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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Pine Nut Oil toothpastes Kedra, study of the effectiveness and clinical results for anti-inflammatory effect of Pine Nut Oil toothpastes over the entire period of the observations. The study was carried out with the voluntary consent of patients of both sexes from 18 to 25 years of age.
All patients underwent an interview process according to a specially developed questionnaire to evaluate the organoleptic properties of pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra under Ringing Cedars of Russia sign.
In the study, indicators were recorded for the test subjects during their examination that classified the presence of dental tartar and plaque, and a clinical examination was made of the condition of the soft tissues of the mouth.
During the testing of the toothpastes, an evaluation of the level of oral hygiene was made according to the OHI-S index (Green, Vermillion, 1964), the tendency to bleed of the gums according to the GBI index (J. Only data received from the test subjects who had undergone the entire investigation in full were used.
The application of Kedra toothpastes under Ringing Cedars of Russia over the course of six weeks demonstrated that, when used, an improvement of the hygienic condition of the mouth and the condition of the parodontium is observed. On examining the history of the change in the degree of gingival bleeding with the use of Kedra toothpastes with pine nut oil, a reduction in bleeding by 26.7% was found after two weeks, and by 46% after six weeks, which is evidence of a marked increase in the anti-inflammatory effect of Kedra toothpastes under Ringing Cedars of Russia sign over the entire period of the observations.

On examining the change in the level of oral hygiene when using pine nut oil A toothpastes Kedra, an improvement in oral hygiene was found in patients with gingivitis.
A study of the organoleptic properties of the Kedra toothpastes with pine nut oil indicated that 68% of the patients evaluate the taste of the paste as pleasant, while 74% of patients mention the pleasant aroma of the toothpastes (Table 5). Thus, with the use of the Kedra toothpaste with Siberian pine resin, pine nut flour and pine nut shell in the evening, and the Kedra toothpaste with pine nut oil and mint essential oil in the morning, a marked cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect is noted for the toothpastes being investigated. Purpose of the study: To determine the effectiveness of the therapeutic and prophylactic action of pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra under Ringing Cedars of Russia sign. Goals of the study: A To evaluate the condition of patients' mouths prior to the use of the therapeutic and prophylactic pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra.
The test subjects did not have any medical contraindications, and undertook to use only the toothpaste issued to them.
The increase in the indicator of cleansing effectiveness after two weeks of use by 37%, and after six weeks by 45.5% from the initial state indicates a good cleansing effect of the pine nut oil toothpastes being studied.
The toothpastes did not have any localized irritating or allergenic effects on the mucous membrane of the mouth, and did not stain the hard tissue of the tooth. Prior to the beginning of the study, instructions were given to the test subjects regarding oral hygiene and the standard methods of brushing the teeth.

Of the people studied, 75% noted a good level of frothiness of the toothpastes, and 88% of the patients mentioned a sensation of freshness in the mouth after brushing their teeth.
Zvereva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Instructor in the Department of Preventive Dentistry. It was recommended to all test subjects that they use brushes with soft and very soft bristles because of inflammation of the gums.
No other forms of hygienic care for the mouth was permitted during the period of the study, as well as directed treatment of inflammatory diseases of the parodontium.
Just before the study, all patients were given a professional cleaning of the oral cavity.

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