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These earrings have been hand shaped and wire wrapped with sterling silver and some beautiful howlite drops. The instruction to create this earrings is now available for download in the above links, if you want to have a piece of this from Yael, it's ready for check out at Yael's Etsy store, Bridal and Weding section. For example, along with using it to make these Wire Coil Earrings, you can also use it to make jump rings.Just about any size and type of wire can be used to make these earrings. Wire sizes that you could use range from as thin as 22-gauge to as thick as 18 or 16-gauge. While you can purchase wood or metal dowels from jewelry supply vendors to help form wire, for these earrings you can simple use an ink pen or even just a pencil to form the coils of your wire. With chain-nosed pliers, grasp the last loop on the coil and bend it back so that it is sticking out away from the other coils on the wire component.

You will notice that at this point the wire on the end is already round, but to shape it a little more and close up the coil to form a loop, use round-nosed pliers to shape the end and close it into a loop of wire.
Again, similarly to what you did in step six, use round-nosed pliers to form the curled loop on the other end of the coil segment. They hang at 1.25 inches from the bottom of the lever back ear wires and are extremely light to wear. These dangling earrings in drop-shape are unique and enchanting, and most importantly - very eye catching. It is advisable to browse online for artisan handmade jewelry to search for your ultimate unique extraordinary jewelleries. For those pictured, I used 22-gauge round brass wire and I made the ear hooks using copper wire.

The fresh water pearls hung at the bottom of the design add a mystic touch to the earrings.
With your other hand, press the end of the wire against the center of the pen and start to wrap the wire around the pen.

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