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In Wii Sports, Matt acts as your trainer in Boxing for all the training as well as the champion in Boxing and a competitor in Tennis and Baseball. In Tennis he has a very low skill level, as he appears in the very first match when the players starts, his partner is often Miyu if you lose the first match in Tennis Matt's partner will be Miyu again or Abby.
Matt is the only CPU to be the champion of more than one sport, and the only one to be a champion in both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.
He has the top ranking for Clover Hunt, having completed all 30 stages with 5 seconds left. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. Alongside the ubiquitous Mario and Luigi, the roster also includes Toad, Donkey Kong, Rosalina, Wario, Yoshi and other Nintendo favourites, with more characters to be unlocked by completing various tasks or accumulating coins. Jumping into Mega Battle mode, initial impressions are favourable as the familiar figures move fluidly across the court, grabbing mega mushrooms which super-size your chosen racquet-bearer. Bonus pads pop up around the court, each with a specific button instruction in order to perform various power moves, peaking with the titular Ultra Smash, a mighty shot that proves almost impossible to return. Several other play modes try to provide variation, including Classic Tennis which strips away the power-ups and super size characters, and Mega Ball Rally mode where players aim to rack up the longest number of consecutive shots using an oversized ball. One of the more welcome features is accessed via Amiibo compatibility, using a similar implementation to Smash Bros., this time training a companion as your doubles partner. Unfortunately, for all these diversions, there’s not much in the way of true variation, with no attempt at any kind of story mode. There's not even a token attempt at contextualising the action in this edition, unlike the N64 equivalent or the Pixar-style bloopers reel at the end of Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube.
It’s a shame because Nintendo titles are usually associated with a high standard of polish, but underneath the familiar sheen there's a serious lack of personality here. I was thrilled to hear that an all new (read: not a port) Top Spin is coming to Wii in Spring 2008. The intuitive pick-up-and-play action in Top Spin Tennis allows gamers to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers in a way that matches the movements players would make on a real court. Not to mention the digital movement for a tennis game would be less than optimal, but honestly I am more worried about the hand cramps and finger distortion, it just wouldn’t be comfortable. The Top Spin controls are exactly what I pictured a more advance version of Wii Sports tennis would be. I like the idea of using only the remote, but I think the dpad is just too high up on the controller.

Yeah, having your hand way up on the d-pad would be very uncomfortable for a game where you swing the remote around. I find the D-pad to be in a really awkward position when holding the Wiimote with one hand. An analogue stick will have you running all over the place and will feel very unlike real tennis. Hitting a D-Pad to move while swinging a certain way and speed to me would be the equivalent to patting your head and making a circle motion on my belly. Blake, i see where you are comming from, a tennis player myself, and i agree with you, i wish it could be controlled with one hand, but the wiimote layout isnt right for it. PartNumber: CONSO-850016837-FBAThe intec Tennis Racket for Wii Remote features shock absorbing foam. PartNumber: 708056076597Get your accessories for Wii sports that includes the bat, golf club and tennis racket.
The EA100 3-in-1 sports Kit for Wii gives you everything you need to play some of your favorite sports games.
An initially plain selection of clay and grass courts soon give way to those with familiar Mario themes - ice, sand, carpet - which are also hidden behind coin collection targets. Crowds of Shy Guys and Koopas bounce energetically, forming crowd mosaics that celebrate the winner of each match.
Other chance shots include the all-new jump shot, the lob, and a cheeky slice that leaves the ball with so little bounce that most opponents will have little chance of reaching it. This is fun for a while as you level them up with skills by playing matches with your digital ally, until you realise that once the Amiibo reaches a certain level of competence, there’s not much left for you to do except stand there and watch as they confidently dispatch the other contestants. The spectacular courts from Mario Tennis Open are absent as even the special courts are enclosed in the same generic stadium.
Not quite a double fault, but Lakitu still might want to check his Hawk-Eye next time Nintendo fail to hit an ace. The Nunchuk controls the player and aim, while the vibration-enabled Wii Remote hits the ball like a tennis racquet and determines the style of shot ranging from a top spin move to a slice. The following control scheme (brilliantly engineered by yours truly) using a single Wii remote is how it really should be done.
You still need another button to perform various other tasks, assuming B allows you to hit a lob shot or something similar. So, with the help of GlovePIE, and Mario Tennis 64 (emulated), I set the controls up exactly as the Top Spin controls have been announced.

It comes equipped with a tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club, steering wheel, clear remote cover, and Wrist Strap.
Wszystkie specjalne ataki sA… bardzo A?artobliwe i nie majA… wiele wspólnego z prawdziwym tenisem. Mistrzostwa (Tournament) oferujA… natomiast róA?ne postacie, korty i inne turnieje do odblokowania. Sound design is also uncharacteristically lacklustre with forgettable music and poor voiceovers.
The lightweight material assures that these accessories wont be a heavy burden on your arms, allowing you to enjoy lengthier playing sessions without tiring as quickly. Each attachment gives a realistic feel of swinging a bat, racket or golf club when you swing your wiki remote. He is also the Pro Class champion in Swordplay. If you defeat Matt in Duel mode you unlock the purple sword. The only problem (which eventually made it unplayable) was that a swing of the wii remote translated to a press of a button on the N64 controller.
The user friendly snap-in handle design snaps securely into place and youre ready to rally! Located at the base of the detachable handle is a compartment that is designed for the Wii remote control (with or without Wii MotionPlus adapter connected) to fit right into.
Now you can take your favorite tennis game to the next level with this custom Wii Remote Tennis Racket attachment. And, if you know anything about Mario Tennis, to initiate a power shot you hold down the button.
Each tennis extension is designed using soft and safe materials, making it fun and safe for the whole family. With the remote snugly secured, and your chosen attachment screwed onto the handle you can freely serve, swing, and steer to the action of your Wii game. The game kept thinking that an emphatic swing was me holding down the button… so it didnt work well for timing. Nade of high-grade durable material, this accessory is built to last, no matter how mant times you hit that cross-court passing shot.

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