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I'm chatting with Comedy Central comic Demetri Martin about humor and the convo quickly turns to: Artful one-liners. I'm speaking with filmmaker Ken Burns about Mark Twain and the interview rapidly slides toward: Folksy one-liners.
I call to catch up with an ol' journo colleague and we soon are discussing a newsroom department's penchant for quoting, yes, one-liners. Then, I read "Get Fuzzy" and am yet again impressed by Darby Conley's gift for dialogue peppered with one-liners. There is something about the lone perfectly turned phrase -- a pithy punch of monologue -- that can charm an ear from most any culture. With all those artful phrases ringing in my ears, Comic Riffs asks you the Burning Question o' the Day: What are some of your favorite one-liners from comic strips?

Many 'Riffs readers have been fascinated by the visual storytelling in "9 Chickweed Lane," as Amos and Edda make, um, beautiful music together. It's worth noting that creator Brooke McEldowney has written that a similar December cartoon paid homage to THIS early 20th-century painting, by artist FranA§ois Xavier Prinet. For me it tends to run to lines I can use in my day to day life when average everyday expressions just wona€™t do.
Come in, sit down and put your feet up as we celebrate, contemplate, eviscerate and pontificate on cartoons.

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