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True Pathfinder is fast, but it still is a boxy suv and definetly wind noise will creep in at such high speeds, if its ok at 120-140, then i don't think there's any problem with stock sound insulation materials. 6.) Rear view cameras, gps, Bose System, Dual Zone AC, Auto Lights, lots of unwanted electronic feaures. 8.) After taking a high speed in turn in roundabout doesn't struggle to catch speed on straight line like supposedly sports cars.

10.) People will speak anything, but when you challenge them, ask them to do side by side test, they disappear.
I tried lots of things with my old Merc, including slapping on silicone grease on the doors seals and taping up gaps in my mirrors. Also, many tuning firms tested their SPORTS cars at 300 kph and the bonnet came open, but they had it tied down with special tie-downs.

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