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We may seem to be largely different from each other, but humans have nearly everything in common, including roughly 98% of our DNA.
The age-old question of why we get the hiccups, or "hiccoughs" as you could also spell it, is still a medical mystery. It probably comes as no surprise that burping, or belching, is the release of extra gasses in the body. Whether you call it flatulence, passing wind or, most commonly of course, farting, you're probably familiar with what it's like when the bubble guts strike at the wrong time - like at the beginning of a meeting at work.
A cough is a natural reflex that functions to clear the airways of irritants such as smoke or pollen. One interesting thing about clearing your throat is that it can be a behavioral issue: the more you clear your throat, the more you feel the need to clear your throat. People sigh for all sorts of reasons - frustration, longing, sadness - and people often don't even realize they're doing it.
Sneezing, which originates in the nerves, can be caused by a number of triggers from sunlight to sex, and can send some 100,000 germs flying at around 100 miles per hour. Some people will crack their knuckles, back, or more intentionally as a habit, but you can't always control when a joint will pop.
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. However, the weird rumbling noises that always happen at just the wrong moment are actually caused by our digestive process; as our muscles contract to send food through the digestive system, some air and gasses get pushed along with it, and every so often, we hear the air or gasses pass through as the growling noise. However, while it is unknown why exactly we sometimes experience these involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, we do know this: the longest case of the hiccups lasted for 68 years! Much like burping, passing wind is the release of excess gasses that have built up in the digestive system. Snoring is also more likely to occur when drinking alcohol before bed, taking sedatives, or sleeping on your back.
Coughing is generally a good thing, since it clears you airways and allows you to breathe more easily. And although the sensation can be caused by irritants in the back of the throat or factors such as allergies, there's often nothing actually there.

However, researchers have recently proposed that we sigh as a "reset", to help regulate our breathing. Sneezing is a body mechanism used to remove irritants from your nose, and contrary to popular belief, does not cause your heart to stop. The popping could be caused by a tendon sticking in your joint, air bubbles being released in the joint, or just an odd movement you made. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? It tends to be louder when our stomachs are empty because there's no food to cushion the noise, but it can happen at anytime. The sometimes-foul smell is likely from sulfur, which results when food isn't broken down properly or completely. Although there are hundreds of products available to help "cure" snoring, next time you're awake at 3 a.m. Fun fact about coughing: it produces a gust of wind about 300 miles per hour - stronger than most hurricanes! So while it can have underlying causes (like asthma), it's still possible that the need to clear your throat is all in your head. This theory is supported by the fact that breathing patterns change just before and after a sigh, and after sighing, people tend to feel better. If you're trying to control the sudden sounds, eat more small meals rather than few large meals: more cushion over more time. Even walking around with your mouth open allows gases like carbon dioxide into your body, and these gases have to get out somehow! Festival and concert goers are probably familiar with a bit of ringing for a while after the event.

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