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I got to know the local amish and had them build a deck, which was the biggest thing on the wife's list.
I had them price a 30x40 pole barn with a loft and it ended up being reasonably priced, but more than I wanted to spend, as we most likely won't be living here forever. The building is going to be the place where I store all my tools, JD318, a couple cars, and one corner is going to be the man cave. It will have radiant heat, electric & water and I would like to drywall but most of those may have to wait until $$ permits.
Damn, nice work, we could do with some Amish people over here, I guess it'd take them too long to paddle their way across the atlantic though!
There was enough extra to extend the gravel driveway to the barn which really made me happy.
I drew a picture, the amish made a materials list and had the lumber company give me the total. That video of you guys busting your friends nuts is the reason why I think we like our garages. The yellow Weatherhead storage cabinets on the far right were stacked 3 high on metal legs but I took them apart and hung them to gain floor space.

That's a thick car cover, sheets of plastic and styrofoam sheets on top to deter the cat from jumping on the car.
I'm curious why did you use OSB on the entire outside of the pole barn, most people just use metal?
I don't know the exact amount of the attic trusses, since they were part of the overall package, but they were more expensive.
The barn has an upstairs, so there's extensive storage space upstairs, so I can keep the downstairs relatively uncluttered. So the plan is to open up the back 8' door and have a nice wind through the shop to carry through dirt, sawdust etc through and out of the back corner. I'm keeping the space as wide open as possible because I may be using it as a photography studio shooting vehicles, but not for another year or so.
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That video is the perfect visual representation of why we enjoy spending time in there and what it means to us .
Metal exterior is definitely cheaper, but my wife said the pole barn had to match the rest of the house (she's a city folk).

This is the only thread I've found showing a shop that size, so I thought I'd add the layout I'm going to use so folks can see another way to use that size space. I need car storage more than work space, but still like to be able to easily walk between cars. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. If the sides are open and the roof sheathed, it creates an airplane wing and an unexpected windstorm can lift the roof right off. Do you think it would of been cheaper to stick frame it or do you think a pole barn was still cheaper? Also there's vapor barrier and another layer of OSB on the inside, so it's very well insulated.
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32x40 pole barn shop man cave

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