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The key to the backhand is rotation, the more torque you create, the more racquet head speed you generate. Take your Tennis Fitness Resistance Band and loop it around a post- you can use the net post or a light post. The band should be between your hip and shoulder level – you can mix up the positioning to simulate hitting the ball at various heights. Take a couple steps back to keep the band taught – the band should have tension on it the whole time.
Now hit your stroke – This is hard to do if you have a loop in your stroke, so for this exercise you might take out the loop. This fitness for tennis exercise will get your heart rate up and improve the racquet head speed you generate on your backhand.

With Spring approaching, fitting into Spring and summer wardrobes, getting fit, and shedding winter pounds is quickly becoming the focus.
The backhand slice technique used in tennis is among the most commonly applied tennis hits in contemporary tennis.
Waterskis The first piece of equipment you need when you want to get started waterskiing is obviously a pair of waterskis.
Whether you are a professional waterskier or a recreational waterskier, it is imperative for safety reasons that you have properly fitted and adjusted waterski bindings.
The origins of the sport date back to indigenous stickball games played by American Indians. For anyone who is looking on partaking in the game of baseball, one of the most important positions on the entire team is catcher.

If you feel that skateboarding is the right sport and hobby for you, there are so many ways to begin to play the game. If you want any chance of hitting a backhand like Rafa or Agassi then this backhand strengthening exercise should become part of your tennis fitness routine. Our goal is to keep our readers on our website and engaged in discussions related to sports.

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