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In the fame-obsessed world of Los Angeles, a group of teenagers take us on a thrilling and disturbing crime-spree in the Hollywood hills. As the impeller of the vacuum pump rotates, it throws water by centrifugal force to form a liquid ring concentric with the periphery of the casing which does the work of compression.
Many liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers publish dry air curves with 60°F seal water (Figure 2). When a seal fluid other than water is used, the liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer will require the specific gravity, specific heat, viscosity, molecular weight, and vapor pressure data to accurately correct the dry air curves.
By knowing the vapor pressure of the seal fluid, the manufacturer is able to check for cavitation and also determine its effect on capacity. The operating horsepower can be calculated by knowing the specific gravity and viscosity of the seal fluid. For a dry air load, the air enters through the inlet port into the impeller bucket where it contacts the seal fluid. For a saturated air mixture, the load enters through the inlet port into the impeller bucket, but if the seal fluid is cooler than the incoming gas mixture, condensing will occur. The only way the manufacturer can correctly size the liquid ring vacuum pump is by knowing the individual gas components and properties that make up the mixture. The discharge pressure of the pump is needed to determine any reduction of pump capacity or any increase in operating horsepower. Most liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed to operate from a vacuum suction to an atmospheric discharge pressure. Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers are able to determine if cavitation can result from a particular application.
Cavitation can be detected by a rumbling noise that sounds like marbles rolling around inside the pump. If the liquid ring pump is disassembled and the impellers and port plates are pitted, cavitation is evidently occurring. Increase the inlet operating pressure (if this pressure will be tolerated by the process) beyond the range of cavitation.

Based on true events, the group, who were fixated on the glamorous life, tracked their celebrity targets online, and stole more than 3 million in luxury goods from their homes. The moisture present in such mixtures can wash away the lubricating oil in traditional "dry" oil lubricated pumps, possibly leading to premature failure.
The eccentric mounting of the impeller with respect to the casing results in increased spacing between the impeller blades at the inlet port and decreased spacing towards the outlet port (Figure 1). If the vapor pressure of the seal fluid is less than that of water, then the dry air capacity of the pump is increased.
The pump curves are usually based on water as the seal fluid, and then the increase or decrease of operating or brake horsepower is determined. This reduces the amount of new incoming air load that the impeller bucket can handle, which may result in the selection of a larger vacuum pump. This allows more room in the impeller bucket to handle additional incoming gas and use of a smaller vacuum pump. If the discharge pressure is increased, then more energy or brake horsepower is required to operate at the increased compression range. This sound should not be confused with that occurring as a result of "water hammer." If the seal fluid vapor pressure is near the operating inlet pressure of the vacuum pump, then the sound heard is most likely from cavitation. If the load is less than design, the pump may be operating at a lower absolute pressure, which may lead to boiling of the seal liquid and cause cavitation.
This will decrease the temperature rise of the liquid ring pump and lower the vapor pressure of the seal fluid.
The vacuum level, seal fluid temperature and seal fluid pressure should be checked and compared with the design conditions. As gas enters the inlet port, it is trapped between the impeller blades and the liquid ring. This is because less of the seal fluid will flash and take up space between the impeller blades.
The higher the specific gravity and viscosity, the more brake horsepower the pump requires to operate.

By changing the discharge pressure, the efficiency of the pump is changed and the capacity of the pump may be reduced to compensate for this greater compression range. In contrast, a liquid ring pump with conical ports is more difficult to machine because of the taper and angle of the cone. The seal fluid should be compatible with the process gas mixture and the materials of construction. A vacuum relief valve or air bleed valve can be used to introduce additional load so the pump will be able to operate closer to the design pressure.
There are many types of boosters, but the simplest type is an ejector that has no moving parts. The members of the Bling Ring introduce us to temptations that any teenager would find hard to resist. Then, as the impeller rotates, the liquid ring compresses the gas and forces it out the outlet port.
If the seal fluid is an oil, then the brake horsepower is usually less than that using water and the opposite is true if it is ethylene glycol. As the bubbles rise in the liquid, they are subjected to higher pressure zones and can collapse. An ejector works by using pressure energy of the motive to increase the velocity of the entrained gas load. In spite of this versatility, however, sizing and selection of the most economical system still requires full information concerning not only what fluids it will handle, but how it will be operated. Two types of ejectors are a steam ejector which uses pressurized steam, and an atmospheric air jet which uses atmospheric air as the motive.

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