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His evil spirit now roams through the forest, whistling at those unlucky enough to cross his path.
Legend has it that there was a young Catholic nun, named Sister Bernadette, who had just taken her vows in Spain. The room was covered from floor to ceiling in blood, and Sister Bernadette was nowhere to be found.
Officially, she was listed as having been killed by a wild animal, but the old nuns knew what had happened to her. Another story involves a 14-year old girl whose father was working as an English teacher in a small village in the Peruvian rainforest.
The teacher returned home to find his daughter standing at the window, whistling a strange tune. The young girl was terrified as she watched her father get down on his knees and start lighting candles. The next morning, the girl was found by one of the villagers who was investigating the damage to the house. READ ,READ ,READ!!!!!!i heard it today with my m8 when coming down a passage with lots of branches covering us and when we made it to the bottom of the passage (ally) we heard a whistle but know one was behind us ,when i was running a dog barked and went mad at me when it is always kind and silent ,then me and my m8 came in mine and looked out the window to see if someone was behind us and no one was .As soon as we went out we heard a bigger and longer whistle ,my m8 kept saying “who is it? THANK GOD I FORGOT TO WHISTLE 3 YEARS AGO, NW WHEN I TRY TO WHISTLE, A FART NOISE COMES OUT LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, if Hollywood ever decides to produce “Police Academy: Walrus SWAT,” they have their star.
Fake Hurricane Sandy photos flew around Twitter and Facebook on Monday, as users shared jaw-dropping images. We've gathered up five "Hurricane Sandy" photographs that have spread on the social web, but weren't actually taken during the massive storm. Both sites, created by social discovery site SocialPlex, allow users to dress up Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as various characters. There seems to be a craze for reimagining top logos and since this is Halloween, why not rethink them for a zombie apocalypse, right? Assuming that event were to come to pass, here's what your neighborhood Starbucks and the gas station down the street might look like, as envisioned by artist Ben Fellowes.
Yes, crashed Windows OS, we know the New York City subway system was unable to restart after Hurricane Sandy. After Sandy ravaged the East Coast Monday evening, the subway system in New York City was left crippled. Dear Photograph, a popular nostalgia blog showcasing photos within photos, gave its visitors a terrifying surprise Wednesday: The Walking Dead-inspired posts.
Dear Photograph creator Taylor Jones told Mashable he teamed up with FOX International Channels on the Halloween Day images, which folks at The Walking Dead created for their international ad campaign.
Henrywood, who carried out the research as part of his engineering degree, and his supervisor, Dr Anurag Agarwal, were able to show how sound is created inside a kettle as the a€?flowa€™ of steam comes up the spout. A basic kettle whistle consists of two plates, positioned close together, forming a cavity.

Their results showed that, above a particular flow speed, the sound itself is produced by small vortices A? regions of swirling flow A? which at certain frequencies can produce noise.
Their results showed that, above a particular flow speed, the sound itself is produced by small vortices - regions of swirling flow - which at certain frequencies can produce noise.
The researchers also found, however, that kettles will whistle below the flow-rate at which the vortices emerge.
ADDED NOTE: It is best to replace the entire Oil Filter housing and the pvc hose as the filter housing can build up with sludge and mess up your engine. This video applies to the 2.4L 5 cylinder engine found on the following cars but usually the newer cars have redesigned oil filter housings and pvc hoses.
This is just the hose and most likely the earlier models will need the redesigned Oil Filter Housing as it was re-designed a few times. Stories about the evil spirit they call El Tunchi have been passed on from generation to generation in Peru. His whistling sound is high-pitched and as it goes on, it gets louder and louder until it is almost unbearable. She was sent to Peru as a missionary and joined a group of older nuns who had been living and doing charity work in a small village in the rainforest.
That night, the nuns gathered in the center of the village to say the rosary before going to bed. That same night, while they were all asleep, they heard a piercing scream coming from the room in which Sister Bernadette was staying. The local villagers had told them all about El Tunchi and the terrible fate that awaited anyone who answered its strange whistling call. One day, the girl was looking out the window when she spotted a dark shadow moving through the forest. She was crying and asking her father what was wrong, but all he would say was “El Tunchi! Theoretically, they couldn’t get through the door because of the broken key in the lock, so she was able to escape.
Unfortunately, the race to post the most striking pics has most folks skipping the all-important fact check. Not immune to inclement weather, the Windows-based display above the 77th Street subway stop seemed to have hit a snag as well.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. They were then able to pinpoint two separate mechanisms, which not only create the sound but specifically cause a kettle to whistle, rather than making the rushing noise a flow might create in other household items, such as a hairdryer. As steam comes up the kettlea€™s spout, it meets a hole at the start of the whistle, which is much narrower than the spout itself.
Just as the water begins to boil, they found an entirely different mechanism, which also makes a sound. From what I was told it can possibly cause head gaskets to pop or worse it can cause a lubrication issue and cause premature engine wear.

They say it is the ghost of a troubled man who wandered off, became lost and disoriented and died in the rainforest. But given his vocal range, maybe he should have been named after another classic star of the time, “Man of 10,000 Sound Effects” Michael Winslow. The websites Change4Obama and Change4Romney will keep voters entertained until the election.
Although the sound of a kettle is understood to be caused by vibrations made by the build-up of steam trying to escape, scientists have been trying for decades to understand what it is about this process that makes sound.
This contracts the flow of steam as it enters the whistle and creates a jet of steam passing through it.
The difference was that the tone at this stage was fixed at one frequency.a€?The fixed frequency was intriguing and not something that we had expected to see,a€™ said Henrywood. Most distressing of all was the look of unimaginable horror that remained frozen on her face. The girl was adopted by her aunt and uncle and even today, she still sleeps inside a locked closet at night. Henrywood and Agarwal started by making a series of slightly simplified kettle whistles, then tested these in a rig, in which air was forced through them at various speeds and the sound they produced was recorded.
The steam jet is naturally unstable, like the jet of water from a garden hose that starts to break into droplets after it has travelled a certain distance. This allowed them to plot the frequency and amplitude of the sound, and the data was then analysed, allowing them to identify trends. As a result, by the time it reaches the end of the whistle, the jet of steam is no longer a pure column, but slightly disturbed.
The air just inside the neck is bouncing up and down - the air in the main body of the bottle being compressed and released each time like a spring.
If you whistle back, El Tunchi will come for you and kill you in the most hideous way imaginable. These instabilities cannot escape perfectly from the whistle and as they hit the second whistle wall, they form a small pressure pulse.
For the kettle, the spring is the air inside the whistle, while the air within the whistle opening reverberates like the air in the neck of a bottle.
These vortices produce sound waves, creating the comforting noise that before a forthcoming cup of tea. Because our study enables us to assess the mechanisms in action, we can potentially make modifications to stop the noise - if we want to.a€™Henrywood and Agarwal are now working on a project to make quieter high-speed hand-dryers, by looking at how the jet of air released by these devices creates noise. Henrywood and Agarwal also explain why this effect makes a whistle, rather than another noise, by showing that the mechanism is similar to that seen in an organ pipe or flute. A specific frequency dominates among the sound waves because the note is determined by the size and shape of the opening, and the length of the spout.

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