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One piece of the equation was to bring trekking poles, which was the one thing I could think of to maybe be more successful than last time. I met my resupply crew on the summit of Mt Democrat, 14,148′, at dawn, exactly as planned. It all seemed very “Sound Of Music” for a while, on the easy terrain around Traver, McNamee and Clinton.
After the scrum on Atlantic, I decided to end at Peak 10, which is the full length of the continuous ridge above 13K, but not the whole way to Frisco. This entry was posted in Trip Report and tagged Mosquito Traverse, Peter Bakwin by Peter Bakwin. But navigating in 20’ visibility by looking at a tiny arrow on your GPS which supposedly is pointing to the next summit SUCKS. And, the poles seemed to be working, sparing my legs on the wobbly rocks and providing a little extra power on the relentless climbs.

Things went more stout on us after Wheeler, but we scrambled through to Fletcher without incident. I certainly retained the ability to continue, but that would have meant finishing at 2AM which I felt was asking too much of my excellent support crew (as it was, Buzz signed up for 7 hours and got 14), and would be pushing the envelope for myself since I would be doing the tricky traverse between Peaks 4 and 3 in the dark of my second night out. The shells help protect these animals’ soft bodies from dangers such as parasites, sharp objects, heavyfooted animals, and especially from animals that would try to eat them.
Fortunately, before I reached Dyer Mountain the fog had largely lifted and I was back on track.
As I scrambled forward under peaceful skies and a full moon, made brighter by being me staying entirely above 13,000′, I contemplated writing a book called “The Delicate Art of Hiking on Shitty Rocks”.
I was eager to show Buzz my clever sneak around the gendarmes on the Fletcher – Atlantic ridge. We traversed one rock rib and gully after another, negotiating miserably tricky downclimbs on steep rock so unstable, a simple handhold could bury you under tons of rubble.

A shell grows as the surface of the mollusk’s body secretes a chemical that contains calcium, the same element that makes bones hard. I don’t see how I can do it better.” So, why one year later, was I sitting alone on top of Gemini Peak in a total friggin’ whiteout at midnight?
As an added precaution, there being much more snow in this year than in 2010, I grabbed a pair of Microspikes, and grabbed Buzz, who I had enlisted to accompany me through the technical crux of the route, from Democrat to Peak 10. The calcium helps form the hard shell, and when the mollusk dies, the shell is left behind. Doing big projects in the mountains is one thing; getting yourself and your friends into dangerous situations is another thing entirely, and not something I make a habit of.

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