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Although most of our genetic code is in our cell nuclei, a small but significant portion is in a chromosome located in our mitochondria.
You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature. I am grateful to my Michigan State University colleagues Rachel Fisher and Karen Friderici for their comments on drafts of this manuscript. For full access to this article, log in to an existing user account, become a SIG affiliate, or purchase a short-term subscription. The 19 individual SIG Perspectives publications have been relaunched as the new, all-in-one Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.
SIG 6 Perspectives on Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics, April 2002, Vol. SIG 6 Perspectives on Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics, November 2015, Vol. We have 3 locations in Calgary: North, North West and South and an office in each Okotoks, Cranbrook and Creston, and Invermere, British Columbia.

Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss: A Guide to Prevention and Care PDF (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open PDF (Adobe DRM) files. There, a variety of mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) can result in syndromic, or non-syndromic, hearing loss. If you do not have an ASHA login, you may register with us for free by creating a new account.
As they move into their senior years, this ambitious constituency of 76 million Americans continues to demand a lot from life, and to offer much as well.
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Compared with every generation that preceded them, baby boomers are anticipated to continue professional careers later into their retirement years, engage in more vigorous activities, and live significantly longer. Their lifestyles make learning to prevent and treat hearing loss - a disability that used to be considered an unfortunate but inevitable aspect of aging - more important than ever. Burkey shows readers how they can continue to enjoy youthful living, regardless of whether their hearing abilities are undiminished or severely compromised.

For those who have already sustained some damage, the author suggests ways to manage daily activities by using a range of techniques, equipment, and medical procedures. His suggestions include minor changes, such as using a vibrating alarm clock rather than one that is sound-based. More dramatic but often highly effective options, including reconstructive surgery, cochlear implants, and bone-anchored hearing aids, are also described.
In his previous award-winning book, "Overcoming Hearing Aid Fears: The Road to Better Hearing", Burkey addressed common fears, concerns, and misconceptions that people have about choosing and using hearing aids. In this second indispensable volume, he offers a comprehensive guide on how to cope with and prevent hearing impairment.
For a generation that refuses to slow down or quietly accept limitations, this book is essential reading.

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