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So Alison Wonderland (pretty cool name too), and EDM artist from Australia, releases her brand new Calm Down EP. Anyways, Ganz is a producer I just stumbled upon yesterday, and this guy makes banging music. Last year as an OWSLA intern Durante came out with a few jams, that really stood out for me.
To start off the year, Solidisco releases their first track under Ultra Records, and dang, is it impressive.
Because of the adversity we faced, we are now a family that is quickly growing not only in population, but also in breadth of knowledge about that one thing that keeps us all together. Throughout all of our blood here at NYSH, runs a current of pitches and emotions that intertwines with thought and reasoning, which creates in us the peace that only music can foster. Our goal is to share that peace with you, so scroll through these pages and expose yourself to some of the best music the world has to offer. Scientists have long known that the brain not only receives signals from the ears, but can also talk back to them. Frisina and colleagues published evidence in 2002 that the dimmer switch effectiveness declines with age. Balance differences between ears may also contribute to the lack of ability to hear in background noise.

Being aware of noise levels in certain environments may allow you to make better decisions as to where and how to conduct meetings etc.
If you suspect you have a hearing problem an indicator may be increased reluctance to conduct conversations in noisy environments. The standard hearing aid microphone is sensitive to sounds from all directions (omni-directional). Directional microphones can reduce the level of noise coming from the side or behind the users making conversations easier with people directly in front of you. Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
And when there's too much noise, this dimmer-switch brain circuitry tells the ears to reduce their flow of signals to the brain. The drop-off showed up in middle-aged people (ages 38 to 52) and was even worse in people past age 62. The only way to cope is through a great deal of concentration and a fair amount of guesswork.
Aids that incorporate directional microphones are designed to pick up sounds coming from in front of the listener better than they pick up sounds coming from other directions. Suppression algorithms are used to reduce volume (gain) in frequency bands where the noise level is estimated to exceed the speech level.

This may be one reason people with hearing loss tend to withdraw - or find they get tired easily in noisy environments. The new Bluetooth 4.0 Everest Elite 100s will cost $200 in the US when they arrive in "early 2016" (UK pricing and release date TBC). The top feature is adjustable noise cancellation, which is similar to the variable noise-cancellation used in Parrota€™s excellent line of Zik headphones. To recap, a€?activea€? noise cancelling headphones work by using tiny microphones to listen to the roar of the outside world and then creating inverse sound waves to cancel it out.
The NXTGen ANC tech, as JBL calls it, allows you to use a phone app to adjust just how much of the outside world you want to hear. You know, for a little situational awareness so you dona€™t get hit by a bus while crossing the street. Yes, these are powered headphones, which is why you need that nerdy neckband attachment to hold the 6-hour battery pack, the Bluetooth radio, and an amplifier.

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