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Tags: GSA Sound Masking, sound masking, sound masking emitter, sound masking machine, white noise, White noise machine, White Noise System GSA. This for pack comes with 16′ Cat-5 Connection Cables needed for the systems operation and daisy chain connection. This enclosure is used for mounting the Qt Emitter into ceilings in regions requiring conduit mounting. The emitter shall be provided with internal logic to automatically sequence 4 channels of mutually incoherent masking sound generators when connected with standard CAT type cables. Sound Masking-White Noise is owned by Haverford Systems a Authorize Cambridge Sound Management Reseller. White noise is a sound containing blend of all the audible frequencies distributed equally over the range of the frequency band.
Adjustable emitters allow users to reduce the volume level of an individual emitter by up to 9 dB in 3 dB decrements. These “smart” emitters deliver 4 incoherent audio channels making the Qt system the best sound masking system on the market. Input and output receptacles shall be standard RJ45 quick connect network type with positive locking. Soundscreen™ White Noise Machine helps eliminate or greatly reduce the effects of unwanted distracting noise by creating the sound of white noise.
White noise is analogous to white light which contains all the colors of the rainbow together.

Although typical plenum masking systems may appear to exhibit fair uniformity as measured by A-weighted sound pressure level, their variation within the critical speech bands far exceeds that routinely provided by the Qt Quiet Technology sound masking system. The spatial and spectral uniformity delivered by the Qt Quiet Technology soundmasking system permits its operation at substantially lower sound levels than competitive systems whilemaintaining masking effectiveness.
A common issue in many offices is that the above-ceiling air plenum is common to both open and closed offices or conference rooms.
The adjustable emitter is appropriate for individual spot adjustments, or creating micro zones down to 100 square feet (9.3 m2) of space.
A twist-and-lock mounting ring shall be provided for quick and secure mounting in ceiling materials.
Direct field technology means the spectrum is not distorted by the strongly frequency dependent acoustical transmission loss characteristics of the ceiling assembly or the acoustical spatial variance in the above-ceiling plenum space.
While many masking systems must be operated at 48-50 dBA in awelldesigned open plan office in order to provide acceptable privacy conditions for most occupants, the Qt Quiet Technology sound masking system is normally operated at 45 dBA under the same conditions.A frequent comment by users experienced with plenum masking systems is that the Qt Quiet Technologysound masking system “is not loud enough” to provide good speech privacy. For reasons of economy the separating walls often do not extend more that an inch or two above the suspended acoustical tile ceiling. These “smart” emitters deliver four uncorrelated audio channels, which provide uniform, unobtrusive sound masking.
The enclosure shall provide a secondary attachment for a security cable where required by local authorities.
Sound masking is set one to three decibels above conversational speech, rendering discussions unintelligible to those outside the immediate area.

Yet objective comparative standard measurements of the Articulation Index* clearly demonstrate it is at least as effective as louder plenum based systems.
When masking is delivered to the open area at an appropriate level, sound in the closed office typically builds up to excessive levels, even if there are no masking loudspeakers above it. This feature, along with plug and play installation and easy configuration capability, make Qt™ systems the most intelligently engineered and most effective sound masking systems on the market today. The random sound produced is non-directional and harmoniously uniform, and the masking level can be adjusted to suit a variety of conditions and privacy requirements. Use 1 per office or cubicle to increase speech intelligibility and listening in office environments. With Qt Quiet Technology, the masking sound intended for the open office is entirely restricted to the open area. Soundscreen™ White Noise Machine has a very sleek durable plastic housing suitable for travel or use in home or office.

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