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Author: admin, 15.12.2013
If you work or manage people in a loud, commercial environment, it is critical to protect your hearing and avoid hearing damage of your employees. Research has shown that eight hours of exposure to any noise at or above 85 decibels a day could cause gradual hearing loss or hearing damage.
Your employees need to be protected with quality and reliable industrial ear plugs that have a significant noise reduction ratings (NRR), promising certain decibel reduction of noise.  Industrial ear plugs enable you to determine the amount of noise (in decibels) to reduce from the noise level in your work area.
For example, if your work environment exudes a noise level of 100 decibel, an industrial ear plug with NRR of 30 decibel will be able to reduce level of noise to 70 decibel to the wearer. As a responsible employer, getting industrial ear plugs for your employees is morally appropriate but it may also be a legal compliance practice.
For superior and reliability-proven industrial ear plugs, HEAROS has been the trusted partner to many responsible employers for decades. Ultimately, HEAROS’ industrial disposable foam ear plugs are specially designed to promise comfort for your employees, and allow them to work and concentrate better at a noisy environment. As the established brand in the market, HEAROS’ ear plugs are available in more than 50,000 stores worldwide. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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Intense loud sounds damage the hair cells in the inner ear (cochlea) and this if often a permanent nerve hearing loss. The Doctor of Audiology is the most qualified and experienced hearing healthcare provider to test and care for your noise induced hearing loss.
Every Friend or Family member referred will receive a $250 Coupon toward the purchase of their Hearing Instruments.

Friends or Family members referred will receive a $250 coupon toward purchase of a set of Hearing Instruments.
Patient referring will receive an American Express or Visa Gift card when referring a Friend or Family member that purchases hearing instruments. Radians Deviator™ UF foam ear plugs feature a bell shape, sized to fit most average to larger adults, a high visibility color, and a very soft, low pressure design that offers a comfortable fit for all day or all night wear.
Working in partnership with several specialist manufacturers we provide the latest most dynamic solutions to all your hearing protection needs. We have briefly described each type of hearing protection we offer, and further information is available by contacting the practice and we will be happy to help you. We have a range of products including the Alpine range of ready made hearing protection for work, flying swimming, partying and sleeping. Custom Micro Monitor Classic ear pieces offer exceptional sound quality, response and reliability with the fit and comfort that only a custom-moulded earpieces can provide. Custom Micro Monitor Classic not only allow you to hear with clarity and crispness, when used properly they provide effective noise protection. Custom made solid noise plugs and filtered noise plugs are needed for those working in a noise level below 100dBa. Solid noise plugs completely block the ear and provide maximum protection against all sound.
For this reason, using industrial ear plugs can help protect your employees from noise-induced hearing loss, hypertension, cardiovascular problems or even sleep disturbances caused by long term exposure to damaging noise levels at their workplaces.
If your employees work full-time in a recording store, manufacturing facility utilizing machineries, road work environment, lawn-care environment, carpentry business, construction or cleaning work environment, chances are they are exposed to harmful noise levels for long period of time in a day if… they are not using industrial ear plugs. HEAROS has designed and developed a special NRR 33 earplug known as the Xtreme Protection Series foam ear plug.
The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) states that hearing protective devices should be worn in environments where loud noise levels, or duration of exposure is higher than the accepted limit, for instance, eight hours of exposure to 90 decibel of noise or more. When you refer a friend or family member with a hearing loss you will, in many cases, be changing their quality of thier life.

We want to thank all of our patients and their families for their trust and kind referrals.
Being anatomically moulded to the shape of the user’s ear these monitors help to eliminate feedback, lower on stage noise levels and reduce vocal fatigue. Each pair provides a good level of noise reduction, and come fitted with a soft ear canal tip for extra comfort and each pair provides approx 25dB of ambient noise reduction. The ER Electin range of hearing protection has been independently tested and conforms to all European Noise Regulations. Inside each filtered noise plugs is an acoustic filter for different noise environments which reduces overall level of  noise and prevents overprotection. Also, HEAROS offers bulk ear plugs of its super soft NRR 30 product, known as the Ultimate Soft Series. The main feature is that the ear pieces can be worn comfortably all day and as the filters improve speech intelligibility the ear pieces do not have to be taken out during conversation. Approximately 36 million Americans have hearing loss and 33% is related to exposure to noise. Martinetti, Board Certified Audiologist, will then prescribe the best custom hearing protection device that fits your individual needs. She uses them at school, church, amusement parks, museums, fireworks, and when I'm vacuuming.

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