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Tinnitus is the perception of a€?phantom soundsa€? in the ear or head, rather than sounds coming from an external source. If you are experiencing tinnitus in one ear only, without wax build-up, we strongly recommended that you see an audiologist as soon as possible, for possible referral to a specialist.
Have a trial of a hearing aid to find out if it may help a€“ in the majority of cases, if you have hearing loss, while you wear a correctly-programmed hearing aid, you may not even notice the tinnitus. Tinnitus is usually accompanied by hearing loss, and sometimes accompanied by loudness hyperacusis (when moderately loud sounds are perceived as very loud). Counseling: Counseling can be beneficial with thoughts and emotions, hearing, sleep and concentration. Sound Therapy: Many tinnitus sufferers report that the presence of background sound reduces the prominence or the loudness of their tinnitus.
We also include free batteries and supplies for one year after the fitting of your hearing aid. Financing OptionsAt The Hearing Solution, we want to accommodate a variety of financing options making it easy for you to receive the care and hearing assistance products you need. The buzzing, clicking, and whining sounds associated with tinnitus may be related to hearing loss and a reintroduction of sound through a hearing aid is just one of the ways a hearing aid can help to manage symptoms. Some of today's hearing aids are designed with features specifically focused on helping to mask symptoms of tinnitus. Not only do hearing aids increase an ability to hear which distracts from tinnitus, but some hearing aids even have built in programs for dealing with the annoying noises of tinnitus. Some research suggests that tinnitus comes from the brain misfiring due to hearing loss, so delivering sound through a hearing aid to overcome the phantom noise of tinnitus can also help retrain the brain.

A study reported on in an article on Medical Hear-it states, “tinnitus is not only the effect of obstruction or damage in the ear, but the result of the brain unsuccessfully trying to repair itself.” The theory that is beginning to emerge is that replacing the false sound with real sound retrains the brain and brings relief. Prior studies have shown hearing aids can reinvigorating parts of the brain and can help relieve stress by making it easier to communicate, but tinnitus isn't only the result of hearing loss.
It can also make it more difficult to get back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. There is no pill or surgery that has been shown to eliminate tinnitus in scientific studies that have been replicated and accepted by the healthcare community.
One example of this approach is Tinnitus Activities Treatment, which includes individualized collaborative counseling in each of these areas. If you or someone you know suffers from tinnitus, we urge you to contact our clinic today to schedule your evaluation – (916) 646-2471. This allows you to test the hearing aids by wearing them in your own listening environment to determine for yourself if they make a significant improvement in your ability to understand your family and friends! It has been described by people as a nagging buzzing, whistling, whining, or screeching noise in head or ears. The reintroduction of sound through a hearing aid helps to masks the annoying noises of tinnitus, as well as making it easier for people to hear. Widex's Menu is equipped with Relax ZEN a patented fractal based technology that generates soothing sounds to aid in relaxation and relief from tinnitus. Tinnitus can also come from ototoxicity, poor nutrition, and can be a symptom of Meniere’s disease or Acoustic Neuroma, so it’s important to visit an audiologist to uncover the cause of tinnitus and get the best personalized treatment. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

Sometimes a medication can cause tinnitus, and stopping or changing medications can eliminate the tinnitus (check with whoever prescribed the medication). The "loudness" of this noise, which has no actual sound source, can be high or low, constant or it can come and go. Widex makes other hearing aids with this helpful program including Mind, available in various styles and price ranges.
Tinnitus can originate in the middle ear (behind the eardrum) or in the sensorineural auditory system. Because tinnitus can be a symptom of a more serious disorder, it is important to have an appropriate health evaluation, from an audiologist or physician. Some tinnitus sufferers describe the noise as being as piercing and sharp as the signal used in the emergency broadcast system.
The presence of sound seems to distract from the sound of tinnitus, but it has also been suggested that it can help to heal tinnitus. Additionally, wearable maskers or sound generators are available that produce a ‘shhh’ noise (these can also be combined with hearing aids). The use of hearing aids improves communication, reduces the stress associated with intensive listening, and also can partially mask the tinnitus.

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