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Before fitting you with hearing aids – or determining whether you need them at all – hearing professionals must determine the type and severity of your hearing loss.
Conductive hearing loss occurs in the outer and middle ear, when the transmission of sound vibrations is prevented from reaching the inner ear.
Sensorineural hearing loss, occurs in the inner ear (D), when sound vibrations are unable to be converted into electrical signals that the brain can process. Conductive hearing loss is a problem in the outer or middle ear that prevents sound from reaching the inner ear. Sensorineural hearing loss originates in the inner ear, where the hair cells of the Cochlea become damaged or missing.
What information is on an audiogram and what does it mean for the person’s hearing ability? The amount (or degree) of hearing loss a person experiences is based on hearing sensitivity.
The degree of hearing loss is expressed by the difference between a person’s threshold and the average threshold for people with normal sensitivity. The graph to the left represents a blank audiogram illustrates the degrees of hearing loss listed above. With the advancement of medical science over the last few decades, one would think that we would be abe to explain the reasons for each individual's hearing loss, unfortunately this is not the case.
Conductive Hearing Loss occurs when there is a problem in the outer ear or the middle ear, such as ear wax, fluid behind the eardrum, or middle ear infection. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.

This can happen due to wax build-up (A), fluid behind the eardrum (B), or a hole in the eardrum (C). It can destroy your quality of life, personal relationships, and health…but knowing the facts will help you act before the damage is overwhelming.
To enhance your browsing experience, please upgrade to a more current browser such as Firefox, Safari or update to Internet Explorer 9. In order to determine a person’s degree of hearing loss, their hearing thresholds must be determined. For example, persons with mild hearing loss have thresholds that are 25 to 40 dB higher than the thresholds for those with normal hearing when tested using different at several frequencies.
Frequency is plotted at the top of the graph, ranging from low frequencies(250 Hz) on the left to high frequencies (8000 Hz) on the right. Almost half are under the age of 65 and 54% of the population over the age of 65 suffer from hearing loss. Many times this type of hearing loss may be corrected by medical or surgical treatments.Symptoms of Hearing Loss.
Hearing thresholds are defined as the lowest level sound that can be heard 50% of the time.
The list below outlines different hearing loss thresholds as they are determined in relation to an individual with a normal hearing threshold.
In the audiogram below, hearing thresholds for the right ear are represented by red circles and thresholds for the left ear are represented by the blue X. Hearing loss is the third most common medical condition in our adult population, following only high blood pressure and arthritis.

With this type of hearing loss the hair cells in the inner ear (Cochlea) have become damaged or less effective. If you recognize any of the following symptoms of hearing loss, please contact one of our offices or your personal physician to have your hearing professionally evaluated. In the right ear, this person has normal hearing in the lower pitches indicated by a red circle corresponding to 15 dB at 250 Hz and 20 dB at 500 Hz. On average, once a person determines that they have a hearing loss, they wait over seven years before seeking assistance.The impact of a hearing loss can be far reaching and involve many aspects of one's life. During a diagnostic hearing evaluation the threshold is measured at different frequencies (or Hertz, Hz) in each ear. Hearing impaired individuals may have difficulty localizing sounds, understanding speech in busy environments, and participating in everyday normal conversations. This can lead to social isolation, confusion, frustration, tension, anger, stress and depression. Recent studies also indicate that untreated hearing loss negatively affects one's overall health, quality of life and happiness.Causes of Adult Hearing Loss.

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