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Author: admin, 22.04.2015
It has been a few years and overall my ear is better but from time to time it still gets a minor full feeling.
Repeated exposure to loud noise and even a one-time exposure to loud noise can damage the delicate, sound-sensitive hair cells in your inner ear. Turn down the volume on headphones: By directing sound into your ear, headphones can produce levels loud enough to damage your hearing. Muffle the sound: Noise can be damaging if you have to raise your voice to be heard by someone an arm’s length away. Have your hearing tested: If you’re frequently around loud noise, have your hearing checked annually.
Noise-induced hearing loss most often results in permanent damage which cannot be treated medically.

Wear hearing protection (foam or silicone plugs or muffs) when around loud equipment such as a lawn mower, power saw or leaf blower.
Check with your employer regarding federal noise regulations if you are exposed to loud noise at work.
Avoid medications that can be dangerous to your hearing a€“ ask a physician about possible ototoxic effects. It seems to be triggered by loud noise such as a noisy environment, or by listening to headphones for too long. Prevention tips as well as a chart outlining decibel levels of everyday sounds are included. Continued excessive exposure often results in decreased sensitivity to other types of sound, eventually impacting speech understanding.

My hearing tests were normal and the ENT doesn't know what it is, guessing maybe nerve damage. I am going to try going into an elevator and some of these things to gently try to push things along and see if this helps-thank you for the tip.

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