he has worked since mid-1970s.
Mackerras says there has been significant improvement in the relationship between the two countries. In 2014, Mackerras received the Friendship Award, the highest honor given by the Chinese government to foreigners who have made significant contributions to the country's social and economic development.
His life experience in China was noted by President Xi Jinping when he visited Australia that year. During a speech at the Australian parliament, Xi thanked Mackerras for his contribution to the mutual friendship and especially mentioned Mackerras' 51-year-old son, who has the unique distinction of being the first Australian to be born in New China. Monroe, one of the most iconic stars of Hollywood's "golden age" of cinema, left numerous items in her will to her acting mentor, Lee Strasberg. Julien's Auctions says the items had never been on the auction block and are being offered for sale by the estate of Strasberg, who taught stars such as James Dean, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and Jane Fonda. Many of the items are preserved exactly as they were when Monroe died of a drug overdose in 1962, aged 36.
A small clutch evening bag or minaudiere is being sold with two 10-cent coins, eight Philip Morris cigarettes and a used Revlon lipstick in the shade "bachelor's carnation", a vibrant red hue.
Amid the items are glimpses into Monroe's life, such as a taxi receipt to 20th Century Fox, dated Feb 2, 1960, the year she was starring in Let's Make Love for the film studio, and tax documents that detailed the actress' expenditures.
A jewelry case owned by Monroe's former husband, baseball great Joe DiMaggio, is expected to fetch between $3,000 and $5,000.
Another highlight in the auction is a platinum diamond Blancpain watch, estimated to fetch between $80,000 and $120,000, Nolan says.
Ahead of the auction, key pieces from the Monroe collection will be exhibited aboard the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner that will sail from New York to Southampton, England. More than 1,000 people have gathered on Wednesday morning, not only to witness this year's Egyptian final of Chinese Bridge - a language competition - but also to mingle with the large community of Chinese-language learners in Egypt. Chinese Bridge is not only a platform where students showcase their language proficiency but also a festival for them to get together, says Han Bing, minister-counselor at the Chinese embassy in Cairo. Watching her students performing onstage, Rehab Mahmoud, director of the Confucius Institute at Cairo University, speaks of how she perceives the change of Chinese learning in Egypt over time. The number of students at the Confucius Institute at Cairo University has increased from 30 in 2007 to more than 1,500 in 2015, says Mahmoud.
Eleven students from seven universities took part in Wednesday's competition, but there are 2,000 students learning Chinese from 10 universities across Egypt, says Han. As the number of Chinese learners has sharply climbed in the country, the methods of learning have also changed. Salma Ragab, a Chinese major at Cairo University, says: "I have watched many Chinese movies and TV dramas online, including Love Is Not Blind, Jin Tailang's Happy Life and The Legend of Zhen Huan, just to name a few.
As more Chinese TV dramas, movies, pop music and mobile apps become readily accessible to Egyptians, Chinese learners find the language gradually becoming a part of their lives. I’ve been told that the people that do piercings take great care to make sure that they use clean and sterile instruments and I have no reason not to believe them.
The cold sore virus, which 90 per cent of us carry, can sometimes also infect the eye, causing inflammation.
This is triggered by an over-reaction of the immune system, though its exact cause isna€™t known. There are two types: seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (which typically happens because of exposure to grass, pollen, trees and weeds), and perennial allergic conjunctivitis (which happens all year long due to the exposure to household allergens such as mould, dust and pet hair). Of course, designers reflect their personal influences and some of these may involve Chinese characteristics, but this is not what it should be about," she says.
She is the daughter of a middle school head teacher, although most of her wider family works in farming. She had been part of a group of tourists visiting the city in April from Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province. It was near the endpoint of the Long March (1934-35), and became the center of the Communist Revolution from 1936 to 1948. Until recently, Yan'an was not easily accessible because of a lack of good transportation links.
Now they have become a beautiful pearl necklace," says Liu Shengrong, director of the Xi'an railway bureau.
Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region are also now connected, thanks to the opening of fast rail links. The show lost 10 million yuan last year, but officials are working on taking the play to other cities in the country, which would generate more revenue.
For one, it has invested millions of yuan in Danfeng's Dihua town, which has ancient-style buildings, says Zhang Wei, director of the administrative committee of the site. He believed the best-tasting dishes came from his own kitchen, and he was tireless in his search for the best ingredients. But when he tried brewing his own soy sauce once, the process brought me face to face with the hard facts of culinary truth. In Shanghai, a spicy soy sauce is preferred, which tastes very similar to Worcestershire sauce. It is also popular as a pickling base, especially in the north, where almost anything from cucumbers to radishes to Chinese artichokes may be soaked in it. Chaozhou food stalls in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong all use copious amounts of this delicious seasoning. Another famous restaurant dish is a deep-fried chicken wing marinated with mashed nanru and ginger.
In the north of China, especially, they are called jiangdoufu and eaten like a pickle, or smeared on steamed breads like jam.
He now runs an "online goddess" forum at Baidu Tieba that collects personal information and gossip about fashion bloggers and models. Tangqi, an online romance writer, has lost more than 50,000 followers online since July, when she was accused of plagiarism in her most popular novel. However, a feature, Troubled Pang Mailang, by Renwu, a Chinese monthly magazine, depicted his seemingly troubled mental status as a narcissistic personality.
Internet commenters attacked him with mockery and hatred, and many referred to him as a poser who manipulated the public to generate profits, reputedly a representative of the low end of the low bar that is popular culture.
Rather than starting out with agencies and public relations teams, they fight to establish themselves on their own and wait for companies to make sponsorship offers. Like Sister Feng, she was laughed at for having no self-awareness and being too confident, "taking ugliness as beauty", as some netizens said.
Many are happy to have the money that rolls in from their profiles for endorsing products; others go into business for themselves.
But the city's notorious traffic soon convinced him to sell it and look for ways to cut through the gridlock. They can go up to 30 kilometers per hour and cover up to 60 kilometers with a single battery charge. Sales have doubled," says electric bike salesman Daniel Cruz of a local firm called Prodecotech. However, officials say more money is needed to make the city's bus fleet electric and expand the number of electric taxis from around 20 to a target of 1,500. From sales of 2,284 in 1946, annual production increased to nearly 20,000 within two years, and to 60,000 in 1950.
Shocked by the injuries he has seen, Shoko is now calling on educational establishments to ensure children are better protected. He has launched a petition, already backed by thousands, calling on education minister Hiroshi Hase to regulate kumitaiso formation size. Her entry called a "drinkable book" uses technologically advanced filter paper, which is said to be capable of killing deadly germs that cause cholera and typhoid.
For instance, Wang Wen, a postdoctoral fellow from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, showed her team's entry called "second skin". They can spontaneously expand and shrink in accordance with changes in humidity and temperature on human skin. A designer shouldn't only be immersed in self-expression and ignore functionality," he adds.
It can help reduce lumber consumption, improve a chair's capacity to bear weight and retain the original flavor of traditional Chinese furniture. Everything found in nature can be turned into an embellishment - from colorful cabbages and boxes of seed potatoes to a bed of moss. Fruits, vegetables and plants used to decorate a table can also help start conversations between diners," says the 62-year-old. She then began to communicate with Lindeberg-Bernhardsson and wrote her first book on the subject.
The show has seven table designs, with one done jointly by the Chinese and Swedish designers on the spot.

But, she says many Chinese have changed their way of eating, and now combine Asian and Western lifestyles. She spent 6,800 yuan ($1,045) on a one-day course taught by Lindeberg-Bernhardsson and Zeng. Like other speakers, he points to sake, Japan's popular but potent spirit, as a trailblazer in the West that can be a model. The White House asked for a more health-conscious version with less pork, and the chefs obliged by making the meatballs 75 percent fish. Some brands in the international marketplace have pared the alcohol down to about 45 percent, in line with globally distributed vodka, rum and other liquors widely used in cocktails.
He and other speakers also made the case for quality and more automated production, participation in wine competitions globally, investing in science, and seeking international opportunities to promote China's wine industry.
Moutai and Xinghuacun were two distillers who came back from the show with awards of distinction. That's fueled a push to reach new markets abroad, but the challenge of winning foreign drinkers is common throughout the global industry.
China's distillers have focused on domestic consumption in the past, so there is plenty of room to grow if there's a change in the world view of Chinese wines and spirits, he says.
The expert from China Agricultural University in Beijing hosts regular grape and wine workshops, and she has a formal position with the Ningxia Bureau of Grape Industry Development.
Some European chefs, for example, combine figs and fennel with pork or fish to give dishes a smooth, sweet-savory finish.
While fresh figs are a seasonal delicacy that don't keep well, travelers on the ancient network, however, appreciated how tasty dried figs could be. But when a colleague noted that Uygur farmers in western China grew and liked the fruits, she says, she realized that figs could be big in China. Newman in a 2008 article for Flavor and Fortune, a journal dedicated to the art and science of Chinese cuisine. By the 16th century, this fig and many others were planted, probably by missionaries, around the lower Yangtze, joining other varieties already there. Figs contain a type of antioxidant called phenols, which studies have shown may lower your risk of heart disease and cancer by preventing cell damage.
That's a big plus in a society that has seen people become more sedentary, sitting in front of computers or televisions for much of the day.
Owner Tim Hilbert has reopened not one but two venues serving up smoky brisket, ribs and other grilled specialties as well as American classics and Tex-Mex dishes.
The law, or Reinheitsgebot, was introduced in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria, and while the strict recipe has produced classic brews for generations, tastes are changing - even in Berlin, where craft brewers have noticed that today's beer-making awards are going everywhere but Germany.
Wine produced in this 55-hectare vinery was classified as one of the 14 Troisiemes Crus (Third Growths) in the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855.
He decided to give it a try despite the different geopolitical conditions back then.]]> An early Sinologist from Australia, Colin Mackerras is still discovering China, especially its ancient art forms.
He returned to China in 1977 and has since visited time after time, mainly to teach and for research. They are more open and confident than before," Mackerras says, adding that in the '60s, he couldn't have imagined the country's rapid transformation. While exchanges in culture and education have been growing fast, China has also become Australia's top trading partner.
More than 500 lots of Monroe's belongings will be on auction in Los Angeles on Nov 19 and 20, and they are expected to fetch between $2 million and $4 million. The case has a brass monogram and a combination lock set to 555, reflecting DiMaggio's No 5 player number for the New York Yankees.
Students not only learn Chinese language at the institute, but can also enjoy Chinese movies, TV shows and literature, among other things," she says.
But even the cleanest and best procedures done by folks with high levels of training are at risk for infection. Other symptoms of an eye infection include throbbing pain around your eye, sensitivity to light, (photophobia) and a watery eye. The redness tends to start at the centre of the eye and spreads in a red ring around the centre within 24 to 48 hours. It can be brought on by a violent coughing fit, vomiting, or if you are prone to nose bleeds or bruising. If you do not read Chapter 2 thoroughly before you read this chapter, you probably will not be able to properly diagnose your machine!!!!The Whirlpool belt-driven design is well over thirty years old.
The regions' beautiful mountains, deserts and highlands have been luring tourists for years, but its challenging geographical location has resulted in slower economic development. In the face of increasing globalization, food is also one of the last strong visages of community and culture. This is the most expensive and most treasured of all soy sauces, a little like extra virgin olive oil. This is furu, often used to season meats before steaming or frying, or made into a sauce for stir-frying vegetables.
The forum has more than 700 active users, mostly male, all hoping to find a natural goddess who has never had plastic surgery.
She allegedly copied the work of Dafeng Guaguo, who wrote explicit homosexual fiction - which has also made her hesitant to sue. He also called himself "Jonathan Pangmailang" and told reporters he was from Taiwan, despite being born in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, it says.
After 11 years, now that most have forgotten her, Sister Lotus is now trim and spends her time at charity events as well as volunteers with NGOs.
In the end, they have what they've always had: followers - followers who didn't care where they were going. And there is information inked on the pages, which is mainly to remind people about water safety. His "poster lamp" failed to make the first-round appraisal for the final selection, but was praised by many at the event. Noting that sake is now often an automatic part of meals in Japanese restaurants worldwide, he suggests that a "baijiu cuisine" could be developed, pairing dishes that highlighted and even included the flavor of the spirit. Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline and George Strait are all back, too, singing their hearts out in the background.
Robin Weber, CEO of Berliner Berg, says he and his colleagues used to work overseas and were impressed by the variety of flavors available in places like the United States and Australia.
Through July 31, guests at the two-Michelin-starred restaurant can enjoy a carefully crafted menu paired with 1995 and 2011 Chateau Palmer, two remarkable vintages from the legendary winery. It’s not that every single tongue or lip piercing is going to break a tooth, but you increase your risk significantly by doing it. Some folks have a frenum attachment that’s pretty close to the gum line of their lower front teeth. Often the procedures needed just to hang onto those teeth (gum grafts and other reconstructive procedures) can be expensive and unpredictable. Most people wouldn’t choose to have surgery on their lip or tongue without a good reason. In recent years, high-speed trains have helped narrow the gap between the east and the west. In the south, one very common stir-fry is water morning glory (kangkong) with a white fermented beancurd sauce. He was accused of having an intellectual fetish for internationalism, using foreign actors in his own music video to make himself look more international, Renwu alleges.
And with the money she made as the internet's whipping girl, she managed to start a communications company. And there is information inked on the pages, which is mainly to remind people about water safety.]]> From water filters to chairs, China's top design awards celebrate unusual ideas. Weber told US-based National Public Radio that Germany's brewing standards wouldn't stop his team from adding other ingredients in the future, such as orange peel or coriander. The two wines are served with roasted crispy French duck with honey and vintage tangerine peel. But oral piercings are essentially surgery, or at least the healing that you must do is the same.
But if you do, realize that there are problems, sometimes expensive problems, that you may have to deal with! You can share any Mead Family Dental post with a “Like” on Facebook, a “+1? on Google+ or you can even “Tweet” it with Twitter! DRY EYESThe menopause: This causes changes in hormone levels, affecting, among other things, the lubrication mechanisms of the eye, says David Allamby, an ophthalmic surgeon and medical director of the Focus Laser Eye Clinic in London. COLOURED RINGS ROUND THE IRISHigh cholesterol: A milky-white ring around the iris can be a sign of high cholesterol.
The pairing dinner is HK$2,888 ($372) per person and a five-course lunch menu is HK$1,888 per person. Worse than that is the fact that you have these two weighted masses (one on the top, one on the bottom) on either side of your tongue that can affect your tongue’s proprioception.
On the other hand, I want you to know that if you have a problem with a piercing, I’m happy to help.
High pressure causes the blood vessels to expand or even burst, leaving red marks across the white of the eye (but not the coloured part). There is less fluid for the tear film which washes over the surface of the eye a€” so leading to dry eyes. Known as arcus senilis, this white ring is caused by the deposition of fat in the cornea, the clear area at the front of the eye, explains ophthalmic surgeon Oliver Backhouse, of the Yorkshire Eye Hospital. Fortunately, having been around for so long, the peculiarities of the design are pretty well known.3-1 BASIC OPERATIONThe design uses a single direction motor, with solenoids to engage and disengage the agitate and spin cycles and pump.
Proprioception is a very fancy word that describes the way your nervous system just knows where it’s parts are. To tackle the problem, close your eyes for 20 seconds every ten minutes, suggests James Ball, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at St Jamesa€™s Hospital in Leeds. The reason that you can touch your nose with your eyes closed is because you have proprioceptive nerve cells that describe to your brain where your finger is compared to your nose. Working in an air-conditioned office, or leaving contact lenses in for too long can also cause dry eyes (air conditioning is drying, while contact lenses absorb a lot of moisture in the eyes). If you need eye drops for dry eyes a€” known as artificial tears a€” choose a brand without the preservative benzalkonium chloride, which can cause irritation, says Andrew Lotery, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Southampton. The likely result is that you’re going to accidentally bite that thing or whack it against a tooth. Eye drops without preservatives come in one-dose tubes a€” once theya€™re opened, they should be used up or thrown away after one day. As the fluid stagnates, it can lead to infection and a sticky discharge in the duct, making the eyes water. The problem is more common with age, because collagen a€” a protein in skin a€” can shrink within the tear duct, blocking it off, says David Allamby. The slow-onset condition affects women more than men, and is typically diagnosed in your 40s and 50s.
Other causes include injury to the eye or not blinking enough which leads to dryness of the cornea. DROOPY EYECysts: Another potential cause of a droopy eye is a large, internal cyst which is not necessarily painful, says Mr Scott. The cam bar moves towards the front of the washer, pushing the clutch bar and yoke upwards.
Sometimes flakes appear on the eyelids which look like dandruff but are actually flakes of skin from the eyelid. It can be caused by a bacterial infection, but is also associated with rosacea, a skin condition which causes the face to redden, explains Robert Scott, consultant ophthalmologist at the NHS Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre and the BMI Priory Hospital, Birmingham.A  Therea€™s no cure for blepharitis a€” Mr Scott advises treating it by putting a tiny pinch of bicarbonate of soda in an cup of hot water, dipping in a cotton wool bud and then running this along the eye lash margin.
These kinds of injury usually heal by themselves, although antibiotic eye drops from your pharmacist can prevent further infection. The condition mostly affects contact lens wearers, as these might cause a slight breach on the surface of the cornea when inserted and removed, but ulcers can also be the result of an eye infection.
Also check to see that the switch striker is not broken off. If this doesn't solve the problem, test for power at the left (spin) wigwag solenoid when in the spin cycle. This tends to affect the elderly, particularly women a€” there are around 500,000 cases in the UK a€” a€?but only half are diagnosed because they dona€™t go to the opticians regularly,a€™ he says.
The easiest way to do this is to unplug the washer and switch the red and yellow wigwag leads as shown in figure W-6.
Drugs such as prostaglandin analogues increase the flow of fluid out of your eye, while beta blockers can reduce fluid production. Test the switch as described in sections 3-4 and 2-6(b). Often one of the wigwag wires will break, usually very near the wigwag itself.
Test for continuity through the spin solenoid circuit of the timer as described in section 2-6(c). If the motor turns with no load, check the drive pulley and pump pulley to see which is locked. See section 3-15. If the centerpost (spin tube) bearings are worn, replacing the basket drive will not solve your noise problem. You will need to call a qualified service technician to replace the bearings, or simply junk the washer. If the machine is making a squealing or groaning noise, the problem is more likely to be the basket drive.
If it is more like a rattling sound, the centerpost bearings are probably worn out.A secondary check is to look at the clutch lining. However, most intermittent problems with these machines come from mechanical causes.For example, if the belt is loose, the machine may not spin sometimes, may not pump out at other times, and still other times it may not agitate.
The solution is obviously to tighten the belt (or replace it if it is badly worn.) Another aggravating and difficult to diagnose symptom is caused by worn cam bars. The bolt can be replaced without removing the transmission, but it's a real bear of a job.3-4 WATER LEVEL SWITCHThe water level switch is located in the control panel on top of the cabinet. If you have a standard frame timer, mark the timer wires before removing them, so you can get them on the correct terminals of the new timer. Sometimes, the switch may burn out altogether and it will seem as if the machine isn't getting any power at all.
If you scratch a skin patch too much, scarring of your skin can occur.After a discoid eczema skin patch has healed, in many people there will be no residual signs. However, in some people there can be some permanent brown discolouration of the skin in the affected area. To remove the threaded cap or nut, hold the agitator (this will keep the driveshaft from turning) and unscrew. Figure W-13: Agitator Mounting Stud AccessBut what if the agitator splines are stripped?
In others, the affected area of skin can become paler than the surrounding skin.What is the outlook (prognosis) for discoid eczema?Once discoid eczema has been successfully treated, a flare-up can occur again in the future. You can hold the agitator all you want, and the shaft will keep turning with the nut or the threaded cap. Here's a good confirmation of a stripped spline.
Therefore, you should take care to keep your skin well hydrated with emollients to try to reduce the chance of future flare-ups.
Where possible, you should also try to avoid anything that may have triggered the eczema, such as hot baths or irritating clothing.
The nut will back off with each sweep of the agitator shaft. If you have a threaded cap, you can do the same thing by hand. EMIS has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Simply twist the ring counterclockwise to remove. The air dome is the fitting that attaches the water pressure switch hose to the tub. Read more blog posts Patient is one of the most trusted medical resources online, supplying evidence based information on a wide range of medical and health topics to patients and health professionals. Loosen the motor mounting bolts and remove tension from the belt. Lean the washer back against the wall, following the safety tips in section 1-4.
Rocking the pump away from the drive belt will help disengage the belt, and also the pump lever from the cam bar. DO NOT MOVE THE PUMP LEVER YET.Check the belt for wear as described in section 2-5(a), especially for burned or glazed spots where it rode over the locked pump pulley or motor drive pulley.
Replace the belt if it is worn, following the instructions in section 3-13. INSTALLATIONSet the pump lever in the same position as the pump that came out. Make sure the pump lever goes into the slot in the agitate cam bar, and install the mounting bolts.
Tension the belt as described in section 3-13. 3-11 WIGWAG AND CAM BARSThe wigwag is located inside the back panel of the machine.
Replace the setscrew, making sure it goes in the hole on the wigwag drive shaft, and tighten securely. Normally, you will not need to replace the plungers, even when you replace the wigwag. If you see that one is bent or the pin is badly worn, replace the plunger. The plungers can be quite difficult to replace. The pins that connect them to the cam bars are hardened and thus difficult to cut through. The first step is to remove power from the machine and cut through the pin.
Sometimes it's easier to hacksaw through the body of the yoke than to cut the pin. Once you've cut through the pin, remove the wigwag as described above and replace the plunger, using the instructions that come with the new plunger. It keeps the machine quieter. To replace the spin cam bar, you must drop the transmission slightly as described in section 3-13. To replace the agitate cam bar, you must remove the transmission as described in section 3-14.3-12 DRIVE MOTORSingle speed, two-speed and three-speed motors were used at different times in these washers. This may be the cause of the belt breaking.REPLACING THE BELTUnfortunately, the belt is not easy to replace on this machine. To get the belt past the clutch shaft, you actually have to drop the transmission out slightly, and sometimes the transmission needs to be realigned afterwards. Hold the wigwag's "spin" plunger up and tap the spin cam bar towards the back of the machine.
Then pull the transmission straight out until it stops against the bolts. 7) Remove the belt.
The transmission should be just slightly loose, and all three bolts must be backed out the same amount. Set your washer upright and level.
Make sure there is no water or clothes in the basket, and START THE WASHER IN THE SPIN CYCLE.
Without moving the washer, tighten the three transmission mounting bolts beneath it as evenly as possible.
They are pretty standard items; most appliance parts dealers carry rebuilt Whirlpool transmissions in stock. If you wish, you can replace the cam bars, T-bearing and ball as insurance against future problems. Two points to remember in exchanging the parts: 1) The drive pulley is originally assembled with a drop of glue on the setscrew threads.
You may need to heat the hub of the drive pulley with a torch to get the setscrew out. 2) To get the agitator cam bar out, you will need to lift the agitator shaft. The easiest way to do this is to remove the "T"-bearing ball and pry the shaft upwards with a screwdriver, as shown in Figure W-22. Installation is basically the opposite of removal. Sometimes, the switch may burn out altogether and it will seem as if the machine isn't getting any power at all.

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