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Though the blue whale produces the loudest noise of any individual animal in the sea or on land, the loudest natural noise of all is made by shrimps.
The sound of the "shrimp layer" is the only natural noise that can white out a submarine's sonar, deafening the operators through their headphones.
The noise of the collected shrimps amounts to an earsplitting 246 decibels, which even adjusting for the fact that sound travels five times faster in water, equates to about 160 decibels in air; considerably louder than a jet taking off (140 dB) or the human threshold of pain. The noise is caused by trillions of shrimps snapping their single oversized claw all at once. No, the loudest noise comes from the electric fan of the air-conditioning unit, cooling the supremely comfortable soft leather seat upon which you are sitting.
But we already know that the LS is a supremely refined car; the V8-powered 460 offering a kind of hushed gentleman’s club luxury. The beautifully appointed cabin (the 600h only comes in one, top-level trim that includes a leather-covered dash) is familiar, as is the silence as you set off under electric power, but the combination of the two is quite something. Body roll is well contained in the short-wheelbase car, which has highly effective active anti-roll bars, but your chauffeur won’t be able to get away with such tricks in the long-wheelbase machine, which isn’t so equipped. Then again, you may need to add a chauffeur’s salary on top, for while it’s surprisingly engaging to drive, the best place to be is the back, especially if you get the long-wheelbase car with its optional individual ‘ottoman’ chairs. They’ll even give you a fabulous back massage, which should ease the pain from all that patting yourself on the back for being so green.
SmokeyCan you imagine talking on the phone or watching a movie, only to be interrupted because your cat was purring too loudly? If a Navy jet ever crashes and hypoxia is found to be the cause, it will likely be a matter of criminal negligence. A quick reading of the emails also reveals an unprecedented level of intimidation by Pentagon-level officials, of FWS field biologists.
The emails show the Navy trying to force the FWS to shrink its definition of harm by eliminating both temporary hearing loss caused by explosives, and behavior changes of all kinds, from the standards for measuring harm.
It’s obvious even to tourists that the increase in Navy activity in our Northwest waters, public lands, and skies is huge.
The NWTT EIS is still open because the Navy has not been able to sign a final Record of Decision (ROD) due to the fact that the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s endangered species consultation is still not finished, seven months after publication of the EIS. An active-duty Navy pilot confided that fuel dumping incidents occur more often than the public realizes; they happen about once a month. Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary extends well into to offshore waters; the Navy is exempted from many prohibitions that protect marine species. The problem with Level A harassment is in documenting injuries or deaths; frequent mass strandings have occurred days after naval activity in an area, but in nearly every case the Navy disavows being the cause. The West Coast Action Alliance noticed some discrepancies among the Letters of Authorization (LOA) issued by NOAA to the Navy for takes; for example, more than 133,000 takes for bottlenose dolphins off the Northern California-Oregon-Washington coast were not listed in the LOA for the Northwest Training and Testing EIS – they were in the LOA for Hawaii-Southern California. When you consider, for example, that the best estimate for the number of gray whales in the eastern North Pacific is 21,000, and that they migrate up and down the West Coast from Alaska to Mexico, but that the numbers of takes allowed to the Navy in the areas of the Pacific where gray whales might be found is 62,550, it becomes clear that multiple harassment incidents to the same animals throughout their range are not only anticipated but allowed. The WCAA also found it interesting and disturbing that neither sonar, bombing, explosives, nor any military activity whatsoever is included on NOAA’s list of threats caused by human impacts. Takes by species: If you add up all the Navy’s takes of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions for these four regions of the North Pacific for a 5-year period, it is nearly 12 million. Click here to see the take numbers broken down by individual species and regions, but you might want to be sitting down, it’s a horrifying picture. It’s also clear that when it comes to wildlife, the Navy distributes lethality very, very well. April 13, 2016 – UPDATED with email from a Navy pilot April 19 (below) – What is going on here?
Recently we were upbraided by an elected official for not signing our names to the emails we send, or signing these posts.
We have documented the abuse with screen shots and narrative, posted it, and reported it to the Navy command, but to no avail. One of many nasty responses to people who speak out, this one to Seattle Weekly reporter Dan Person after a March 1, 2016 article.
Trolls that included several active duty pilots jumped on a public Facebook page and intimidated public comments with their sarcasm and abusive language.
I personally reported the abuse to the base commander and public affairs officer at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island more than a year ago, but received no reply. So, lack of any reply whatsoever from our two silent Senators, on any of the letters we have sent, none of which have been unreasonable, is doubly disturbing. It’s not unpatriotic to ask your government to follow the law and to respect the citizens who pay dearly for their equipment and salaries. Also, the public should be aware that the Navy has sued Kitsap County to try to prevent it from releasing emergency plans in the event of a radiological accident. According to an article in the Kitsap Sun, “In January, Glen Milner asked Kitsap County Emergency Management for records regarding potential consequences of a radiological accident at the submarine base and planned responses to it. The ringing silence from our Congressional delegation (with the exception of some tepid protest from Rep. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) recently spoke up in a Senate Appropriations hearing on behalf of concerns about Army combat helicopter landings in wilderness areas of the North Cascades and southwest Washington.  She specifically asked the Army if they are following all the laws and working with local stakeholders. The Acknowledgements page of this report reads like a roll call for Washington’s elected officials and staffers at the local, state, and national level, plus defense industry executives and military lobbyists, both retired and active duty. Of course, lavish spending, waste and outright ripoffs by the defense industry are nothing new.
This report represents some of the underpinnings for what’s been called an Economic Club in Washington.

While the Washington Military Alliance charter says membership is “inclusive,” not one member listed represents the viewpoint of people who question unlimited military spending and encroachment into non-military lands and waters.
The State is supposed to invest local monies in the local community, in health and public safety, and to return what’s not spent in the form of lower taxes.
Here is a paragraph from that report: “The State should also initiate the formation of a working group that would investigate the establishment of Public-Private Partnerships that would focus on needed infrastructure upgrades at the bases that would ultimately benefit all participants. In other words, the military wants to put States on the hook to pay for upgrades to military bases and the infrastructure around military bases. Here’s another paragraph from the report: “The State should also consider amending the Public Records Act to exempt sensitive military base analysis information that pertains to specific base recommendations.
With largesse like that as our infrastructure and education and social safety net systems crumble, why wouldn’t the Navy continue full speed ahead, as if the loud opposition from ordinary people like us doesn’t matter?
In separate actions, the Navy saw to it last year that a Washington State Senator who happens to also be a naval reserve officer introduced a bill to gut the State’s environmental protection law, or SEPA. A nonpartisan foundation found that between 2007 and 2012, America’s most politically active corporations spent a combined $5.8 billion lobbying Congress and contributing to congressional campaigns.
So why bother with a hybrid version - after all, if you were really interested in saving the planet, would you really be wafting about in a massive luxury saloon? And if you’re a captain of industry who needs to try to appear green but still has to be whisked from board meeting to airport without skipping a minute’s work, the LS is the only choice.
Its V8 is a bored out version of the 460’s motor, but instead of that car’s eight-speed auto there’s a kind of continuously variable transmission in line with the electric motor.
The switch in power is all but imperceptible, and acceleration comes in one seamlessly linear surge. Should you enter a corner too briskly, it responds well, with less understeer than might be expected.
A few weeks ago we met Stewie, the world's longest domestic cat, and recently I had the opportunity to get the scoop on Smokey, another extraordinary feline who currently holds the Guinness Record for having world's loudest PURR! But read the comments, some are from pilots who add perspective, including the fact that the problem is decades old and the new, less reliable oxygen delivery system replaced the old reliable one because it made maintenance cheaper. Must the citizens who already pay for the Pentagon’s $600 billion dollar budget also have to sue them to keep them honest? This does not include any other ranges such as the Electronic Warfare Range on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.
15, 2014) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Stethem (DDG 63) fires a Harpoon missile during a sinking exercise as part of Valiant Shield 2014. They do not allow federal wildlife agency experts aboard their ships because of security concerns about civilians; however, civilian fitness instructors are found on many Navy ships. For every 10-decibel increase, the intensity of the noise increases by a factor of ten; therefore, a 115-decibel noise, which is roughly what a Growler jet makes when passing overhead at altitude of 1000 feet, is a thousand times louder than the 85-decibel threshold for human hearing damage. Since the Navy is positioning its ships in whale migration routes and feeding areas without regard to peak times of use for the animals, it means the animals will continue to work harder and to lose weight if they can’t find enough to eat, which is already exacerbated by climate change and decreasing abundance of their food.
Low-level passes have been common by both countries since the beginning of the cold war in 1946.
Derek Kilmer) as well as other elected officials in our region, has been completely puzzling. Monitoring does little, and supporting the military does not have to mean unquestioning acceptance of them bringing combat testing and training into our lives in ways that disrupt our communities, harm our health, or damage wildlife and our tourism-based economy.
For that she and deserves our thanks, but also a question:  Why haven’t you asked the Navy the same question? In 2012, a report – a blueprint, really – was published for the State of Washington by three Washington DC lobby firms. The report thanked them all for “dozens of meetings, conference calls and briefings with more than 150 people.” It recommended that the State formalize the then-informal Washington Military Alliance as a Governor’s advisory board with a strategy and a competitive grant program. Or its effect on the environment. When you look at their news stories, it becomes clear that what we have here is basically a hybrid government-endorsed SuperPAC for the military and defense industry in Washington State, paid for by us. A quick glance at this short report from the Connecticut General Assembly shows some of the enormous amounts, and it is likely that communities across the nation that are not near military bases suffer disproportionately when it comes to maintaining and improving their infrastructures. The rationale is based on not sharing this “competition sensitive” information with bases in other states that have similar missions.
The Navy wants the State to amend a law that lets citizens learn what the government they pay for is doing, not because of national security, but for competitive business advantage?
In return for this, they received $4.4 trillion in taxpayer dollars, which was more than the entire Social Security payout for 50 million citizens over the same period. It is possibly the reason for concern that has caused an unprecedented delay in completing the Biological Opinion (and the take permit that accompanies it) that the Navy wanted last September. The West Coast Action Alliance examined the Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) and the Letters of Authorization  for incidental takes of marine mammals issued by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service.
Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act  there are two classifications, called Level A and Level B. Since 30 large whales washed up on Alaskan beaches last summer in what NOAA called an “Unusual Mortality Event,” and since it was during the time Navy ships were up there conducting “Operation Northern Edge” sonar and bombing exercises, and since every single dead whale was also emaciated, one has to wonder who in their right mind wouldn’t take steps to reduce harassment of already-stressed animals.
The fibers, said the study, were predicted to be deposited in the nose, mouth, or trachea and either swallowed or expelled.
We don’t know, but the omission certainly helped to reduce the appearance of large numbers of marine mammal takes in the NWTT area. When it became known to Navy personnel and their supporters that I had been asked to write the Port Townsend City Council’s comment letter on an EIS last year, and when the contents of that comment letter became public, the threats and abusive behavior escalated. I’m also verging on being a little old lady, and to see people who raise reasonable questions being targeted like this is scary.

If they did, why would they have endorsed it on behalf of their constituents who had no idea such massive plans for militarizing the region were coming? The number of States that are funding military base construction has increased significantly. And we are talking about billions going into funding bases from state government; infrastructure, roads, commissions, on and on. Of the top 37 US contractors, all but 4 are defense, and development of new weaponry takes priority.
Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force participated in the sinking exercise of the ex-USS Fresno.
Curious, we looked at the LOAs for four EISs done in four regions of the North Pacific: the Gulf of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest coast, Hawaii-Southern California, and the Marianas Islands. Or is it another ploy to alarm an already alarmed population, for the purpose of goading us into more spending? The military as business partner is the new model. President Eisenhower’s famous farewell address of January 17, 1961 could not have been more explicit or have found a starker example. How old is she, and how did she come into your life?Smokey is a rehomed rescue cat and we are her 8th home. Humanity already knows ways to kill itself a thousand times over, but preventable jet crashes should not be one of them.
These numbers apply only to the coastal waters of Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Southeast Alaska, as well as inland waters including the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. If a marine mammal that relies on echolocation to find food can’t hear, it has to work harder to feed itself. At a distance of 300 miles away from the source, underwater noise can still be 140 decibels. Western Washington constituents have called, pleaded, and sent our government tens of thousands of letters and a petition with more than 120,000 signatures. Risking taxpayer ire is easier than the risk of base closure, because bases are now regarded as “big commercial enterprises” too.
She has been in our family for around 3 years and we believe that she is now aged around 12 years old, but as she has no pedigree papers we can only give an age estimate.
Because it was dismissed by the military: “I have difficulty believing that two Russian pilots, on their own, would choose to take such an action,” Col. Sounds like the Navy better do some serious disavowing soon, or come clean on what really happened. A study on the increases in metabolism in bottlenose dolphins showed that after the animals had to work harder to find food or be heard, it took another 7 minutes per episode for oxygen consumption to return to normal levels.
Adam Smith went on record saying he’s looking for opportunities to give the military even more money than the $609 billion they asked for this year.  The graph below, in which military spending has surpassed all other spending combined, tells part of the tale.
We believe Smokey to be a British Shorthair and Persian mix.When did you first realize she was different from other cats?Smokey came from a rehoming animal shelter called NANNA located near Northampton in England.
That translates eventually to starvation if they cannot find enough food to make up the difference.
When we collected her we were told about a few of her previous adventures and homes but details were all very vague.We had previously had outdoor farm cats around the farm and Smokey and Sooty were going to be our first house based cats for my children, Amy and Jordan. As we were not used to having cats living in the house, and we knew that Smokey's purring was very loud but did not realise how unusual it was until visiting friends started to comment when she would start to drone out conversation with her happy humming.In February this year a friend who volunteers for the Northampton branch of the UK national feline charity Cats Protection called around to ride out my daughter's pony with myself. Whilst riding I asked her what was happening in the cat world, and she told me all about the problems in trying to get the public to spay and neuter their cats. I suggested that as my cat had a very loud purr, it may be fun to hold a phone-in purr competition on the local BBC Radio Northampton radio station, and this would draw attention to the important spaying and neutering message.From this very local idea, within a week Smokey's very loud purring was featured in every UK National Newspaper, and the TV Crews and radio interviews soon followed. The media all wanted to know was Smokey the loudest purring cat on the planet, and I was persuaded to apply for the Guinness World Record for Purring. This is louder than normal conversation and similar to a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, or lawn mower. She does however have a very loose tummy which almost swings and sweeps the floor as she walks like a skirt or brush. When she purrs this loose tummy bellows in and out dramatically like an accordion so you can almost see the purring as well as hear it.Smokey The Very Loud Purring CatWhat's up next for Smokey?
Is it true that she has a book coming out?Smokey has written her autobiography Smokey the very Loud Purring Cat by Smokey and Ruth Adams. The book includes newspaper articles, illustrations from myself and lots of colour photographs.
The book is amusing and covers Smokey's former homes (fictional part) and being discovered by the media and her two Guinness World Records attempts.The book has been reviewed by Larry the Cat from Number 10 Downing street, and has a forward written by the RSPCA.
There is also a chapter written by Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief of Guinness World Records, including other amazing animal records.Smokey has made several public appearances and is at the moment the star attraction at the UK National Pet show LovePets.
She has a few more Television shows lined up, and may be appearing on the Guinness World Records show in the future.How does she feel about her newfound fame? She is fatter from all the bribes of strips of ham I give her to purr and she now thinks that every time the telephone rings she should purr very loudly as she thinks it's time to purr for an interview and ham time. I am a lot poorer, and try and hide the mounting costs from my husband, but this has all been a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, real roller-coaster of experiences. Some days yes, as it has totally taken over my life for the last six months with constant media interviews and work on the book, and had this not happened I would have been none the wiser and carried on with life as usual.***Special thanks to Ruth for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share Smokey's story with us!

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