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Author: admin, 17.11.2013
Ear cuffs became an emerging trend at last year’s Couture show in Las Vegas and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. To help keep you on trend and in fashion, I’ve selected a few fine examples of this popular ear accessory that mixes up the standby favorite diamond stud. Repossi Black Diamond & Black Gold 3-Row Berbere EarringToughen up your look with this one-of-a-kind ear cuff (no piercing required). Kismet by Milka Geometric Diamond Ear CuffA diamond-encrusted ear cuff in an elongated shape. Diana Kordas Diamond & oxidised rose-gold ear cuffThe ear cuff is the jewellery piece of the moment, and this delicate version from Diane Kordas is crafted from oxidised 18ct rose gold and embellished with delicate white diamonds.
Asherali Knopper ‘Bird claw’ Black Gold and Diamond Ear CuffBlack gold bird claw ear cuff inlaid with black diamonds from Asherali Knopfer.
For jewelry, thinking outside the box on new ways to adorn with jewels remains an overarching trend in the industry. No longer are the stud and pendant earring par for the course as more and more varieties of ear jewels crop up in contemporary designers’ collections. If the ear cuff is too much jewel, then there is the crescent-shaped earring that only runs up half of the lobe with gemstones or pearls. Another modern alternative, the ear jacket replaces the basic back of an earring with a gem-studded surprise that peeks from behind the lobe.

Anita Ko’s single 18-karat rose gold and diamond earring has an optional fan-like backing that sits behind the lobe.
Matching earrings are no longer de rigueur as mis-matched and asymmetrical pairs have been making waves of late. At last month’s Golden Globes, one of the favorite jeweled accessories donned by A-list actresses was the ear cuff.
From simply geometric designs to lavish dragons, the ear cuff comes in a range of designs to meet everyone’s particular taste. Lately, ear jewels have come into focus as designers aim to push the boundaries of the traditional earring. Leading the pack of this global earring revolution is a fashion-forward troop that includes Ana Khouri, Anita Ko, Jacquie Aiche, Repossi and Sophie Bille Brahe, to name a few.
Whether intricately ornate or purely simple, the ear cuff highlights the contour of an oft-overlooked facial feature.
This demure version still manages to expand the stud’s finite point into a jeweled line that traces partially up the ear.
We love the uncomplicated curved, suspended bar shape that has become one of the season’s key jewelry trends. Designed to be worn solo or mixed with other styles, this single piece is crafted from 18-karat rose gold and set with 0.36-carats of diamonds.

I also find the new ways designers are creating jewels for all parts of the ear very interesting.
Ear cuffs, crescents, ear jackets and non-matching earrings are among the variations that offer fun, unique ways to decorate the ear lobe.
Ear jewelry has been important culturally since the Egyptians who ornately and cleverly decorated many different body parts. I myself am in the Jewelry business( antique and modern) and am always looking at jewelry online. There was also some interesting ear jewelry sporadically made in the 20th century by various avant grade designers but the popularity and far reaching spread of these new ear jewels seems to be a clear statement of the times and the consumer’s desire for new and innovative ways to bejewel the body. Thank you for your fun and informative write up on this trend (love the pearl ear crescent!).

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