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Learn how to make all of these great designs, with easy free step-by-step jewelry making instructions and my tips to make it fun and easy for you to make earrings.
Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
This pendant is also the perfect companion piece for the earrings in my Zen Spiral Hoop Earrings Tutorial! These are the exact wires I used for this project – 18-gauge copper and 16-gauge brass. Jewelry hammer (I used a ball-peen hammer so I could add a hammered texture to the copper spiral pendant).
I like to make pendant bails nice and big, so they can accommodate any size of cord or chain, plus one end of the clasp that will have to be threaded through the bail.
So, working on the wire end where you just made the bend, use the fat end of your round-nose pliers to shape a big circle. Using the fat end of your pliers, keep moving your pliers slightly along your wire, and keep curving your wire into an open spiral. Now lay the spiral part of your pendant on your steel jeweler’s block or other hammering surface. I haven’t used any patina or oxidizing on my pendants, although that would be a great look for them. Instead, I’ll leave them hanging out in the open air and let them acquire a nice amount of natural patina. These pendants make great gifts for guys and gals of any age – and I love them best on a leather or suede cord!
By the end of this online video class, you’ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails. You’ll also learn my tips for making wire jewelry more easily, with more professional looking results. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.
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These spiral wire earring jackets can quickly transform a plain pair of stud earrings into gorgeous dangle earrings.

The earring jacket has a wire loop at the top, which you slide onto the earring post behind the stud. Cup bur, jewelry file, or knife-sharpening stone – for smoothing and rounding your wire ends. Nylon, plastic, or rawhide hammer – for flattening and work-hardening your finished earring jackets. Then use your fingers to wrap your wire tightly around the mandrel, forming the wire into a circle.
The longer end of your wire should be toward the tips of your pliers, and the shorter wire end should be toward the jaws of your pliers. If you’re new to making open spirals, or have had trouble with them in the past, see my easy 3-minute video, How to Make an Open Wire Spiral. Start by using the tips of your round nose pliers to make a small hook in the longer end of the wire. Start by using the tips of your round nose pliers to make a small hook in the shorter end of the wire. You can wipe off any remaining Sharpie ink from your wire with a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a scrap of paper towel. By the end of this online video class, youa€™ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails.
Thanks for sharing, one can’t believe how easy it is to give some post earrings that extra wow-factor.
So, what is wire work jewelry anyway?   It goes by a few other names, such as wire wrapping and wire sculpture, but it’s all about using wire to make or enhance jewelry.
As I mentioned before, most people put wire wrapping and wire work in the same category.  Wire work jewelry can range from simple, like a wire wrapped clasp, to the very intricate that take hours (if not days) to create. The pendant I show on the right is made with wire work, but in this case, the wire is mostly hidden from view.  So wire work need not feature the wire. OK, so what about wire sculpture?  To my mind, wire sculpture means jewelry that features the wire as the main focus.  Beads or cabochons or charms might be included, but molding and sculpting the wire into curves or angles is what draws the eye.
My wonderful husband created this snazzy earring display for me to put my earring cards on.
It holds almost 30 pairs of earrings, and the cards sit in a little groove that is cut into the wood.

I’ve just posted the additional pic Melanie sent (above), showing a detailed view of her great earring display.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the nice compliments on my husband’s cool display idea. If your suggestion is adopted, you will get some additional presents, such as cash coupon, free gifts, discount code, etc. If you have specific questions about your orders, please contact Nbeads Customer Service or go to our Help Center.
I love wireworking (and the cuts, bruises and callouses to prove it…) At times, though, it seems I forget that less is more. With the winter snowbirds coming here from the North, these would be a great addition to my booth. I really enjoy this site with all its tutorials, suggestions, and all the artisans willing to share. I’m a studs kind of gal so this is something I would have fun wearing when looking for something different. I’m endlessly looking for the right earring display, what a great job you and your husband did together!
He is my hero in every way (that’s why I married him-one year ago today!!) It was very sweet of everyone to provide such positive feedback. This project was tied for most viewed links last week so I will be featuring it on my blog this weekend. I’m always interested in nice displays that are also quick to pack up and unpack, that has become so important to me.
Some people are so talented with thier hands and thier minds to make such things to help others.

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