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DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – A community came together to help provide specialized smoke alarms to a couple who is hearing impaired.
Greg and Zelicia Andrews moved to Clearfield recently, and when a family friend called the local fire department to inquire about smoke detectors for those who are deaf the fire department helped out. John Taylor is the deputy fire chief and fire marshal of the North Davis Fire District, and he said this was a new experience for them. Mark Becraft is the fire chief of the North Davis Fire District, and he described the detectors. Fire officials took the search to the Wasatch Home Builders Association, which spread the story to various contractors in the area. The latest headlines, breaking news updates and information on new contests, right to your inbox! That's why it's important to understand that good jobs for people with disabilities are possible to find.
Did you know that a new section of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is now generating even more employment possibilities? And don't forget this: The Americans with Disabilities Act also includes a lot of protections from employment discrimination.
Many resources even exist to help employers understand what accommodations can be made for workers with various types of limitations.
You don't usually need to be very mobile to work in a medical office or hospital department. Handling financial matters as an accounting or bookkeeping specialist can be a great way to keep your mind engaged. In recent years, many pharmacies have become more open to providing jobs for disabled adults. If you live with a disability, then you have the potential to offer a lot of useful insights to companies and other organizations that want their brands, products, and services to connect with people like you. Why not help others who are trying to transcend their disabilities and find the right career? Commercial kitchens offer opportunities that are well-suited to both those who need routine as well as those who have a lot of inherent creativity.
Some people have shown that they can thrive by working behind the scenes at a television studio or radio station.
There's something about working with animals that can really draw out the very best in a person. People with conditions such as Asperger syndrome can flourish in a career that utilizes their ability for focused and intelligent problem solving—without having to be around too many other people.
And, like those with vision disabilities, people who have hearing disabilities have found career opportunities in just about every sector. Talented performers come in all varieties, but many deaf people have proven that they have the skills and charm to excel in areas like acting and show production. This option is good for anyone who really enjoys focusing on something without a lot of distraction.
Whether it's biotechnology, chemistry, or something else, many people with hearing impairments have achieved incredibly meaningful careers in the sciences. This skilled trade can be truly enjoyable, especially if you're the type of person who has an extra keen eye for detail.

Many Americans are considered to be disabled if a condition like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia affects their ability to function in a job setting. If you fall under this category, you might thrive in careers where you get to work alone and don't necessarily have to socialize much with other people.
However, like many people with psychiatric or emotional conditions, you might actually do better in a more social setting. The electrical trade is often another good option for people with psychiatric disabilities. Just like cosmetology, this career offers the chance to benefit from using your hands as well as being social.
As someone living with your own challenges, you can provide a real human touch in this occupation. American Association of People with Disabilities, website last visited on January 27, 2015. American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities , website last visited on January 27, 2015. SurfLink Media Streaming Solution$380Provides patients with the first set-and-forget media streaming solution. Adam Smart, who owns Mister Electric, came forward to donate and install the alarm system in the family’s home to make it ADA compliant.
The law is designed to ensure that everyone is able to be involved in their communities, and that includes those who envision working while disabled. For instance, the Job Accommodation Network publishes a comprehensive alphabetical listing of that information. You just need to find the people and organizations who will support your enthusiasm and self-determination.
So as you explore what your future might hold, take some time to look into the many career options you may not have considered before.
But they are just ideas based on what other people with disabilities have been able to accomplish. And keep in mind that some of the ideas in each disability category may also work for people who fall under one or more of the other categories. Regardless of whether your impairment is a result of a congenital defect, accidental injury, or something like a neuromuscular disease, it may be possible for you to build a satisfying vocational life.
And many employers in this industry value having people on staff who understand what some of their patients might be going through. With the wisdom drawn from your own experiences, you can do a world of good as an occupational guidance counselor to disabled students and adults. Some intellectually disabled adults have had success learning to work equipment like bulldozers and backhoes. So if you love dogs, cats, and other critters, then this might be an excellent option for you. Maybe you fit that profile and will go on to become something like a video game programmer or mobile software developer. As a person who is blind or has impaired vision, you can bring your distinctive insights to the classroom or playground, which can challenge students' imaginations and inspire them to grow. Plus, you may find your niche in providing legal assistance to clients who live with a disability and want a professional they can easily relate to.

And that could mean you have a talent just waiting to be used for recording, editing, or mixing songs and sound. Yet, a lot of people with such disabilities are capable of having successful careers, especially if they find therapies or medications that work for them. It sounds a bit counterintuitive, but getting to closely interact with other people in a structured environment each day can be healing. As an engineer or technician in this field, you may get to work with fascinating electrical circuits in a neutral setting. Plus, the physical aspect of this trade can benefit your sense of well-being since it places a lot of focus on your hands instead of on what's happening in your mind. It is physical in nature, but it also very interesting and can allow you to work alone or with only a few other people. After all, many of the world's most creative artists and animators have succeeded in spite of their psychiatric conditions.
Plus, this social career offers a lot of positive interpersonal interactions while also allowing you to put your creativity to good use. And you can be sure that just about all of your clients are going to be happy to see you since you provide a service they really look forward to. In fact, many dental hygienists absolutely love their jobs since they get to meet a lot of different people but also get to use a lot of interesting technical skills.
It's a career option that involves helping all kinds of injured, recovering, or physically disabled people achieve greater mobility or range of motion.
The sight of Shikhar Dhawan holding two young kids in his arms was quite a sight at the select gathering.HIGCP seeks to help the impaired girls by giving them the state-of-the-art cochlear implant with the surgery costing about Rs 8 lakh and importantly, free of cost. When paired with Starkey wireless hearing aids, ita€™s everything youa€™ll need to talk on the phone, enjoy TV, music, and so much more.
This discreet, lightweight microphone can be worn by a conversation partner to aid patients in one-on-one conversations or settings with multiple speakers. The government, healthcare, technology, and financial sectors, in particular, are increasingly becoming more welcoming to those who live with physical or mental challenges. With this kind of resource at your fingertips, you can be more open about your impairments. Plus, some pharmaceutical companies also offer opportunities in sales to outgoing people who have disabilities and experience taking certain medications.
Example careers that can provide such an opportunity include areas like computer support, medical transcription, graphic design, writing, and web development. If so, you can turn your unique way of seeing the world into a fun career in the visual arts. Maybe you're the kind of person who would benefit from making your creativity come to life every day. But they do represent some very interesting jobs for the disabled among us who deal with conditions like Down syndrome or autism spectrum disorders.
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