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If you suffer from Tinnitus the first step before trying any Tinnitus treatment should be to consult your doctor. If there is an obvious cause like an ear infection or a build-up of ear wax the tinnitus treatment will be aimed at curing the underlying problem.
The actual cause of tinnitus is still not understood and there are various theories as why the brain is creating the illusion of sound that does not exist.
It is often said that the most common cause of tinnitus is long term exposure to loud noise, such as working on a construction site. For some people the noise is masked by general sounds so it is only a problem when they are in a quiet environment such as when going to sleep.  At the other extreme, for others, tinnitus can be debilitating making it difficult to concentrate on anything. Hearing Aids – A modern hearing aid set-up to correct poor hearing may make the tinnitus less of an issue.
Acoustic Neural Stimulation –This is a relatively new tinnitus treatment in which an acoustic signal is played through headphones.  The goal of acoustic neural stimulation is to make the person less sensitive to loud or persistent tinnitus. Various  alternative treatments – including acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology and various homeopathic products including that covered on this site Tinnitus Control. Dietary Changes – There are some things which have been linked with tinnitus like salt and alcohol which suffers may be advised to reduce.
Research is still going on to understand tinnitus better but at present you have to find the best tinnitus treatment for you by trial and error. According to the Mayo clinic, tinnitus is a common problem that affects approximately 1 in 5 people.
Tinnitus treatment begins by first determining if there are any underlying conditions that can be treated. Noise suppression is another form of treatment that may make the tinnitus sounds less troublesome. If you have concerns about ear problems contact your local doctor who will arrange for you to see an ear specialist.
Excessive noise is a common cause of both tinnitus and hearing loss, affecting up to 15% of teens and adults.
The use of hearing protection during exposure to loud sounds is critical to prevent short-term and permanent damage. If you are frequently exposed to loud sounds, you are at risk for hearing loss and tinnitus.

Examples: Attending live concerts, listening to a personal music player at high volume through headphones, playing amplified music in a band, playing in a large orchestra, working as a sound board operator. Examples: Working in a factory, or in mining, construction, forestry, farming, or manufacturing.
Examples: Using power tools such as a table saw or chainsaw, drill, lawnmower, leaf blower, or snow blower. There are microscopic cells known as hair cells along the basilar membrane that vibrate to different frequencies depending on their specific location. Healthy hair cells transmit the electrical signal to the brain where it is interpreted as speech, music, sound, or noise. Sound therapy includes different types of treatment sounds, and therapies differ by the volume of the treatment sound relative to the tinnitus. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 999 or go to an accident and emergency services facility to seek immediate care. It may be possible to identify an obvious cause and suitable treatment or you may be referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who may be able to help.
In the case of an ear infection this would be done with antibiotics and in the case of a wax build-up by softening and removing the wax. Some strong antibiotics can have this effect as can common drugs such as aspirin if taken for too long. Tinnitus in itself is not a medical condition, but a sign of an underlying condition that a doctor who specializes in ear problems in Sydney can address. Additional tinnitus causes may include vascular conditions that may be alleviated with surgery, medications, or other forms of treatment. However, it is important to take precautions before you begin taking any medications since they can cause side effects.
For instance, some individuals who suffer from phantom noises wear masking devices that are worn in the ear just as hearing aids would be. This form of treatment involves wearing a device that produces tonal music that works to mask the sound frequencies that you hear due to tinnitus.
Whether you already have tinnitus or are trying to prevent it, protect your ears from loud sounds.
It passes through the middle ear and eventually reaches the inner ear, which includes the cochlea and auditory nerve.  The cochlea, or organ of hearing, is a complex, snail-shaped structure in the inner ear.

However you have to be aware that in many cases the cause is not obvious or you have ear damage that cannot be reversed. So if you are on some medication the first step should be to discuss the matter with your doctor to see if this could be the cause and, if so, what alternatives you have.
These masking devices produce “white noise” that helps to suppress the symptoms of tinnitus.
Move away from the noise source if possible, or wear ear plugs, ear muffs, or other appropriate hearing protection. The cochlea's job is to translate the physical vibrations set forth by sound waves into electrical signals the brain can recognize as specific sounds.
It is widest and least stiff at the apex of the cochlea, and narrowest and most stiff at the base.
Because of their location, the hair cells responsible for detecting high-frequency sounds make first contact with loud sounds entering the ear, and are, therefore, most susceptible to damage from loud noise. As a result, each area of the basilar membrane vibrates preferentially to a particular sound frequency. In this case your tinnitus remedies will be aimed at managing the condition rather than curing it. By reducing or halting the use of the medication or finding a medication alternative, symptoms may be reduced. Playing a CD that includes ocean sounds or any other white noise sounds often help people with chronic tinnitus sleep at night or focus during the day. If using earplugs, learn how to insert them properly, and if using earmuffs, ensure they fit properly over both ears.
Children's toys that emit sound (especially since some toys lack a volume control, and children sometimes hold toys close to their head or ears). As a result, each area of the basilar membrane vibrates specifically to a particular sound frequency, or pitch.
When listening to music, keep the volume at a moderate level.  If you work in a loud environment, please ensure that your employer is providing the proper protection for you and your co-workers.

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