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Il Ginkgo Biloba - nome scientifico Salisburia adiantifolia o Pterophyllus salisburiensis - appartiene alla famiglia delle Ginkgoaceae. Ginkgo biloba is taken orally and can be used in varied forms as tablets, capsules, liquid extracts and dried tea leaves which can be consumed similar to tea. Ginkgo biloba tea is easy to prepare and can be prepared with other herb tea for maximum benefit.
Migraines affect more than 36 million Americans – that’s nearly one out of every ten people!
Our state of health mostly depends on how well we look after our bodies, and it’s very important our diet includes good, healthy fruit and healthy drinks. Do we ever pay any attention to the most important and busiest organ of our body, “Brain”, May be Not.
About the Brand: Zenith Nutrition provides Scientifically Advanced Nutritional Supplements.
It is vitally important to us to strike a balance between traditional medicine and modern science making us a unique dietary supplement company that can offer traditional herbal supplements, as well as those that are backed by science. GBE may enhance blood circulation to the brain, which may promote mental alertness, clarity and concentration. Although the Ginkgo tree has been around for many millions of years, it has only been during the last few decades that its true value has been recognized.
Increasing amounts of evidence show that gingko may indeed help to relieve cerebral insufficiency, which is defined as a decrease in blood supply to the brain.
Packaging: Zenith Nutrition Ginkgo Biloba Capsules comes in a white colored plastic bottle with screw lids and are sealed with a silver foil. It can help in brain related conditions like memory loss, Headache, vertigo, depression and more especially in older people who doesn’t much respond to antidepressants.
It also helps in fighting Vision problems in people with diabetes and Leg pain when walking due to poor blood flow.
Other than that this Ginkgo Biloba extracted from Ginkgo Tree’s leaves is rich in flavonoid and antioxidants which again help in maintain good health by fighting the free radical damage and preventing cancer.
I like these capsules are Vegetarian and are free from Sugar, Lactose, Flavour, Salt, Gluten, Color, Fish and other preservatives so they are safe for someone who is prone to allergies as well. Disclaimer: These products are not intented to diagnose, treat, cure  or prevent any disease. E un albero molto resistente: alcuni esemplari sono sopravvissuti anche alle radiazioni di Hiroshima.

Scientifically controlled double blind tests have shown that ginkgo biloba increases blood circulation to the brain, thereby improving the oxygen content of brain tissue and cells. Exceeding a daily dose of 240 mg of the dried extract may result in restlessness, diarrhea, and mild gastrointestinal disorders. If you are using ginkgo biloba tea to enhance memory, you can use it with other memory-enhancing herbs such as sage, rosemary and gotu kola. Ginkgo biloba tea is an exciting, natural and healthy alternative beverage to your usual cup of tea every morning. I feel Brain is like “Mom” who is super busy taking care of the family and no one even thinks if she can be unwell as well. Zenith Nutrition’s complete line of nutritional products includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates and amino acids.The Company utilizes its industry leading capabilities to produce superior research based formulations that optimize the nutritional value and performance for its customers.
GBE also promotes delivery of oxygen and glucose to nerve cells, for nervous system support. Antioxidants protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radical (unstable) molecules in the body. Among it medicinal uses ginkgo biloba shows most promise as a circulatory aid, helping to increase blood flow to the brain which may be useful for memory loss, vertigo, tinnitus, disorientation, headaches, and depression, especially in the elderly and the elderly not responding to antidepressant drugs. It has been here for millions of years but recently it has been found out that Ginkgo Biloba can help in improving blood circulation in the body. Ginkgo Biloba has shown some evidence in relieving Cerebral inefficiency (decrease in the brain’s blood supply). Fossil records indicate there were once many members of the group, with forests of ginkgo trees blanketing parts of the prehistoric world. Projecting this line of speculation back into evolutionary time, it seems likely that if dinosaurs were involved in the dispersal of Ginkgo seeds, then it was probably done by carrion feeding scavengers, with teeth adapted to tearing flesh ….
He has worked in a variety of roles from service industry management, academic libraries, and grant administration. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that flavonoids protect the nerves, heart muscle, blood vessels, and retina from damage. More oxygen to the brain means more clarity, increased ability to focus, increased attention span and a general feeling of being more awake. Those on anticoagulants should have their doctor adjust their dose or should avoid ginkgo in order to avoid over-thinning their blood and hemorrhaging. But for those who would love to take this herbal medicine in a cup of tea, ginkgo biloba tea is the best way for you.

Also you can prepare Ginkgo tea with ginkgo leaf, green tea and jasmine flowers.Ginkgo biloba tea could also be used with hawthorn and lemon balm herbs to promote proper circulation. The thing is, if they all knew this secret to curing and preventing these chronically severe headaches, that number would see a drastic reduction. And that’s the case with Brain who is busy maintaining all other body parts that it doesn’t let us think about his wellbeing. So, if there are conditions due to reduced blood flow in the body or the brain, this wonder help can really help.
The modern ginkgo is extremely similar to its ancestors and it looks structurally similar to fossils from 200 million years ago.
Il nome del genere Ginkgo deriverebbe dal cinese yin (argento) e xing (frutto), ovvero frutto d’argento.
Terpenoids (such as ginkgolides) improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of platelets.
Ginkgo should be avoided two days before and one to two weeks after surgery to avoid bleeding complications. To relieve stress and anxiety, especially those that involve mental stress, use oats and nettle with ginkgo biloba tea. Il nome della specie (Biloba) arriva, invece, dal latino bis e lobus, con riferimento alla divisione in due lobi delle foglie.
Il Ginkgo raggiunge un’altezza di 30-40 metri, con chioma larga fino a 9 metri, piramidale nelle giovani piante e ovale negli esemplari piu vecchi. La corteccia e liscia e di color argento nelle piante giovani, diventa di colore grigio-brunastro fino al marrone scuro e di tessitura fessurata negli esemplari maturi. Ancora oggi viene utilizzato, in Oriente e nel mondo occidentale, per curare diversi disturbi. Le proprieta terapeutiche sembrano essere dovute all’attivita antiossidante e antagonista del PAF, il cosiddetto “Fattore attivante le piastrine” (Platelet Activating Factor), oltre che dei flavonoidi e dei lattoni tripertenici (gingkolidi e bilobalidi).

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