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Few things in the natural world can rival what takes place at the height of the whitetail rut. Over the course of my career Ia€™ve been fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time, carrying a camera instead of a bow or gun.
Ita€™s a classic rut-related tactic: Find a rub or scrape line and post up nearby, waiting for the buck that created it to cruise by while checking its territory. Perhaps the most groundbreaking study that led to this understanding of the role of rubs and, in particular, scrapes was presented at the Southeast Deer Study Group in 1998, when a University of Georgia research team revealed findings proving that many different bucks, including sub-dominant animals, will use and create scrapes. Another University of Georgia study, this one from 2000, adds even more intrigue with findings that showed that doesa€”not bucksa€”were the most frequent visitors to scrapes. Bucks most commonly fight at age three, just before they reach full maturity and have the run of the herd. Bucks are more willing to fight when they are similarly matched in body size, and the bigger bodied buck almost always wins.
Before the 9-point could finish working the licking branch, something caught his attention at the edge of the woods. Before catching up to the does, the irritated buck tore up a sumac tree then made a scrape to show his dominance to any buck foolish enough to think of intruding on his breeding party. To take advantage of this, Woods places plenty of focus on second-rut activity in December, when those doe fawns are starting to cycle but don't quite have a firm handle on what's going on.
Olson's research involved following three mature bucks in Pennsylvania throughout the 2012 ruta€”through October, November, and December.
How can it be that Olson's research indicates that bucks don't shack up with does for several days at a time when we've each likely witnessed the lockdown firsthand? When it comes to hunting tactics, Adams and Woods have different tacks for taking advantage of this scientific fact. Author's Note: I've photographed wildlife professionally for more than 35 years and only twice in my career have I captured such a sequence.
It's a frustration unique to deer hunting: The buck of a lifetime, whose image you've caught on trail camera, simply vanishes. You can hunt unpressured deer by being willing to walka€”and, hopefully, draga€”a little farther than your hunting competition.
Welcome to our gallery featuring a host of uniquely beautiful family room designs in a range of styles and configurations. Through this expansive open rustic living room design, we see an all wood spiral staircase. Bold, high contrast living room in beige features a singular black cubic coffee table at center, as well as mirror frame and other subtle details contrasting with the bright tones throughout. Subtly cozy living room fits an array of textures and tones within its space, naturally lit via wall-size windows.

If you want to make the most of it, youa€™d better understand the science behind whitetail breeding behavior.
When a doe nears and enters her estrus cycle her world turns to chaos with every buck within smelling range vying for breeding rights. 14 dawned partly cloudy, cold and windless, with just a skift of snow on portions of the ground. Though the buck would often close his eyes, he continually swiveled his ears, scanning the forest for any sound of intruders.
In fact, most "fights" hunters witness are really just sparring matches, with the two deer feeling each other out. After a 70-yard chase, the 9-point stopped and headed back to the does, which were now in a brush-choked apple orchard off the edge of the field. It's that period of time when bucks are lying low with does and peak breeding is under way.
Using waypoints relayed from a GPS collar every 15 minutes, Olson was able to plot specific movements and patterns of those bucks.
I have no idea if the doe allowed the big buck to breed her any more during the night or if another buck had relieved him of his duties.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Large stone walls and pillars surround a natural hardwood floor, black leather furniture, and a massive fireplace at left. A pair of contemporary sofas hold gold throw pillows, matching the lampshades flanking the fireplace. Stone brick wall extends through to the exterior, while tile flooring continues seamlessly through wide opening to patio space. White textured sofas stand around a rich hardwood coffee table and white fireplace surround. Rich hardwood flooring holds contemporary cream sofas and dark oak two-tier coffee table, beneath raised ceiling detail with embedded lighting. Quickly, the dominant buck chased the yearling off before making his way back to the stream. Whenever the doe urinated, the buck would immediately approach to smell her urine, then lip-curl. Olson's radio-collared bucks were with receptive does for fairly short periods of timea€”24 to 48 hours.
Throughout this period, the buck tried to bed close to her but more than once was interrupted to repel a buck who wanted a part of the breeding action. It’s where socializing and relaxing happen, and the space most guests will spend time in.

Several times the yearling buck Ia€™d seen at dawn attempted to approach, but each time cowered and moved off when the big buck emitted a loud snort-wheeze. It takes place over a fairly short window of time (a week or so), during which the majority of does are bred. Minutes later the yearling buck returned and bedded across the stream, about 60 yards from the buck and two does. Dirt and grass flew in every direction as the bucks pushed each other around the food plot.
The doe tried to bed, but each time her rest was cut short when other bucks tried to horn in on the 9-point's party. After less than 30 seconds (I wasn't counting) the doe bucked like a rodeo bull, causing the buck to jump sideways. University of Georgia researcher Andy Olson is working on a much-anticipated thesis that indicates the lockdown isn't what we perceive it to be.
The small buck clearly knew he was no match for the 9-pointer but that didn't mattera€”he seemingly only wanted to make life miserable for the big buck by tormenting him any way he could. During that time, they covered a lot of ground and spent time in defined areas within their home range. Whenever a subordinate buck would try to approach the pair, the 9-point would emit loud snort-wheezes to scare him away. The rooms gathered here have no single unifying theme tying them together, but several recurring motifs can be spotted.
Bucks that are covering ground aren't likely to pass by the same trail camera too many times.
Stone construction or raw natural wood punctuates or wraps subtly minimalist, up to date decor in several of these rooms.
And if we focus most of our hunting efforts solely on one key area of a buck's range, the odds are high that we simply aren't there to see when the bucks are up and actively seeking estrous does. This has been proven in several studies, including the first ever done on the subject in 2002 by Anna Bess Sorin from the University of Michigan. Nearly every one of these homes invite sunlight through massive, well placed glass and furniture placement. Some standout elements to keep an eye on include: commanding coffee tables in rich wood tones, fireplaces with stone facades running full height, sleek wood paneling in fresh configurations, and most importantly, bold furniture choices that leave average pedestrian seating options in the dust. Also, and while it’s not critical to family room design, is the storage considerations such as shelves, storage ottomans and other family room storage options.

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