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Electronic ear plugs are a superior choice for any situation in which you need hearing protection AND situational awareness (the ability to hear what's going on around you - absolutely critical when using firearms or working around heavy machinery!).
That makes electronic plugs particularly excellent for hunters and shooters in the range or out in the field, for music educators and musicians of all ages, and for industrial workers both on the factory floor and operating heavy machinery. Electronic ear plugs help you get exactly the protection you need from one moment to the next, without you ever needing to remove or fiddle with your ear plugs.
Natural hearing mode allows the user to hear what's going on around her just as if she were not wearing ear plugs at all (until a dangerous sound occurs).

The excellent situational awareness these plugs provide, combined with their smart hearing protection, make electronic ear plugs some of the best hearing all-around safety equipment available today.
Amplification mode actually makes safe sounds such as voices, game sound, your range instructor's commands, or bird song from that tree across the field louder, playing the amplified sounds through tiny speakers in your ears. Electronic ear plugs really are in a class of their own.Hunting Hearing AidsIn-ear hunting hearing aids are available in behind the ear or in the canal models.
These devices amplify sound so you can hear better, but they automatically limit the volume to a safe level when a dangerously loud sound comes in contact.Electronic Communications Ear PlugsMaintain communications in high-noise environments without ever having to remove your hearing protection, for superior all-around safety and situational awareness.

Choose from face-to-face, two-way radio, or bluetooth communications capabilities to get the hearing protection you need while facilitating your critical communications clearly, even in the noisiest of industrial settings. Accordingly, we carry a number of hearing aid accessories to keep your in-ear devices clean and dry between uses.

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