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MassArt jewellery retail and wholesale shop and website has an vast collection of handmade silver jewellery. Enter your message here, then click a€?Senda€? button to send to the contact person of this company.
This entry was tagged Beijing Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou Cosmetics Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Dried Seafood Market, Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Taikang Road, Haizhu Square, Jiefang Road Shoes Wholesale Market, Taikang Plaza, Taikang Plaza Jewelry Market, Yangzhong Accessories Wholesale Market. Would you help in finding a wholesale market of ladies costume jewelry market in Beijing where the shopper is given a bicycle to travel around and shop. One of the most exclusive handmade, fairly trades and contemporaty silver 925 jewellery collections online, from earrings to silver necklaces and silver rings, designer bracelets and silver watches including handcrafted jewellery and gemstones. There is a fantastic wealth of designers who design and make their own handmade silver jewellery range.
Its uniqueness and quality is reflected in its price but people are more prepared now than ever to pay that price for individuality, for individual high quanlity handmade silver jewellery.

111 Taikang Road, enjoys convenient transportation with Beijing Pedestrian Street in the north, Huilong Road in the west and is adjacent to metro line 2 Haizhu square. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Taikang Plaza is a bustling business center, attracting a great flow of visitors everyday with lots of stores, hotels, wholesale markets, etc. As an individuall craftsman and trained jewellery designer producing producing special and unique handmade silver jewellery.
Huaxia hotel, Guangzhou hotel in the neighborhood offer convenient accommodation after a hectic day visiting the nearby markets covering Haiyin Binfen Plaza, Yiyuan Accessories Market, Beijing Pedestrian Street, Taikang Building Material Market, Onelink Toys&Gifts Plaza, Guangzhou Dried Seafood Market, Jiefang Road Shoes Wholesale Market, etc.
It proudly houses Taikang Plaza Jewelry Market(also known as Yangzhong Accessories Wholesale Market), Xingyun Building Seafood Restaurant, Changtai Chess Entertainment Center, etc. Its products cover diverse species including jewellery, headgear, boutonniere, belts, necklace, bracelet, hats, leggings, phone accessories, etc.

Its products are dispatched to more than 30 provinces, Macau, Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, East Europe, Middle East, etc.
Each day it draws about 10,000 visitors and each year the deals reach more than 100 million yuan.
Most of the products at Taikang Plaza Jewelry Market are of middle or low quality at cheap price.

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