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We had to get a building permit for $150 and pay another fee of $140 for the town we live in. The Arlington by Best Barns offers a spacious interior and large loft area for all your storage needs. So If I buy one of these storage shed kits, can Home Depot also supply me with a person to build this structure for me? With its traditional barn style appeal, high side walls and peak height you'll have plenty of space and many years of use out of this wooden shed kit.
After buying, spreading, and leveling the stones and cement blocks needed for the foundation, the floor had to be installed first.

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You may also be limited by your local building codes for what kind of structure meets the requirements of livable space. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. This shed kit is big enough for your riding mower and still have enough space for all your lawn and garden equipment.

The first floor, with it's high side walls, has plenty of room to add shelving for even more versatile storage.

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12 x 12 shed floor insulation

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