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Author: admin, 08.09.2013
Five time Grand Slam Champaion, Maria Sharapova admitted to failing a drug test in January in a press conference on Monday from a hotel in Los Angeles.
The official statement from the brand came a few hours after Sharapova admitted to failing a drug test and testing positive for Mildronate or Meldonium. The latest deal between Sharapova and Nike had been agreed upon in 2010 as a part of an eight year contract extension. Sharapova had tested positive for Meldonium which had been banned this year, but the Russian revealed in the press conference that she had been taking it for the past 10 years. At the moment, no details have come forth regarding the amount of time the Russian is going to be away from tennis but the ITF has revealed that until further notice, Sharapova is being suspended from March 12th. The highly publicized adidas designs by designer and Beatles progeny, Stella McCartney, have been heavily criticized for the lack of red represented, as it was demoted to a trim color. The warm-up jacket stands out a bit (maybe too much) from the rest of the Team GB uniforms since it lacks the blocking on the body panels. Done up in national colors and adorned with a Chinese flag, Li Na will be taking the court in Nike’s Baseline tank and skirt combo.
The face of adidas by Stella McCartney, Caroline Wozniacki, will just be wearing regular ol’ adidas since Stella’s hands are full. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s monochromatic look is another safe design by adidas since Great Britain is taking center stage.
Nike has Roger Federer’s gear down to science now: a sharp polo with quality details paired with tailored shorts. Venus Williams said she was designing a dress inspired by Wonder Woman, and, given her past interpretations of “inspired” outfits, I feared that she might borrow Serena’s convertible shoe-boots and be covered in lame stars. More douchebaggery is afoot in London, as I draw your attention to the London Street Artist Banksy (reported on The Atlantic Wire and also stolen and reprinted reported in the HuffPo) against the powers-that-be in what may turn out to be a victory for the little guy. But since the recent tomfoolery and arrests of other graffiti artists, now Banksy’s work is threatened. If you have (or find) an Olympic-related story, good or bad (past or present) — send it to me. This will be a regular feature on Uni Watch until the NBA rescinds it’s incredibly offensive and stupid proposal to place corporate advertising on uniforms. I am writing to express my disgust at the idea that NBA jerseys will bear advertisements in 2013. As a buyer of NBA fan memorabilia in the past, including authentic jerseys, the decision to advertise on the uniforms will cease my support of any NBA merchandise.
I would also advise that the reported estimate of $100 mil of new revenue for the league may be overstated. My biggest fear is the NBA is a gateway league for these ads every other league will surcome to temptation and experiment with these ads. The Uni Watch e-mail address is being auto-forwarded to Phil, so any Ticker submissions or story ideas sent to that address will go directly to him.

Nike athletes are celebrating Kobe with a befitting global tribute leading into Mamba Day on April 13. And just hours after Sharapova had admitted to testing positive for a banned substance, Nike has chosen to suspend its contract with the Russian.
Some folks have been hyping the idea of color at “Wimbledon;” however, that’s not the way I see it.
One of the promo photos is missing the flag with the swoosh reinstated to the left chest position. Although not visible, I assume a country badge will be on the left chest as the brand logo is placed on the right, just as they did in 2008. Looking nothing like Lynda Carter, Venus went the other direction and produced this navy dress.
The shade of blue on the Propulse 3 Shoe is a bit light for my taste, but will probably show up nicely on camera against the grass.
I know tennis may not be many of your guys (and gals’) cuppa, but this is the OLYMPICS! Unfortunately, yesterday’s initial announcement that Elton Brand had joined our crusade was tempered by the revelation that the Twitter account was not verified, and probably fake.
There are far too many to post in one single segment, so I’ll share a couple each day. American professional sports is saturated in advertising and the uniforms thus far have been refreshingly free of ads. If you have a question or comment for Paul, go ahead and send it in, and Phil will make sure Paul receives it.
The Championships, Wimbledon is the all-white affair, but the Olympics at the All-England Club in Wimbledon, London is a different story. Regardless, it’s a simple, yet appropriate look compared to the fast food-meets-golf sleeveless polo from 2008. Both of these works appeared on the Banksy website — but their locations were not revealed.
Not only is Banksy a cult hero, he also was nominated for an Academy Award for the film, Exit Through the Gift Shop last year. Too bad — having any player (past or present) on board would surely have strengthened our cause. I would guess no, considering how much advertising to which I am subjected when I watch a game, whether on television or at the arena. NOt going to patronize you guys because I understand the business behind it, but this is sad news to hear.
The teams that couldn’t afford uniforms had to go to Pizza Hut and see if they could buy them uniforms. Phil Hecken is handling the weekday content and John Ekdahl is running the show on weekends; contact info for them is available here.

We’re particularly interested in keeping up-to-date with college football uniform unveilings, so definitely keep submitting those. It represents a physical challenge that inspires runners to push themselves to another level. It’s not the first time the AELTC has hosted the Olympics, and the 85% white rule has been lifted for Davis Cup matches in the past.
The only Wonder Woman features I can maybe indentify are the design line created by the white piping along the neckline and down the center front, and the body seams kind of match the newly re-booted Wonder Woman.
In light of all the bad press the IOC and organizers are getting, maybe it would be best if they just left these works alone.
With the number of options available for teams to generate revenue, introducing jersey ads seems to me to be a very uncreative, less-than-dynamic way of making a few extra bucks. I have had enough of the gratuitous advertising in professional sports and if the NBA follows through with this plan I will be very disappointed. The league makes a fair amount of its money from television ads and would not want teams selling uniform space to Coors Light, while they are trying to sell television ad space to Bud Light at a high price. I certainly will not be purchasing any merchandise, but I am sure that matters very little to you or your bosses. Bud Light will say, why would we pay that much for something when the guy is going to the bathroom when we can just sew something to his chest. If you’ve never seen a RF signature shirt in person, Nike does a great job with the technical detail execution. In grammar school the poor schools had the pizza hut logo on the name plate at first and within a few years the schools name was on the name plate and the pizza hut logo was on the front chest.
I particularly appreciate the welded zipper opening and the subtle pinstriped chevron shape on the chest, which seems to be Nike’s seasonal design trend.
The rest is what I believe will be the case by 2017 as the US will be accustomed to ads on jerseys (possible with the exception of the NFL). The NBA has forgotten that in the 4 major sports we are #1 and the best from around the world come to play here. I have used it several times, outside perfect condition and inside sole may have wear stain and logo peeled off.
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