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These octagonal wooden gazebos are approximately 8'x8' with 28mm thick wall logs, heavy duty timber floor and decorative frame arches.
Each wall log slots into full length aluminium connectors which are concealed by external timber cover trims. There is normally one pack which is unloaded on the drive or verge at the front of your property. Our specialist fitters have agreed to fit buildings in your area at low fixed rates in return for regular work.
You can choose the standard layout with one doorway opening and two window openings or you can order additional openings. The patented corner assembly features profiled aluminium connectors with timber cover trims. No screws or nails are required which makes installation easier and also allows for timber movement. The packs are polythene wrapped and securely strapped while in transit but after the pack is opened the individual components are easy to carry. To order online just add your chosen fitting option to your shopping basket before you proceed to the checkout. We also accept password protected online payments using Verified by VISA or Mastercard SecureCode. It is even finished with your choice of genuine thatch or felt tiles, all fully fitted in the factory. One or two colours can be chosen, with the optional feature frames being painted the same colour as the external cladding and roof or painted a different colour.

If there is no suitable unloading area at your property the driver can park several hundred yards away and carry the cabin with the forklift. To see the prices in your local area just enter the first half of your postcode at the top of every page or CLICK HERE. The fork lift can carry the cabin sideways or end on so it can carry a long pack up a narrow lane. This feature is a significant benefit over most log cabins which are supplied with the roof completely unassembled and with the roof components supplied loose. Although the tyres are all terrain the fork lift requires a firm and flat route from the parking area to your property with no steps or steep slopes.
To see the prices just click on the blue "i" symbol next to each fitter.NO FITTERS IN YOUR AREA? The third and fourth pictures show the feature frames in the door and window openings now included as standard. With advance warning we can normally overcome most access restrictions, often at no extra cost.
If you experience any other problems, for example entering your postcode or finding the fitting prices just contact us. At least two coats are normally required with a further coat at periodic intervals.Our 3 star preservative is practical and affordable with a choice of 4 colours. The delivery period may be a week or two longer and there may be additional delivery costs. It covers around 10 square metres per litre and normally lasts 1-2 years before a further coat is required.Our 4 star preservative is a high quality preservative which covers around 9 square metres per litre and normally lasts 2-5 years before a further coat is requred.

It is available with a choice of 12 colours.Our 5 star preservative is a deluxe high build preservative which can be used to achieve a stunning finish. It covers around 8 square metres per litre and normally lasts 2-5 years before a further coat is required.
It is available with a choice of 12 colours.Based on average coverage five litres of our 4 star preservative is enough for two coats on an 8'x10' shed or an 8'x8' log cabin. If required a timber or concrete floor can be laid inside after the walls and roof have been fitted. The first dimension listed is the overall width from side to side and the second dimension is the depth from front to back.
These microporous preservatives are only available when you purchase a Summer garden building or if you purchased a Summer building in the past. Available in a choice of acrylic or polyurethane, these colourless water based coatings are almost odourless and recommended for smooth planed timber only. For best results a floor should be treated at the earliest opportunity while the timber is new and clean.
On average five litres of our 5 star clear seal is enough for three coats on a 12'x12' floor, two coats on the walls of an 8'x8' log cabin or one coat on the walls of a 12'x16' log cabin.

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28mm wooden sheds

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