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Pushing the innovation boundary today is ProSounds with their X-Pro low-profile in-ear multiple-setting ear-plug. The silicone ear traps are longer than expected, but due to the soft silicone are easily maneuvered within the ear to a comfortable position. The plugs were taken with me to testing at my local indoor range while I worked on T&E firearms also sent for review.
To that fumbling, the stem is generally easy to access, but once in the ear, the valve requires some force to push in, which can disturb the seal partially. During shooting, the plugs held up nicely and after a few hours of spirited firing, my ears were still comfortable and there was no extra ringing in them, outside my personal idiocy from the Mosin mentioned earlier. I have been a long-time user of the SureFire EP series ever since I was introduced to them by Scott Wilson at Surefire when they were first released. Looking at the two offerings the SureFire is the easier to use versus the X-Pro as its flange is built-in and noise reduction is instantaneous and does not require physical manipulation. On the comfort side, the SureFire is noticeably lower-profile, as it does not have the click-stem protruding from the base, but when left open, if the valve cover is not maneuvered to a comfortable spot, can be quite irritating.
The X-Pro does get a nod, as it can remove the ear retention piece and use just the plug if one does not like the feeling of the locking mechanism.
Comfortable, adjustable, and generally non annoying for a full day’s wear at the range or at work.
Even with the valve deactivated, its not quite full & natural sound, but it is functional.
While the tactile feeling of the button is much like a click-pen, there is no difference in the stem’s position when at either setting. One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry in weapon design, operations, and sales.
Sounds like the second generation product might be the one to get, but these seem to be worth the money. Thanks for the answer, I haven’t used anything other than the regular foam plugs and ear muffs. Also, I presume these expand faster so you don’t have to hold your ear for 30-60 seconds while waiting for them to seal? The one thing that got me in on the kickstarter and what I hate about surefire is the fact that they have a short lifespan .
I own multiple other holsters including Safariland options and this one works better for me. Crosman had previously produced only high quality, powerful pellet shooting air guns, and there was a degree of nervousness in the company about an association with what some people might see as more toy-like BB shooters. A commonly held view is that the earliest of these Crosman Wild West replicas are the best in terms of fit, finish and power. The sights on the original SAA are rudimentary and only visible when the hammer is cocked and they’re nicely replicated here.
Loading CO2 is simple – just loosen the thumb screw under the front of the barrel, insert the CO2 and tighten. The CO2 seating and firing valve in the Crosman Wild West replicas is an elegantly simple design. The hammer spring is a spring steel leaf which can be placed in three alternative positions to vary tension. The newer versions are more frugal with CO2, quieter and the Shiloh is certainly more accurate. I own and shoot all of these models and can only say that they are probably the most fun and satisfying air guns that you can find.
Most people probably don’t consider Bigfoot to be a real mystery at all, just a kind of woodland urban myth that has grown over the years supported by the shameless exploitation of a few clever entrepreneurs.
Modern airliners are festooned with electronic gizmos designed to ensure that they (and everyone else) know where they are at all times.
Enter your email address to subscribe to the Pistol Place and receive notifications of new posts by email. Within the shooting community, its a battle we are constantly fighting, always pushing for suppressor usage (which are not always legal), teaching people about the value of ear pro, and instilling good habits in our fellow shooters. ProSounds sent us the product and requested an expedited review as part of their KickStarter campaign. The case is in the bottom, filled with the other two foam tips, but was missing the second set of silicone tips (I will chalk this up to being the first production packaging run). As always with foam, one needs to roll it and crush it down so that it can expand correctly in the ear canal.
They are not fixed to the main plug body, held in place by only tension on the plastic body of the valve– I would like to see at least a detent ring that keeps them from moving laterally during long-term wear.
While difficult to put an SPL meter inside the ear canal, having been around and selling sound as part of my career, 30 dB is not an unjust claim. When clicked open, sound reduction is reduced itself, allowing generally clear sound to flow into the ear. To ensure full testing, the X-Pro’s were inserted prior to entering the store and left in the open position. As such, the SureFire is easier to use with a cell phone, as the stem gets in the way with the X-Pro, but as mentioned earlier, the sound muted compared to the X-Pro.

However, the SureFire beats it out by offering small sizes that do work with small ears and canals. It can be moved in and out on the base plug, or the plug can be worn without the ear keeper.
Across the two days of shooting, they worked and the quick-click sound reduction was appreciated, especially when I wasn’t paying attention to other shooters on the line. With the funding ending soon and the risk on delivery low (I saw the final packaged version, so they are ready to produce), the X-Pro is a solid choice. I figure the 2db less sound reduction is worth it to have the click thingy so you don’t have to remove them if you want to hear again. Not only are the lenses of high-prescription glasses expensive, but a lot of frame styles don’t provide the coverage that say, aviators do. They were so nervous about the reception the new pistol might receive that they created a new company just to sell the gun, so that if it flopped, the Crosman name wouldn’t be tainted by association.
There had always been an interest in the frontier period, but television, books and movies about the Wild West and its characters suddenly seemed to be everywhere. Most consider the growing uncertainties and fears of the burgeoning cold war and have suggested that this promoted nostalgia for a period when good and bad appeared to more clearly defined. To avoid possible problems, it was decided to market the new Wild West replicas under a different company name, and the P. The firing valve and CO2 seat remained fixed in place inside the cylinder, but the outer metal part of the cylinder revolved to bring each BB in line with the barrel.
Concerns about linking the Crosman name with a replica had obviously disappeared and the SA6 was identified as a Crosman product from the start. The principal visual difference is that brown, wood-effect plastic grips have replaced the imitation staghorn versions on the SA6. As on many examples, the flimsy plastic CO2 cover has been lost at some point and I painted a few CO2 cartridges black to use with this replica.
For example, the hammer no longer has a half-cock position, grips are brown, wood-effect plastic and this version is less powerful than the original. A V-shaped groove is cast into the rear upper frame and this can be lined up with the narrow front post. There is no pipework – everything is contained in a brass housing in the centre of the cylinder which remains static while the outer part of the cylinder revolves.
The trigger, hammer and indexing mechanism is also admirably simple, especially if compared to more modern revolver replicas.
With regular lubrication and seal replacement, the versions with metal cylinders will go on shooting almost indefinitely so there is no need to be put off by the idea of buying a replica that might be more than fifty years old. This is a very well written and accurate artical and reflects a true appreciation of these guns by the author. As an Inexpierenced beginner, what’s the best way to go about replacing the o ring and where could I find one? They are a unique set-up, using push-click valves to open and close the plug for clear communication and maximum hearing protection, respectively.
However, this does make them easy to remove from the base plug if the user does not like the keepers.
Using common test of hand-clapping and the wife speaking, I found the plugs an excellent justification to not hearing her. Now, it’s not natural sound (as the plug is screwing with the geometries and reflection of sound in the ear), but its easily do-able for a long-day. Speaking with the employees (most are a familiar face, considering I’m at the range 2-3 times a week), the open position was good enough for daily communication, but the stem got in the way during a phone call. The X-Pro, when in the open setting, is clearer communication and feels less intrusive on the sound quality. It will be up to the user to pick what they value between the two offerings – clarity of speech, user-friendliness, and flexibility.
The push-button valve is a solid piece of innovation and engineering, and the ear holder is comfortable.
In the event, it was a huge success and over the next twenty-five years Crosman went on to sell very large numbers of a range of Wild West replicas while establishing themselves as a leading player in the replica air gun market. By 1959, there were more than 30 Western series on prime-time US television every week and seven out of the top ten rated shows were Westerns (Gunsmoke ran for more than 20 years, longer than any previous prime-time drama series). Whatever the reason, interest in the Wild West spread outside the borders of America and there could hardly have been a small boy in the English speaking world and beyond who didn’t play Cowboys and Indians at every opportunity in the 1950s and 60s. Crosman produced several moderately successful pneumatic pump air rifles, but the effects of the Great depression limited sales and by 1940 the company had just six employees. A CO2 cartridge was stored under the barrel and tightened by turning a thumb wheel under the front of the barrel. The Peacemaker 44 is of all-metal construction and is still a weighty pistol, though many people feel that the quality of fit and finish is not as good as seen on the SA6. Pellet shooting versions are loaded by turning the cylinder until one of the chambers lines up with the opening on the right side of the frame, in front of the cylinder. You line up what pass for sights in the general direction of the target and pull the trigger (which is short, light, consistent and all-round great).
There are only four seals in the whole design: one O ring seals the outlet part of the valve into the main body and another seals outlet tube into the body of the pistol.

The early Crosman Wild West pistols are heavy, well-engineered, crude, loud, inaccurate and use more CO2 than you might expect. They’re generally much lighter than the early versions and use more plastic in their construction. The idea that a 200 ton airliner with 239 people on-board could simply vanish without trace seems ludicrous.
Since then, a bevvy of new products have helped shooting and other industries alike combat long-term hearing loss with solid offerings.
However, the stems do not show any difference in height in either position, so it was difficult to tell if they were in the open or closed position without having them installed in the ear. Speech as low frequencies is slightly muffled but high frequencies are generally clear (dang it, my wife’s voice is in the higher frequency range). After a quick fumbling, the valve was closed by the time the shooter racked the action and let the next round loose. They (the Surefires) also seem to be easy to pull out the whole plug assembly if you don’t take them out of your ear. As part of this fascination, one gun came to be associated with the period more than any other: The Colt Single Action Army revolver. Instead, up to six pellets are loaded one at a time, skirt first into the front of the cylinder through an opening on the right side of the frame. Three different types of Peacemaker 44 were made between 1970 – 1976, but the differences are minor and mainly involve changes in markings.
The Model 1861 is the first of this series of Crosman replicas to feature a manual safety, with a crossbolt type safety below the cylinder. It felt sturdy, hefty, well-made and it was reasonably powerful and shot with a very satisfying bang. One pellet is then pushed into the chamber, skirt first, until it engages with the internal spring. Because, despite their rifled barrels, none of the pellet shooting versions are especially accurate. On early versions the CO2 seal is another O ring which seals against the neck of the CO2 cartridge, on later versions it’s a conventional face seal. The Surefire requires the user to insert the attached plugs and the X-Pro requires one to click the valve closed.
To name just a few of the best from this decade: The Gunfighter, (1950), Only the Valiant (1951), High Noon (1952), Shane (1953), River of No Return (1954), The Far Country (1955), The Searchers (1956), Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957), The Big Country (1958), Rio Bravo (1959) and The Alamo (1960). Colt had ended production of the SAA in 1940 after a sixty-seven year production run, but such was the interest in all things Western that it was re-introduced in 1956. Hahn (who was related by marriage to the Crosman family) had been involved from the beginning, but left in 1930 following disagreements over the direction the company should take. Pellets are retained in the cylinders by a spring which runs round the inside of the revolving part of the cylinder. The CO2 cover is a hinged section underneath the barrel, in the position occupied by the loading lever on the original firearm.
In my opinion, the newer versions don’t have the accuracy to compete with more modern pellet shooting replicas and lack the character and fun factor of the early models. However, in 1940, Hahn bought the company from the Crosman family for just five thousand dollars and set out to revitalise its range. A rather flimsy black plastic cover was used to conceal the CO2 cartridge, and these were often quickly lost or broken.
When buying any older replica, it’s sensible to assume that seals and O rings may need to be replaced and that some level of fettling may be required and the Crosman Wild West replicas are no different in this respect. And even if you could contrive some sort of mounting, you really don’t want to fit any of these with a red-dot or anything similar.
All O rings are easily replaced, though the face seals need more specialist equipment to replace and are best left to an experienced gunsmith. Sales were slow during World War Two, but in the post-war years Hahn identified a growing market for recreational target shooting airguns, especially models using the new compressed CO2 cartridges. The trigger was single action only and the hammer had a half-cock position, just like the original pistol.
Finally, more parts are made of plastic on this replica including the CO2 cover and the cylinder. The interest in the Wild West in the 50s prompted Hahn to consider replicas of guns from that period (Crosman hadn’t produced any air guns which were replicas of firearms until then), produced using zinc alloy die-cast mouldings, powered by 12g CO2 cartridges and shooting BBs (all previous Crosman guns had been pellet shooters). Four different types of the SA6 were produced during its ten year production run, but the differences are minor and mainly involve changes in markings. The sights on this replica are also similar to conventional notch and post sights, which helps to make this the most accurate of all the Crosman Western replicas. I have seen claims of much better accuracy with these replicas, but in my experience they’re not great and the basic and non-adjustable sights make things even worse.

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