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Author: admin, 31.10.2013
Developers of ‘the world’s first smart earring’ are hoping to raise over $30,000 on the Kickstarter crowd-funding website as part of a vision to "take fitness monitoring to the next level". With most fitness and activity tracking devices typically worn on the wrist, developers of the Ear-o-Smart earring believe the wearable electronics market is missing a trick. The Ear-o-Smart earring from Canadian start-up BioSensive Technologies connects to a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and monitors heart rate, calories, and activity level.
Like most fitness monitors, the Ear-o-Smart uses PPG (photoplethysmogram) technology to monitor pulse through blood flow in the skin. The earring, which uses a 1225 coin cell battery, incorporates three stacked PCBs (printed circuit boards) one over the other.

Earlier this week, an Israeli developer of bio-sensing technology unveiled the LifeBEAM Bluetooth smart hat and visor, which can monitor heart rate, calories and activity levels.
Recent HeadlinesUltramobiles are a glimmer of hope in a shrinking PC marketHow can enterprises streamline the migration of data? But according to BioSensive, ear-lobe based sensors provide better accuracy because of the quality of contact between the skin, as well as looking better than clunky wrist-monitors. With a diameter of 16mm, one PCB contains the coin cell battery, a second PCB contains components such as CC2541 Bluetooth data transfer and an antenna while the third PCB contains an AFE4400 heart rate monitor and sensors. BioSensive is hoping for pledges in return for Ear-o-Smart PCBs and access to video training modules in which investors can learn the basics on how to make their own hardware.

This $180 CAD kit which would include the Ear-o-Smart boards would definitely help geeks to take fitness monitoring to next level".

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