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Alright so, as much as body piercings are the thing of today, and there might by a trillion reasons to believe that everyone is getting them done and they are absolutely safe, your assurance is like telling yourself since the weather didn’t make your sibling sick, you can still have lanky pool parties where even the water is frozen to ice. Alright, so even though it is something you might just shove off in the bin you never used for the garbage but scarring happens to be one of the most recurring problems of body piercings.
So your piercing can not just be painful and bothersome with the general scarring but it might just cause those thick overdeveloped scars I call Keloids but you’d call regret once you get them Often many times these thick overdeveloped scars are so positioned that they make it impossible for you to remove the piercing jewellery too and hence you’ve been inviting infections, quite literally.
So loose tongue piercings cause you to swallow the piercing jewellery, you might have one of those in your uterus too from your last intercourse, and congratulations- your baby is going to be born with a piercing.
Alright so as much as the body piercings have their own risks and dangers, here’s something worse. So you need to get that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan performed but let me tell you, you just might not be eligible for it. The piercings often cause tissue injury or damage almost immediately but the repercussions are to follow through your life. 80% piercings except those of earlobes and the nose have often caught on a general topical infection that cause them to be painful as hell, itchy as a mosquito’s bite and red more than blood.
So while we know of topical infections and pustules your piercing might be causing but don’t doubt their capability of making you suffer.
Also, you might have seen those nodules which are actually inflamed tissues, it is those which I call Granulomas. Loose nipple piercings have often been swallowed by babies who later choke themselves to death.
All those with Genital Piercings have had some time or the other reported problems with it, from basic discomfort to infections that might prevent women to conceive and men to erect.

It might cause certain tissues to die (do tissue’s die, well I meant inactive, something like they won’t feel). That’s how bad you general knowledge is, damn, piercings make you dumber and this tops the list of health risks associated with piercings. Quite literally, and they’d be tender and sore so there won’t be much you’d do about the itching. Oh yes no denying that you’re safe if you take your precautions but so were those who boarded MH-370 or MH 17. Moreover, there’s the dooming increase in risks of sexually transmitted diseases and more often than not damage caused to condoms. They hold eligibility tests for that too?” If that’s what you ask, I might bet all my money on how the piercings are some conspiracy of the government to make you dumber.
So, certain piercings tend to damage the nerves beneath them often causing certain organs to dysfunction or stop functioning for the nerves won’t take the signals. Actually, when a piercing is not given time to heal, and the exposure to air is minimized while a constant exposure to moisture is maintained, that is what happens to your skin.
Now they had taken precautions to be safe too, even disposed newly bought water bottles at the security check but one precaution they could not take was avoiding the travel for the air travel comes with these lingering risks. All piercing jewellery is made of metal, and till you’re not free of all metals you cannot get the MRI scan performed.
There’ve been times when a careless eye brow piercing made the tissues that injured that the person had problems with weakening vision, not due to the nerves but the tissues that caused extremely dry eyes.
It might at times effect the central nervous system too, in worse of worse cases where if sensation continues, consider yourself blessed.

You might have caught HIV, hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staph or Tuberculosis already, and any infection that travels by blood you’re at a risk of when getting new piercings done. So in case you’re getting a body piercing done, which chances are you will or you’d never have been here, be sure what waters are you stepping into. People have been that concerned (you might call them narcissists) of how their skin looks that they’ve been so bothered with scarring that they’ve almost undergone surgery knives for it.
Nipple piercings might not make it very healthy for your baby to be breastfed unless of course you seem to want to give him all the metallic nutrition needs at once. But you don’t seem to mind, you’ve taken it upon yourself to test antibodies in your body and maybe then some of those can later be used to make drugs.
I have a couple on both of my ears, they politely asked me to remove all of them and then I took my MRi. Seriously, there is a lot of stupid crap (sorry for my language here) on the internet, but come on! So get yourself pierced, you might be the Einstein of immunity who uses up most of his immune system.

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