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Get Handy, Durable Storage with this Craftsman Storage Shed Boasting a steel-reinforced roof and double-wall resin construction, this super-tough Craftsman 8' x 4' Resin Storage Building 206 offers long-lasting, weather-resistant performance and a lifetime of durability. Stroll through the full double-door opening of a Suncast Walk-in Shed and take a look around at all the stuff you can store.
Suncast warrants to original purchaser only that the enclosed product is free from material and workmanship defects under normal household use at time of purchase. I did not have to pass inspection, however I did use qty (4) 18" heavy gauge wire augers in the ground at a slight angle & vinyl wrapped wire over the 4 corners under the roof panels, but over the center metal beam for some wind resistance. Want to move your car back into the garage, but have too much stuff in the way, Take a look at the BMS7790 shed, constructed out of durable double-wall resin which is sure to last.
I would need to pick this up from store but am concerned that the box might be too big for my pickup truck. One box slid into my 2013 dodge grand caravan very tight took some elbow grease to get it out, the second box was too wide so I got rid of the box and slide the contents into the back on top of the first box. Not sure about the exact dimensions, but it was 2 boxes and fit in the back of my buddies Tacoma. Storage space can be a problem, let the Suncast Tremont Resin Storage Shed be your solution. Your SUNCASTA® Building, Shed or Gazebo has a TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against product failure resulting from defects in manufacturing or materials. Is the Hardware included and if not can you provide recommendations for the hardware to purchase for this shed so that I can order everything that is needed at one time. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Keter Factor 6x3 Plastic Storage Shed is a versatile storage building ideal for storing garden tools, pool equipment, garbage and recycling bins, children's toys and more. Keter shed made of polypropylene construction, and includes 5 year limited warranty against manufactures defects (does not cover acts of nature). This shed is metal reinforced, with pieces of steel extending into the plastic resin walls. This plastic shed's neutral brown and beige color scheme will blend seamlessly with your home's decor. Keter Factor sheds are constructed from metal-reinforced, plastic resin that will not rot, rust, or crack from weather wear. With a wide double door, you will be able to make the most out of this plastic storage shed.
Please visit our knowledge center to learn more about our products and gain some expert advice about set up, maintenance, and product care. Curbside Lift Gate Delivery is included (lowers the complete pallet to the ground only), but please be prepared to unpack it from the truck. You will get a phone call from the carrier to make an appointment before they attempt delivery.
The shed is cleverly designed, although the instruction are not as easy to follow as they could or should be, the shed fits together well.

To summarise I would say that in a very safe, secure and secluded garden these plastic sheds are a great maintenance free storage solution, but if located anywhere else, I would suggest you keep to a traditional wooden, metal or concrete structure. I was looking for an easy option to replace a dilapidated wooden shed at the bottom of the garden and after looking at some cheap and flimsy metal options came across this one. This is an excellent product - all the component parts were in the box and none of them were damaged.
Comes with a good base although I anchored it down to concrete slabs and the material seems durable. Overall very happy and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a shed who is tight on space. Suncast Horizontal Shed are a just-the-right-size storage option because they fit in places other Shed cana€™t. Yes, the Suncast horizontal storage shed model GS2500 can accept a padlock through a loop in the lid and a slot in the padlock hasp.
Yes, the Suncast Horizontal Resin Storage Shed Model GS2500 can be locked with a padlock (not included). The size makes it great for housing all the large equipment you use, while the optional accessory kits increase storage space and offer easy access to smaller items.
I am sure this is not tornado or hurricane proof, but secure enough to keep the shed from rolling like a Texas tumbleweed in an average storm.
The metal truss and ridge beam provide roof support, while the reinforced floor is designed for lawn tractor support. Nothing on the website gives a clear set of dimensions that the PACKAGING takes up, just the size of the assembled shed. I received mine via the HD shipping company and it came in two separate boxes, wrapped together, and mounted on a palate.
The Suncast Tremont shed model BMS8100 requires a level and sturdy foundation to avoid distortion and damages caused by the ground settling.
Its compact footprint allows for space-saving placement in small areas, while its large storage capacity maximizes organizational space. I have used mine for 5 years now, and love it as outdoor storage space that keeps the smaller items out of my larger shed and garage.
However we were disappointed to find that the window frame insert was badly bent in the packaging but have installed it hoping that over time it may straighten, but thus far this has not happened. The provided hasp and clasp that lock door lock are completely useless as both parts are only held in place by self tapping screws on the front face, which any burglar could remove in seconds. Very pleased with the purchase - good clear instructions and labelled parts meant it took two of us a leisurely couple of hours to put together with no major dramas other than the stage of attaching the roof to the walls where a third pair of hands would have been useful at one point.
With their low profile, horizontal Shed sit below most standard fence lines yet are big enough to store your tools, equipment, and recycling bins. The size padlock, not included, is shown in the Owner's Manual, available to review or download at the Suncast web site. I got the lock I use at Home Depot.I know it was a Master lock,but don`t remember the item number.

These walk-in sheds have reinforced gable-style roofs, are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather and look good doing it.
If you are laying the floor directly on the ground you need to do site prep., level area and compact soil, or lay a gravel base to set the floor on.
You measure the distances dig out the piling pits, secure them keep your measurements, heights, and positions level. In California as long as it is structure that can be moved, tarp style carport, shed, etc then you don't need a permit. Beginning on page 11 of the assembly manual, site preparation and platform construction are explained for both a concrete slab and a wood platform, either of which should be used.
It is the perfect size for homes with small yards, condos and town homes or those in need of a smaller storage shed. Although at the end of the day anyone with a sharpe Stanley Knife could still gain access relatively easily, it would have been far more sensible to provide anti tamper nuts and bolts that would offer at least some resistance via the door. Like all Suncast products, these horizontal Shed are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather, and look good doing it. If you live in a high wind area, you might consider using hurricane straps on the building. The Factor Plastic Storage Shed includes floor, vent, and locking double doors.The Keter Factor 6' x 3' shed's wide opening double doors ensure easy access to its interior. The heavy-duty storage shed comes with two energy-saving skylights, so you can find the right tool for the job without flipping a light switch. Then you can drill through the framing lumber and bolt them down after the pilings have cured. You need to make sure your measurements are accurate and your tubes and pilings remain level or you will have all kinds of problems. Keter Factor sheds are reinforced by metal, with pieces of steel extending into the plastic resin walls. You can also review your plans with your local inspector or look on line for more detailed help. The Suncast Tremont shed is constructed of blow molded resin that is as durable as it is strong. Assembly is easy and can usually be completed in one afternoon (recommend 2 people for assembly). A dual swing door with a 60"W x 72"H door opening provides easy, in-and-out access to your equipment. Also included in the roof are 6 skylights for easily navigating your shed in the daytime with natural light. Metal hinges and pad-lockable metal handles (lock not included) keep your equipment safe and protected.

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