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We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics. I love the way this pair of earrings just blends in with my hair but still gives me that special bit of sparkle. My girlfriend's birthday was coming up and I was at a complete loss as to what I should get her.
I love diamonds and I love studs (like most people, I think) and these earrings really do it for me. My husband bought me a pair of diamond studs before our wedding, and I lost them on our honeymoon!
I wasn't expecting a big gift for our first wedding anniversary, after we spent so much on the engagement and wedding rings, the wedding and our amazing honeymoon to Cuba. I own a lot of stud earrings from gold, silver and platinum - but these were my first pair of real diamond stud earrings and WOW!
I've always been really into diamond jewelry, but usually there's really not too much of it than I can afford. I got these earrings to wear at my wedding, and they perfectly complemented my bridal getup. The reactions I've gotten every time I wear these diamond drop earrings are enough to assure me that this was an excellent purchase!
At first glance the earrings seemed to me like they were a little too much, a little too overdone. I love wearing stud earrings (I think that this shape is the most flattering for any woman), but I find that when I go out with my girlfriends I'd like to wear something a bit more glitzy. Distinctive in design, this pair of palladium diamond studs features a modern 4 prong setting. Lo sentimos, parece que su navegador no cuenta con los requerimentos para mostrar los graficos de Zoara.
Encuentre los estilos mas populares de la temporada en la Coleccion de Joyeria de Moda de Zoara! Featuring a detailed filigree drop, these 10 mm blue topaz earrings are graceful in sterling silver.

She's looks so elegant when she wears them, but they have a touch of the youthful and mischievous as well - so it's a perfect combination.
Linda, my girlfriend, loved them and couldn't stop complimenting me on my wonderful choice of jewelry!
They're really high quality and they look every bit as stunning as I imagined they would be.
I appreciate well made jewelry and I absolutely adore wearing jewelry that's cleverly designed.
I thought we'd take it easy on the anniversary gifts and instead do something low key to celebrate one year.
That's why I was so happy when I saw the price for this pair of earrings - finally, a gorgeous pair of diamond danglers I can actually afford! My wedding dressing had a high neckline, so I couldn't really wear a necklace with it, and I needed a different piece of jewelry to add some more glitter to my ootfit.
However, when I took a closer look at the earrings I found that the overall aesthetic was elegant and classy, that the diamonds were beautifully shaped and set and that the earrings looked tasteful and luxurious. So I found that Diamond covered studs are the perfect solution for turning your everyday studs to evening wear jewelry. I feel like a movie star when I'm wearing the earrings, Couldn't have asked for a better product! I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the huge selection and I was confused about the different types of earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. That's why it was so important for me to get her jewelry she'd love, and that she'd want to wear. My husband offered to buy me the same pair to replace the others, and we were picking them out together out of Zoara's online catalog, when I saw these diamond studs and it was love at first sight! That's why, when it came to my engagement, I knew I didn't want an engagement ring and that I would never wear it. The customer service rep was so nice and the delivery came right on time - a totally excellent experience!
I bought her these earirngs for mother's day since I knew she wouldn't go for birthstone jewelry which was a customary mother's day gift.

I'm happy to say that they just arrived this morning via courier, and I couldn't feel more satisfied with them!
I let my fiance know that I preferred that he not get me an engagement ring or a wedding band.
And the earrings themselves are of amazing quality, especially considering the great price. They're a wonderful pair of earrings, and I'm sure anyone else will feel exactly the same way. I was very conflicted about the purchase so I thought I might be able to get some help from customer support. Incidentally, we had gotten engaged a month before my birthday, and so on my birthday I got a sparkly surprise. I pretended that the mouse pad was just a sneak preview at what I was really planning to get him - and that night I went out and bought him a new laptop computer. Plus, I can get a lot more wear out of them than the taffeta marshmellow i walked down the aisle in. Ever since then, I've been a very happy costumer and I always boast about Zoara to all my friends. I rang them up and shared my concerns and hesitates with the nice sales woman who answered. Apparently, he had decided to get me a pair of dangling diamond earrings as a birthday and engagement present. He figured since I didn't want to wear a ring he would get me something equally gorgeous and sentimental as an alternative diamond engagement ring. I wore them to my husband's office Christmas party and I his colleagues didn't stop complementing me on them all night. She thought that the design was very classy and age-appropriate and that the diamonds looked phenomenal.

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