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I woke up Tuesday morning and followed my usual routine of checking my phone for messages, emails, and then facebook. But as soon as I read the first status statement on my facebook feed I woke Nino up and put on CNN.
The events that took place in Boston while we were all fast asleep here in Manila brought back memories and feelings that quickly reminded me of September 11, 2001. Because it is still so fresh, I sat here  at my desk typing, and typing, and before I knew it I realized I was recapping the entire experience through my keyboard. On September 11th, my sister, Mary Jane, said that she had never seen New Yorkers behave the way they did when she and my Mom trekked off the island of Manhattan on foot.
Peter Breese writes and illustrates his own tribute to the Bostonians that were hurt and lost their lives. And to fight this fight…we all have to be a little more compassionate, empathetic, loving, open, accepting, and kind. DISCLAIMER: Most of there posts are majority SEXUAL so we would appreciate it if this blog makes you uncomfortable, leave and don't send us hate, we just delete it! My internship with the education non-profit OneGoal through Chicago Field Studies has not just gotten me out of the classroom. As I enter the second half of the quarter, I look forward to finding myself in more situations like the one I was in last Thursday.
As I go into week 6 of my internship, I am definitely confident that it was the best fit for me in continuing my professional development. Further, several of the projects that we have been assigned had takeaways that go far beyond the actual concrete goal of the project. I cannot even begin to describe how incredible my internship and field studies experience has been. The Chicago Field Studies Program allowed me to complete two internships this quarter, both as an editorial intern. After gaining the important understanding of the steps of the publishing process, as well as the distinction between editors and copy editors, I made an essential decision about my career path. As an intern at an education search firm, I am able to witness firsthand the role politics and issues pertaining to economic scarcity play in attracting and maintaining administrative talent in school districts across the nation. In addition to my internship, my in-class experience provides insight on a number of life topics. I check all of these things while the kids are still in bed, while Nino is fast asleep, and the house is still and quiet. I needed to move on from rehashing all the events of that day that my mom and sister endured as they walked the almost 80 blocks to get to safety across the GWB because that’s not what this post is about.
While the rest of my house slept, I crept out the door to catch the 6:15 am train to my office in River North. My visit to a CPS high school classroom forced me into an environment unlike any I had experienced on Northwestern’s campus. I work at a small for-profit office with three companies that primarily do educational consulting, national searches for superintendents and principals, and put on leadership academies for principals and superintendents. At the end of a project, we will often debrief about ways we can use what we learned in these projects as we continue in our own professional lives.
As an editorial intern, I was given a variety of tasks: organizing bookshelves, cold reading proofs and manuscripts, reading the Chicago Manual of Style, proofreading, checking revisions of cover copy, preparing files for copy editing, writing, making trips to the library, communicating queries with authors, fact checking, and much more. Through my academic courses at Northwestern, I have learned about a variety of models, theories, and frameworks used to examine public policy, business initiatives, and social injustice issues. Such practical knowledge will be useful to me later on, especially if I decide to go into education policy. I take this time for myself to get out of bed slowly, drink my coffee and catch up with my family and friends back home through the internet and What’s App.

I admired her for doing so, because I know I could never have committed myself to such a grueling race and the training that it requires. I can see things as if they just happened, and experience with the same intensity the feelings of helplessness, of patriotism, of fear, and pride in knowing that the American spirit can and will rise above the ugliness. Carrying each other’s bags when headed in the same direction, and the load was too much to bear. I teach them that no one is any different, that no one is any less or any more…I teach them that we are all connected.
There, I met up with a colleague and we drove to the South Side where we walked into ACE Tech, a Chicago Public High School, just as the first bell was ringing to start the day.
Thus, my goal with this internship was to get a new perspective on the educational world and explore future potential job opportunities.
For example, in helping my bosses search for the best people to recommend to their client districts for education positions, I’ve learned a lot about how to make my resume stand out in a crowd of candidates. Though some tasks were easier or more exciting than others, through their completion, I discovered a significant distinction. The fundamentals of that dream have not changed; I still greatly enjoy and appreciate the editorial role.
However, until my civic engagement course, I have never had a class that fully combined academic study with real-world applications. MB also decided that running this race was not just going to be for herself, but instead she would also run for a charity.
It was surreal then…and although years have passed, wounds may have healed, and memorials have been built, the sting of it cannot be forgotten.
I want to flee with my children to a place that is safe and free from any terrorist threats, but I know that such a place might not even exist. It was one of the rare occasions when he actually could talk on the phone, and i was too stupid to actually be there. As I stood in a high school entirely different from the one I had attended, I looked around and saw unfamiliar people and an unfamiliar place. It puts boundaries on the extent of our learning, limiting us to the people and places and professors that are familiar.
I make cold calls to teachers I’ve never met, come up with strategies for tackling difficult problems and take ownership of important work that is affecting people other than myself. Additionally, I wanted the opportunity to work in a more corporate, for-profit setting since they are pretty rare in the field of education. My bosses are truly invested in teaching me lessons about the real world, which can sometimes seem harsh, but ultimately will prove very useful for me as I seek to find where I belong in the education industry.
While the job roles of editors and copy editors frequently overlap, editors are responsible for writing, reviewing, and editing authors’ works and other materials. Nevertheless, I have decided that my personality and strengths are also extremely well-suited to copy editing, which unveils even more opportunities for my future. College Bound Dorchester helps send kids to school that can’t afford to attend on their own. And then I had a thought: this was some of the most challenging, interesting, exciting learning I had done in a long time. It’s a new kind of learning; it’s not analyzing political theory or doing problem sets, but it’s difficult in its own way. I very much look forward to all of the additional professional lessons that the rest of my internship brings. Copy editors, on the other hand, check for errors in copy, alignment of copy to various standards, fact check, and often suggest pertinent revisions. If Chicago Field Studies did not allow me to complete two internships at once, I’m not sure I would have acquired this life lesson before graduating.

Their passion for community engagement and social change is contagious, and I could not be more thankful to spend my Tuesday evenings with a group of socially-minded intellectuals like them. She had been raising money for months, and together with her three other team mates, they raised money for their cause. He was in Havana, Cuba and he hadn’t been able to use a phone, computer or skype there. I’m grateful for this new kind of difficult because it’s already making me a more adventurous, capable, experienced student and person.
This distinction between the two jobs may seem obvious on paper, but it is only through actively participating in the publishing process that one truly understands the minute differences.
I was relieved to figure out that she was ok, that she was safe, and reunited with her husband Scott, who was diverted en route to the finish line. They continued to do that for some time after the attack on the Twin Towers, because it changed New York.
I look forward several more weeks of exciting growth through my internship and the amazing benefits that I am sure will stay with me afterward.
I feel as though I have been given the opportunity to make important decisions and that my opinion is valued. My internship presents new challenges and requires me to practice new skills that I have never before been able to cultivate in a classroom setting.
I get into my pale blue mini cooper and drive home, all the while thinking about how much i miss Josh and how good it would feel to be with him again. I actually awoke to the sound of my doorbell ringing, I didn’t have a clue who it could be but i guess i was just expecting the UPS driver but not who was actually there. Not a normal kiss, but one that really meant something, it was like our bodies morphed into one and everything around us fell apart and it was just us. He climbed ontop of me and kissed my neck, finding my sweet spot, causing a jolt of electricity to course through my blood.
He  kissed me all the way down to my breasts, and started nibbling and my already hard nipples. I moved my hand down to my clit and started rubbing generously, putting me close to an orgasm. What came to meet me was what i had secretly missed a lot, his 8 inch cock, hard and ready to go.
Before he could protest about what i was about to do, i took his entire length into my mouth, sucking on the masterpiece. I started bobbing up and down, sticking to a fast pace rhythm and making my mouth tight on his cock.
When they did express themselves, i felt complete.Before we both knew it i was climbing on top of him, not letting him catch his breath, and started pumping my womanhood onto his member. I started of slow, rolling my hips on his pelvis and then i started going faster as i bucked my hips, causing his cock to hit my g-spot every time. I could tell Josh was liking it by the way the sweat was glistening on his face and he was liking those gorgeous lips.I started to get tired, and josh could tell, so he started pumping into me with all of his might. With Just one more pump it was over the two of us were screaming in ecstasy each others names, as we rode out our highs in scycrisity.
When we finally calmed down, Josh pulled out of me and took me in his arms and brushed a piece of hair out of my eye.

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